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  1. Its amazing how much activity is taking place from Elgin to 45 and west of emancipation to 59. Also drove down Gray yesterday and saw the new protected bike lanes. Pretty exciting. They still had some orange barricades around but cyclist were on the trails anyway. Every little bit helps!
  2. Almeda has such a wonderful mix of small retail structures from several different periods that if restored or repurposed could really make Almeda a hot area. You can't get much hotter than the stuffed turkey leg. Someone is making a fortune there. I mean they're charging ten dollars to park in all of the adjoining vacant lots, and are always full. I really like some of the structures in the vicinity of the 59 overpass. Like the cleaners and the yoga building and the interesting row of boarded up building on the west side of the street. There might be some activity in a couple of them but it definitely needs some loving care but would be exciting to see positive activity in that area.
  3. Got the opportunity to meet hindesky last night at The Patio. I now have had the opportunity to have face to face visits with both he and ekdrm2d1. Two of our more prolific photo journalist. Thanks for coming by to hear us last night.
  4. I believe hospitals are one of the most expensive types of projects, due to all of the medical equipment, extra electrical buildout, finishes and special needs built in. Look at your next hospital bill. You don't pay those kind of prices for a night at the most expensive hotel in the world.
  5. I always liked the art supply building and they deserve a lot of credit for making great use of an old structure back in the time when no one was even thinking about Midtown. For some reason I always thought of Mardi Gras in New Orleans with that big wrap around balcony. They obviously knew a good spot when they bought it. Look what's developing. I will be sorry to see its demise but also very happy to see what's evolving.
  6. They do a great job there. Our daughter was in there for the last 4 1/2 months of her pregnancy due to complications and everything worked out great. We now have a 4 year old grandson, who would not be here today if it hadn't been for the doctors and nursing staff who kept our daughter and baby in great condition. We are so thankful to them. I cant imagine not having my best little buddy Ryder around. The joy of my life. '
  7. Not yet but we're working on it. You should drop by tonight and listen to us live.
  8. Rajnar Jartansson's The Visitor, is going away after this weekend and I highly recommend it if you like music and video. Its a beautifully presented work that you should take the time to see. If you do like music, the director of the Glassel school and well known sculptor Joseph Havel, along with sculptor Steve Murphy, and I, Tin Night, will be performing in the arts district this Friday night at the Patio at the Pit Room from 8:00-11:00.. I hope that some of you will come out and hear our unique sound, and get there early and enjoy some of the incredible barbecue. Hope to see some of you.
  9. It takes a while just to get the climate right inside to receive artwork and the installation process will probably take months. They're moving very valuable works of art so it won't be three brothers movers.
  10. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly ... very slowly. Gypsy Rose Lee
  11. My question is if they do go with the continuation of the below ground 59/69 how do they go under the rail lines without causing timely delays for the rail during this construction. I can't imagine how they will structurally support the rail lines and trains, while digging underneath.
  12. It would if you didn't want people using the rail. I'm sure the parking will be for others who drive to work.
  13. I think ekdrm is correct. It says clearly on the east side of South Braeswood which is the location of the radiology bldg. with the white roof just north of the garage. Remember this photo is oriented with south to the top and east is on the left.
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