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  1. I am now the director of Andrew Durham gallery directly across the street 1821 W. Alabama, from Sunrise House and wish they would hurry up an open. They just came out and painted over the recent graffiti. Next time you're in the neighborhood come by and say hi and check out the art. Our current show features works by Ann Stautberg, and Frank X. Tolbert 2. I have a show opening May 6th. Love to see all.
  2. I thought Crane was planning on using the blocks north of Minute Maid towards Franklin.
  3. Also, I recently drove down Lamar from Avenidas to Labranch, and I wanted to nominate that 2 block drive for the most relaxing, soothing, and beautiful 2 block stretch in downtown.. It also always feels cool. Alternate perhaps Lamar at Bagby passed Heritage park.?
  4. Thats a pretty amazing picture when you think about what that part of town looked like in 2006, before Discovery Green was opened in 2008. Every building in the horseshoe shape was built after the park opened.
  5. That water looks pretty nice and the color almost resembles green.
  6. It has been an inordinate amount of time for this project to come together. And if you look at some of the earlier images from DC Partners it won't be nearly as impressive as they were originally planning. There were going to be four towers, and a pedestrian bridge to access the Bayou Park. These people worked with Randall Davis too often.
  7. This little 8 block neighborhood nestled between (Richmond to W. Alabama, and Dunlavy to Graustark), is getting to be a powerhouse collection of world renowned architects. I'd like to point out, that from this view in the middle ground once the new St. Augustine is completed, you will find two Renzo Piano's, 3 Phillip Johnson projects, a master planned campus and Catholic chapel, and a non denominational Rothko Chapel, two Lake Flato's, a Johnson Marklee gallery, and a Francois Menil Chapel.
  8. Great color, detail, and field of vision in the above image of Autry Park. I enjoy the details, and seeing it from this height and angle reveals a continuous line of growth of mid to high rise development all the way from downtown, to the northern edge of TMC. The density and height that has occurred, especially in the Museum District sort of surprised me. Starting wth Lovett and Hines towers on Montrose, and continuing south to the buildings clustered around the Museums and Herman Park has revealed an emerging mini skyline that shows up in this image.
  9. I think its pretty fortuitous that 20 years ago when they built that wall they chose to add Double Helix symbols on it. I can see the architects for TMC3, driving around the site surveying the property and it's surroundings. Perhaps seeing that wall with the row of double helix's symbols was they're inspiration. As for the ugly power plant. They could always build a tall wall with more Double Helix's echoing the shape.
  10. Nice shots. Enjoyed seeing this angle. Curious how this side of Discovery West was coming along. I particularly enjoyed seeing the 610 bridge crossing over the port as the backdrop. Great depth. I would like to see some shots from the southeast corner of downtown north to get a better feel of the residential area with downtown as the backdrop. It would be nice to see some that angle of the Trebly park area. And reflect on the shrinking parking desert. This area has great potential.
  11. Could it possibly be, because this is going to be open to the climate?
  12. Drove by this today and the wood structure is amazing! Pictures don't do it justice. Its something you need to see in person. It's going to be a dynamic addition to the theater district and I would imagine a go to place for a drink after work or before a performance.
  13. This is quite a ways from downtown. Shouldn't this be in the southwest houston or Katy forum. I don't think it rates the Going Up forum.
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