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  1. They were putting up christmas decorations yesterday around the Eastern Glades. I think half of Houston was there on Sunday.
  2. Is there any word on when they will receive the rest of the lower level cladding?
  3. I like it! It's a little funky but fun. I'm glad they used some of the brick. It's a nice contrast.
  4. And you can secure your platinum table for 12 + perks for $150,000.00. I think I'll be reading about it and checking out the paper city pics of the guests!
  5. This is for Menil's 35th anniversary Gala Cirque Surrealiste.
  6. Thats the Christmas decorations. They were beautiful last year! I highly recommend taking a walk along this new Christmas trail which will lead to the POST, for a great view of downtown all lit up, and something good to eat and drink! Cheers!
  7. I'm trying to find the Hines Texas Tower thread and have gone through all 9 pages back and forth several times and didn't see it. Maybe I'm going blind or was looking for the wrong title. I just saw it last week in Going Up. Can someone tell me what page it is on? Thanks!
  8. Went by East River 9 yesterday. Today the 9th, is the grand opening. It really is nice. They have great views of downtown, and there were several groups playing golf and a nice large bar and patio for dining and drinking. The bar has several big screens for sports. FORE!
  9. Good news! The Calhoun bridge is open to the public. They're still working on west bound MacGregor just west of the bridge. They appear to be doing concrete work on that side. But the rest is clear.
  10. I'm glad it never went through. The overall design looked like a 32 block walled city. It was very brutalist and not very inviting. It did the same thing the tunnels do in my estimation. Take people off the streets! It was a poor decision to just come in and take everything down like they did, And I'm sure we lost some great little buildings that would have created a nice human scale area for retail, dining and entertainment. I know Ive said this many times, but we lived at the corner of Crawford and Franklin in the PPG building in front of the Wagon Works, before the stadium was built. It was so dead around there before they built Minute Maid, George Brown and discovery Green. When I was very young in the early fifties my dad would take me with him to go to the musicians union hall over on Chenevert near the train station, and then over to the Rice hotel to set up his drums in the club. Then we'd go down to Main and go to James Coney Island, the original off main, and get some ice cream next to the Metropolitan theater. It was booming back then. Then Sharpstown opened and everyone headed for the suburbs. No-one stayed downtown.They built the freeways and the race to the edge started, and has never stopped. I drove by Katy where as a kid we would go watch a million ducks and geese feed on the rice fields. Now its mega box stores and behemoth warehouses. It's change and it will continue to happen.
  11. I'm amazed at how thin that residential tower is in the center background. It looks like one of those skinny towers in NYC. It took me a while to figure out what that smokestack was doing in the picture.
  12. These images are quite nice. The interior image of the gazebo, with it's central column, is intriguing. The variety of materials used creates such a warm and inviting space. I'm curious. Did you happen to notice if the Mobile in the lobby is by Ed Wilson.The cloud shapes look similar to his dynamic piece in the George Brown cc lobby. The lighting and scale of the lobby is serious drama. I could see it as a stage set for perhaps a modern ballet, opera, or an existential play. And last but not least, I'm curious about what looks to be either a work of art or perhaps a lamp. with a wooden timber base some material samples, The life of Gerald Hines, and the maquette of the Texas Tower, on top. The maquette reminded me of going to the observation deck in the Humble Bldg. when it opened. They had a machine that created a replica of the building from a mold out of some kind of petroleum product. Thanks for the images!
  13. Great images. They're always much appreciated! it makes so much more sense now seeing it from above.. It's kind of hard getting the overall while driving thru the tunnels. Looks awesome. I cant wait to get out on that hill.
  14. It looks like they're a little late getting out of the gates for a September start.
  15. jmitch94 , you make a very good point, but sometimes those empty lots and parking lots aren't for sale. The developers work with what they can get. I don't always agree with them but in this case it is a nice replacement architecturally. Those apartments are 50 years old. I'm sure they've seen better days.
  16. I love it. After spending some time recently on the west coast, I think It has an L.A. feel to it. I hope this gets built.
  17. Just curious why American General hasn't developed this very valuable tract of ground level parking lots. This has a lot of potential.
  18. I'm really excited about all of the activity in the East End, however what really concerns me is what is the industrial history of this land. For instance some of the properties adjacent to the Lockwood site look a little unsafe. The one I'm most concerned about is just southwest of the Lockwood site on Crites road. It looks like some sort of industrial refinery or storage area. It appears to be just north of GCP whatever that stands for. And what kind of operation is the Dan Luc Group just to the west of this site. I see that the Buffalo Bayou conservancy is using the adjacent building for its offices. I hope everything has been tested for hazardous waste and that all my fears have been put to rest. I really don't know what the history of the Lockwood property is or if there was something built on that property at one time. I just don't want to have residents find out after living on that property for years that its a hazardous waste site. I would just hate to see another Love Canal disaster. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer. I just want to be sure that everyone will be safe.
  19. Pardon me, but you need to drive by there again and try and visualize a street and townhouses on both sides. You totally misconstrued the look of that block. It would look stupid and certainly detract from the neighborhood. It is a very nice block between Roseneath and N. Roseneath with six very nice two story homes. The homes on Blythewood behind the lot to be developed are very nice homes. One just sold for $800,000. Those stores are on OST and a couple of blocks from the actual homes. This development is proposed to be built right between two of the homes. To take a lot that had one house and the rest yard and turn it into a lot with a street running down the middle and 17 townhouses and driveways between two homes will definitely not help drainage. Theres plenty of room for density on OST and Griggs. Not between two homes. the developer should have developed some of those lots down near the vape shop on OST. As far as the look of the new homes on the ost edge yes they are the typical shoddily built suburban two story homes. But what do you think those townhouses would look like. I see you live in Riverside Terrace. Just curious. Do you live in that part of Riverside Terrace?
  20. I never thought that I would join a nimby group, but after it was recently learned that a lot had been cleared on Calhoun between two existing homes in the most eastern edge of Riverside Terrace something had to be done. This is in between McGregor and OST. I'm usually in favor of growth and density but this is ridiculous. I can't show you an image of the property but I hope that either Hindesky or CityLiving or Highrise would get some images so you can understand the true situation. This is an extremely deep home sized lot, There are homes on all sides of this property front and back. We have an injunction right now while it is being studied. The lot is cleared. They are putting up a 10 or 12 foot high wooden fence on either side of the front yards of the neighbors homes. The developer is going to run a street down the center of the lot and construct 17 townhouses on both sides of the street. Not only will this be a horrible eye sore, an unnatural neighbor for all of these existing homes, but it will create a run off nightmare for an area that has already suffered flooding on Brays Bayou from Hurricane Harvey. It was originally approved before our neighborhood group went to court. This neighborhood has seen an incredible amount of new homes and remodels in the last 5 years and home prices have gone up exponentially. It is a wonderful demographic mix and an incredibly quiet beautiful neighborhood. This neighborhood has been here for over 80 years, and it's really sad to see this kind of attack by a very shoddy developer, who obviously cares little about what he does to a neighborhood.
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