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  1. With all due respect, I believe this is the Peden Building. If you look on the above TDL the project name. This was a hardware department store in the 20's.
  2. Heavy dump truck activity in and out of this site today. Couldn't tell for sure but it looked like a hole was being dug. What are M.D. Anderson's plans for this property?
  3. I really like how phase one is looking. I think they did about as good a job as could be expected saving the most Iconic elements of the SEARS building while adding more space and value to the surrounding area. So in a matter of maybe five years we will go from having relatively few if any serious start up facilities to having three major projects surrounding the med center. Ion, Levit Green, and TMC3. Quite an accomplishment.
  4. Triton, What a remarkable story. I hope they can re unite the tender car, and locomotive in some spectacular way. Thanks for passing along such a personal recollection.
  5. If you go to page 11 of this thread and scroll down close to the bottom where Luminaire posted an overall map of the completed campus with roughly 6 - 8 buildings. It also shows the new below grade section of the freeway that will be partially capped at certain locations.
  6. I spoke with a representative at the Dallas corporate headquarters last week, and she said that they have not been able to find anything inside the loop in their price range. They had concluded that there would not be a new store in the near future. I suggested that the East end - U. of Houston area would be something they might look into. She said they had put off adding a new store within the loop or the Houston market for that matter.
  7. Block 387 by Fairfield Residential in Going Up
  8. I'm sure you're right, its been so long since they said anything about their project I couldn't remember. I think I'll leave this site to you experts for a while and follow from a distance. I don't mind being corrected. I make mistakes but Its just the snarky way at which some of you seem to take glee in it. I've tried to always be pretty positive and bring new information, or things I think others might be interested in, but you and a few others makes it nor so much fun anymore.
  9. Fine. All I was trying to convey is that, once the Tellepsen project is finally built, It will block out it's parking garage from this view. That was my point, and block out much of the Texas Tower at the same time. Until that time the Texas tower will be visible above it's parking podium for everyone coming from the north side of town to see. The Tellepsen garage won't be in the way of the actual Texas tower itself.
  10. It also looks like something Godzilla might attack!
  11. Fortunately all it blocks right now is another parking podium. The tower will be visible above the garage. I like this opportunity to have an unencumbered view of the Texas Tower, before being completely blocked by whatever Telepsen comes up with. I wasn't that enamored with their original plans for the building that will sit on top of that parking garage anyway. They have the same problem the Houston Center has with their sixth tower. Fear and lack of confidence to build right now. Hines has stole their thunder twice over the last three years, with the 609 Main and now the Texas Tower
  12. Thanks to beerNut I found this thread. As I was mentioning on another thread this thing is close to topping out and its nice to see a steel structure for a change instead of reinforced concrete. I remember back in the big building boom in the late 70's early eighties there were several skyscrapers that went up built out of steel, including the 70 story Wells Fargo building. Something about steel construction always seemed more interesting, at least to me.
  13. I couldn't find the forum for a project that the third ward redevelopment group headed by Rep. Coleman was going to build across the street from Emancipation park on Elgin. I know it was here at one time. At one point I remember there were images of a spherical shaped building as one of the proposals. Very futuristic looking but not plausible. I drove by this morning and there is now a 5 story steel framed structure going up. To be honest I haven't seen a steel structure going up in a while. It seems now everything is reinforced concrete. Someone should go by and document in images it's progre
  14. In earlier renderings It showed the TMC3 project extending south of O.S.T. In a post from ekdrm2d1, on page 7 oct. 31, the third frame shows the tract and in that image it actually shows this project crossing O.S.T. and actually going right into some guys head. Has that changed?
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