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  1. They're also emphasizing the old River Oaks title just like Helfman did on his Kirby- Dodge/Jeep location. Obviously these are both no where near R.O. . They could have done just as well to call themselves West U., or Southampton motors.
  2. You're absolutely correct, however what's been done should vastly improve the current situation. Thats why I wish we could control the land use outside of our boundaries as far as development goes. That's the key to our dilemma. They need to quit building these monstrous box warehouses, parking lots, shopping centers, and neighborhoods on these watersheds. Or make them pay exorbitant taxes on water runoff. Perhaps that would give some second thoughts on what they build and how they manage water runoff in these new communities. They're profits shouldn't cost us inside the city, to manage they're water runoff. But just as I write that I can see old Ross sitting there getting ready to say now wait a minute. You can't tell anyone what they can and can't do with their property. Those landholders want to make a profit on their land. Developers want to develop and the city has no control. So what do we do.
  3. For one thing they've rebuilt and raised Buffalo Speedway, Greenbrier, Almeda, Ardmore, Calhoun is partially finished, Telephone, 75th street bridges and contouring and widening on all the land adjacent to these bridge projects. I also believe that the detention pond just east of 610, came online since Harvey. I'm not aware of bridges west of Buffalo Speedway that might have been rebuilt.
  4. I guess now we just sit back and wait for the next big rain event to see how effective all of the work, and money, that has been poured into this project to help mitigate flooding pays off. With the addition of detention properties with the capacity to hold approximately 3.5 billion gallons of water, the widening and contour changes in the bayou, and the structural changes to most of the bridges, I feel very positive about it and hope that we'll have excellent results. I know the citizens of Meyerland, Braes Heights, the med center, Riverside Terrace are all hoping for its success.
  5. This was posted above from Culture map, concerning the routing of the marathon through the tunnel The tunnels built for Memorial Park's Land Bridge are scheduled to open this spring to traffic. Runners with the Chevron Houston Marathon will get a sneak peek this Sunday, January 16. Eyewitness News learned the south tunnel will be used as part of the race.
  6. Perhaps TMC3 wanted the hotel to face the world famous Texas Medical Center.
  7. Just drove down Caroline and they are planting trees, and greenery now. Looks like most of the heavy construction is done and they're starting to clean up the street and working on landscaping. The lighting looks really nice. Cant wait to see this finished and Im sure neither can the people who live on this street or have businesses here. I don't know what the problem with construction was that delayed this for so long but its nice to see them getting to the end.
  8. For a better understanding of the politics and history of this area I pass along this link to a comprehensive article published the Spring of 1991, in Cite Magazine. https://offcite.rice.edu/2010/03/FourthWardSeigeAllenParkway_Taylor_Cite26.pdf
  9. Let's not get started on the Astrodome argument on this site. I think it has its own post.
  10. I'm curious where they would intend to drain this water too. If it's the Gulf, I would have to (first time only), agree with Ross. If we are talking about flooding from a hurricane and it's pushing 10- 15 foot storm surge of water there is no way that water in that tunnel is going anywhere but back where it came from. As sea levels rise this problem will be exacerbated. I think the diversion canal offers some hope to heavy rainfall flooding, when there is no storm surge. I really believe that allowing the confluence of White Oak and Buffalo bayous to occur on the east side of the business district would at least alleviate the heavy flooding that occurs in the historic district and the theater district. I still contend that the remaining building on the south side of Buffalo Bayou just east of Allens landing and owned by the county constricts flow at Louisiana. Is there any room on the east side for detention ponds such as have been added to Brays, and which seems to help mitigate flooding. Of course Brays has undergone some extensive recontouring and major bridge reconstructing, which will definitely help.
  11. I have no doubt that this and the TMC3 site will affect the housing market in south east third ward areas. Those neighborhoods are five minutes from the med center and if you add in Ion you will have a remarkable employment growth in this area and that always affects the housing market. People want to live closer to work and cut down on their commute, cost of fuel and taking advantage of all of the wonderful benefits of the area. The museum district, Hermann park, golf course and zoo. Not to mention the med center. You can be in downtown in ten minutes. Whats not to love about this area. Plus there's always the Turkey Leg Hut.
  12. This is going to bring this whole area too everyones attention, and I hope they have studied the maps and worked around the proposed canal.
  13. Driving into town on 59 north provides a great view of the dynamic cluster of buildings centered around the Pennzoil bldg., and creates a powerful massing of some pretty amazing architecture. Also the view on the new exit ramp to 59 and 288 south off south 45 just before the Pierce elevated offers a dynamic view of the outstretched skyline from the Med center to the galleria area and all points in between.
  14. Sorry to hear of your knee issues. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  15. Perhaps Johnson's friendship and working relationship with Hines, and the fact that Gerald's world headquarters just happened to be in Houston, helped to influence the way both approached the Houston portfolio. I would think that Gerald would want to go that extra mile to do great things in his hometown. And perhaps Hines approach to development inspired Philip to push things a little farther. He definitely was Gerald Hines main guy for a number of years and Houston was the recipient of quite a few of his most successful projects. The list of projects he designed for Houston is quite long. I guess his design for the Fluor campus in Sugarland was one of his last, and certainly the most distant to downtown. Together they helped shape Uptown, and remade the Houston skyline.
  16. I wanted to pass along a great vantage point to catch the whole skyline in one image. You need a driver so you can concentrate on the view, but it"s worth the effort. Go over the 610 east bridge over the ship channel. The best approach would be from north to south. Everything melts into one giant skyline and you can truly capture the size and magnitude of our exploding skyline. Its all there downtown, TMC, Greenway Plaza, Uptown, Memorial City, Citi Center, and everything in between.
  17. I hate to break it to you but I know of at least one right now. Exxon
  18. This would be outstanding and it would give a little more mass and balance to the east side of Main.
  19. So I guess every large development is going to be challenged by neighborhood groups for money or special perks from now on. I'm sorry but I just don't understand how this has anything to do with Rice University and the third ward. Why does Rice owe anyone anything. They are improving a dead zone that had no one living in it and now they are being squeezed. I just don't get it.
  20. Thats a very old sign. Thats one that will eventually get developed but they have a hard time pulling the trigger.
  21. Are these complainers, the same people who live in the Astoria by any chance?
  22. What do they do with all of those buildings when they find the cure?
  23. What a great skyline shot pm91. I think this image makes a great case for the best skyline view of downtown. The view coming in on 45 north at sunset is pretty remarkable, however what I really like about this angle is the amount of depth you see from this side. Not only do you catch glimpses of almost every modern building built, but you're also looking at all of the classic's like the Gulf, the Espersen, Bank of the Southwest, Southwest Life, State National Bank and many of the Main street turn of the century work. I like the symmetry of slopes in the wider angle image. I sure wouldn't mind something in the 90's behind the Esperson bldg. The massing of the two major groups are much more interesting to me, than the flatness of the view from Allen parkway, and as a bonus, you get Minute Maid park, home of the A.L. champs 2021.
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