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  1. I lived in the Menil neighborhood and understand the history and fights over those trees on Dunlavy. I would imagine the neighbors on that back street are not happy about losing that wooded cover from 288. They now will be looking at a lit parking lot and HEB. I just hope they decide to landscape and add trees. I know I will be sending them emails about landscaping and remind them how beautiful a parking lot can be. It never hurts to recommend these things and it only takes a few to get them thinking in the right direction.
  2. They're doing some serious earthmoving over on the eastern side along the side street. Must be a retention pond thats at least 30 feet deep. It runs almost the full length of the backside. It looks like it will have some interesting landscaping and contouring to provide for run off from the parking lot. I'll be interested to see how they carry out this part of the landscaping. A lot of potential and hopefully they'll remember to plant more Trees. They know what a huge difference a parking lot with large oaks can be, compared to an ugly concrete lot.
  3. You should get it out if you still have it and let them work on their embrouchures. It's a great instrument.
  4. So do you still play your trumpet?
  5. That's quite a Wysteria tree in your front yard.
  6. They're going to have to be very careful not to damage the Hogg lofts. I'd hate for that building to be disturbed. It was one of the first lofts downtown.
  7. I have heard that the industrial complex along the ship channel and the east end, has put a very dirty footprint on many parts of the east end due to manufacturing, shipping and lack of pollution controls until recent years. Can anyone who is in the know go into more detail about these issues.
  8. Hopefully this will be the new paradigm in Midtown and Downtown.
  9. One great thing this image points out is the power of perspective. In this image it appears that the Wells Fargo building is much taller than the Chase building. Now we all know that the Chase is 5 floors taller, and definitely the tallest building in Houston. Since the Wells Fargo is much closer to us it creates the illusion of looking taller than the Chase. This is something you have to remember to take into consideration when looking at renderings and recognizing which building is closer, which will obviously make that building seem much taller than it really is. I know most understand this but I felt like there are some that might not have that understanding, and this clearly illustrates this optic.
  10. I can't remember the last 3 year span that has seen as much construction on campus as now. It seems that every where you look there are cranes and new projects going up. New football stadium, basketball practice facility, Fertitta center, Indoor football field, new parking garage with art sculpture center, Law school. med school, Hilton hotel expansion. And to top it off they raised a billion dollars 1 1/2 years ahead of schedule.
  11. A nice red brick is going up on the outside of this tower. Looks to be similar shade to the Hanover ten story a few blocks over. So there is now a little mini cluster of high-rises developing in the Village. I hope the next one will be a boutique hotel. I can't imagine in this area, it not being a complete success. With the Med center, Greenway plaza, Rice U., visitors to the Museum district, and West U. it would be full all of the time.
  12. Thanks, good to know. I thought the streets might have been part of the old Riverside Terrace neighborhood of homes built in the 40's and 50's.
  13. I appreciate your point, but if its ugly were stuck with it for fifty years. At least with a vacant lot it still has promise. I would prefer something going up in midtown and downtown that's more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.Let Austin have the limestone blocks, and mediterranean windows.
  14. Wouldn't you know the first major project, post BBVA, would be a parking garage. Just the opposite of what this area should be about. I hope they soften the pedestrian level (brick from one of the old buildings torn down would be nice, and make it as comfortable as possible. Nice wide sidewalks. I don't trust renderings.
  15. When I first looked at this today I was trying to figure out what CIIEC stood for. Then I realized I was looking at the elevator cores.
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