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  1. Perhaps Johnson's friendship and working relationship with Hines, and the fact that Gerald's world headquarters just happened to be in Houston, helped to influence the way both approached the Houston portfolio. I would think that Gerald would want to go that extra mile to do great things in his hometown. And perhaps Hines approach to development inspired Philip to push things a little farther. He definitely was Gerald Hines main guy for a number of years and Houston was the recipient of quite a few of his most successful projects. The list of projects he designed for Houston is quite long. I guess his design for the Fluor campus in Sugarland was one of his last, and certainly the most distant to downtown. Together they helped shape Uptown, and remade the Houston skyline.
  2. I wanted to pass along a great vantage point to catch the whole skyline in one image. You need a driver so you can concentrate on the view, but it"s worth the effort. Go over the 610 east bridge over the ship channel. The best approach would be from north to south. Everything melts into one giant skyline and you can truly capture the size and magnitude of our exploding skyline. Its all there downtown, TMC, Greenway Plaza, Uptown, Memorial City, Citi Center, and everything in between.
  3. I hate to break it to you but I know of at least one right now. Exxon
  4. This would be outstanding and it would give a little more mass and balance to the east side of Main.
  5. So I guess every large development is going to be challenged by neighborhood groups for money or special perks from now on. I'm sorry but I just don't understand how this has anything to do with Rice University and the third ward. Why does Rice owe anyone anything. They are improving a dead zone that had no one living in it and now they are being squeezed. I just don't get it.
  6. Thats a very old sign. Thats one that will eventually get developed but they have a hard time pulling the trigger.
  7. Are these complainers, the same people who live in the Astoria by any chance?
  8. What do they do with all of those buildings when they find the cure?
  9. What a great skyline shot pm91. I think this image makes a great case for the best skyline view of downtown. The view coming in on 45 north at sunset is pretty remarkable, however what I really like about this angle is the amount of depth you see from this side. Not only do you catch glimpses of almost every modern building built, but you're also looking at all of the classic's like the Gulf, the Espersen, Bank of the Southwest, Southwest Life, State National Bank and many of the Main street turn of the century work. I like the symmetry of slopes in the wider angle image. I sure wouldn't mind something in the 90's behind the Esperson bldg. The massing of the two major groups are much more interesting to me, than the flatness of the view from Allen parkway, and as a bonus, you get Minute Maid park, home of the A.L. champs 2021.
  10. If you enlarge this last image you really get a great reveal on how the new Gillete St. tower is going to alter and expand the skyline.
  11. Amazing, it looks very much like the rendering. I'm impressed. It's impressive to see what a successful art development can do for an area. My first studio back in 1986, was just east of Winter studios and on the corner of Silver, Summer, Winter White Streets. There was no A.C., and I entered one weekend, to find six bullet holes on the end of the building. The neighborhood has definitely changed. It backed up to the tracks behind the Silver Eagle facilities, that are now a very popular venue for a multitude of events. The area around Sawyer Yards has exploded with some well thought out projects, repurposing old structures, to combine with new construction to make a cohesive walkable neighborhood. I can't wait to walk through this area once this project is complete with people living there. What's also nice is the number of buildings dedicated to artist studios scattered around the neighborhood. Should really make the overall neighborhood a very fun area to live and play in.
  12. I was driving around this part of downtown this morning, and south of the convention center and to the east every street in that area has 72" pipe parked on both sides of the street for countless blocks. Obviously this is staging for a major water project. I haven't found anything on this and thought someone could enlighten. Thanks
  13. The campus just gets more defined and unified every day. With the completion of the western end of the inner loop around the newly landscaped, Brockman Hall for Opera, the Moody Center for the Arts, the Turrell Skyspace, Autry Court and the new Kraft Hall for Social Science, it has really solidified the southwestern edge of campus. It will be exciting to see how the new student center by Adjaye will fit into the mix, being at the center of the universe. The new murals are a nice addition. I recognize the black and white floral drawing to be by Karin Broker, a longtime professor of Printmaking, Drawing and Dramatic Arts at Rice. She's won numerous awards and has been shown in Houston by McClain gallery. I'm not familiar with the other artists work but both are amazing. I also can't wait for the new Abercrombie Science Laboratory to complete that plaza. Last I wonder what's in store for the northwestern quadrant of intramural fields.
  14. Actually after another look it also reminds me of Tatlins Tower.
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