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  1. Does anyone know the progress on this extension? Have they started construction? I came across this quote on a developer's website, so looks like the community is planning around the extension: "The Westpark Tollway is currently being planned to extend westward from the Grand Parkway to just west of FM 1463" http://www.landadvisors.com/tamarronlakes/
  2. I noticed a lot of the freeways are being re-striped with black and white striping.....what is the reasoning for that?
  3. Post Oak......between Bellfort and Highway 90, there's hardly any room for a freeway. They are going to have to tear down a lot of homes and businesses for that. Any opposition to it so far?
  4. I notice that an area that is continously slow on 290, is between Hollister and Beltway 8......and I think it is mostly due to the exit and entrance ramps not having an acceleration or continous lane. Look at this picture: This would probably solve 25% of the traffic issues on 290 (at least in that section of it), until they completely overhaul the freeway. I don't know why they didn't do this with Katy Freeway either (Between Gessner and Wirt Rd) Any thoughts?
  5. New Mexico and Oklahoma have parts that are 75, as well as I-10 between San Antonio and El Paso.......I don't see why it should be any different in other parts of Texas. Reports have concluded that high speed limits don't cause higher accidents.
  6. Anyone heard about this? It's news to me: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/04/473.asp
  7. So THAT's why they put a rush on that segment
  8. I think one of the plans is to convert Hempstead Rd. (old 290) into toll lanes.......like they did with Westpark Rd.
  9. no, but I want to send these pics to them, but they don't update the site as often anymore.
  10. I read that Segment I-2 of the Grand Parkway was under construction around Baytown, so I took some pictures while I was in the area: This is just past BUS 146, heading east on "SH-99". They are starting to clear way for the westbound lanes: Continuing east, you can see they are making more progress: This is on FM 1405, looking east at the clearing for westbound lanes: again, on FM 1405, but looking west: heading east, looking at an overpass under construction: close up of bridges: at this point, the parkway curves and heads north towards I-10:
  11. Just curious....are you the Author of Houston Freeways?
  12. Well I think removing them from some freeways totally is the only way. By having Trucks concentrated in the right lanes, it disrupts the flow of traffic entering and exiting the freeway......which eventually slows traffic in all lanes because people are trying to get around the trucks.
  13. They do it in Los Angeles.........Commercial Trucks are not allowed on certain freeways, same thing with NYC. Why don't they do that here? When I look at traffic......I think trucks cause a lot of the problems. Is there a reason why that can't be implemented here?
  14. Well.......actually, the next phase would extend the parkway to CST (College Station) via Navasota.........and once they finish widening Hwy 6 to from CST to Waco, it would provide an access-free route from Waco to Houston. Think of all the A&M and Baylor traffic that would use that route? LOL...they even painted the sides of 249 overpasses in A&M colors.
  15. ok, one last question..........I'm totally lost trying to find the legal notices section on there, I'm registered and everything. Where should I be looking for this section, or is it not found in the online edition?
  16. is this is in a specific section, or just part of the weekly articles?
  17. Anybody know where I can find a list of businesses that recently requested or obtained building permits in Houston?
  18. Yeah, there's not traffic because there aren't any direct connectors with a major highway besides 59. If it was connected to I-10 west of Katy, with a sign that says "West Park Tollway/ I-10 Bypass" I guarantee that traffic would shoot up. With the time they will take to finish 1-10, they could build 5 Westpark Tollways. It took then what, 2 years to build Westpark? And it will take less time to build from Grandparkway to I-10.....there's nothing out there.
  19. there's some schematics on here: http://www.hctra.com/engineering/
  20. "The County is currently discussing the extension of Westpark Tollway west from the Grand Parkway to intersect with Interstate 10 west of Katy. No schedule has been discussed for this extension." http://www.westhouston.org/toll_roads.htm
  21. Yeah, I've been keeping up with that site for a few years now......the author hasn't seen any new schematics for the extension either (I emailed them).
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