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  1. Thats probably the most important part of the rebuilds. They are widening the ditch from the concrete up so that it will hold more water and the bridge structure won't hold back water nearly as much as the old bridges. They are also doing this at Ardmore east of 288 and will be widening this side all the way to Calhoun where it goes natural. This will all help in bottlenecks on the bayou that slow the flow and raise the elevation of the water behind the old bottlenecks. I still have issues with 288 and the bottleneck it creates on the Brays. I don't know why they didn't figure out a way to go over MacGregor when they first built this freeway. It always goes under during heavy flooding.
  2. I'm disappointed in the latest design. I liked the earlier curved glass buildings better.
  3. They moved it over to TMC3 and it is called the double helix.
  4. I saw that yesterday also. First thought was a concert stage but that's not it. Maybe they're putting up a temporary drive in movie screen.😉
  5. Can anyone explain why a building with just 8 floors needs so much parking garage. It looks like ten floors of parking. I just don't get it.
  6. Buzbee, that explains everything. We don't need another mini me Trump running Houston.
  7. We are well aware of that. But if you don't try to develop a new industry or project or anything it won't happen at all. They said you couldn't bring boats to a port in Houston 45 miles from the coast. We built the port. They said baseball couldn't be played indoors.. So we built the astrodome. They said man couldn't get to the moon and we built NASA. We like challenges and maybe we'll never be Harvard, MIT, Stanford or Northwestern but we'll joe just fine. Don't tell a Texan it cant be done. Sure it will take a while. Get over the double Helix design and the yoga mats and the trails. There are four institutions in Houston that have quite a bit of money and pride. I'm betting that in the long run this will become an important hub for bio research.
  8. I believe that is the old Rice supermarket lot and building.
  9. I might also say that the parking garage podium is probably one of the nicest solutions Ive seen. Talking about taking advantage of a negative and turning it into a positive. R. D. could learn something from this developer. Also the north south placement of this building will fill a lot of skyline. It's going to make the cosmo look like something from the Jetsons. The Astoria has that same dated look.
  10. Just to remind everyone how this building angles away from Post Oak above the podium. Great building.
  11. I actually was referencing Luminaires post from the boulevard project of post Oak in 2011 to now showing the stark changes to the boulevard, in the Transportation thread. Sorry for any confusion.
  12. I really like this building. It's interesting to see in 7 years all of the changes in the surrounding area, shown in Luminaires, before and after pictures above. Not only in the boulevard changes, but the skyline and surroundings have really changed. It's gone from looking more suburban development to urban city scape. Thanks for the before and afters Luminaire.
  13. Gene, don't forget that the actual tower that will sit on this podium curves off to the west heading north, leaving quite a bit more of the Davis tower visible on the east side. The tower doesn't follow the podium all the way up . I think you'll still be able to see almost to the middle section of the Cosmo from this particular view.
  14. I would like to understand the close layout of so many columns. Seems like a very tight grid. And another question, I didn't remember seeing a pad laid out and a slab poured like we normally see on the downtown high-rises. Purduengineered?
  15. I agree and it would make a huge difference in the flow of water that could get through there.
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