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  1. When I was managing Cabo's downtown, during the Boat show they allowed a fleet of boats to dock. There was also a group that came and dropped by Cabo's for drinks one night. They had come up from Clear Lake Kemah marinas.
  2. Thanks for the images. Now Im curious what is going on in the bottom image.
  3. If you look carefully you can see the rebar sticking out of the first columns of the tower. Be patient , before you know it there will be more.
  4. They own everything from the bayou to the street facing the townhouses which is Clinton. From the Jensen bridge all of the way down past the old Brown and Root building in the background to the Hirsch street bridge. Thats where the golf course is being built now. I sure wish one of you drone flyers would post a current image of the course, just to see how the rains have helped make the grass green. Should be a fun little course to play and what views. And I'm not even a golfer.
  5. Just for your eyes. A new exhibition opened to a crowd tonight at Moody gallery at Rice. "Urban Impressions" It features multi disciplinary works by an international group of artists. It also features some local Houston artists works. For anyone interested in urban planning, art and multimedia you don't want to miss it. Check out Mary Flanagans AI works and the collaboration with Rice students. Ric Lowes major painting in the main gallery is amazing and the photo montaged city murals by the Japanese artist Sohei Nishino are pretty amazing. A couple of very nice Julie Mehretu works on paper. The whole show is an interesting statement on urban dynamics. They had a nice chili spiced beer provided by Astral brewing made in conjunction with one of the artist work. I recommend the show.
  6. Ive lived here for 70 years, and if anything it might be a little cleaner due to efforts of many to try and make it less polluted. It's always been a brownish color during part of the year and at other times it clears a little. No amount of dyes is going to make it bluer. As far as Brays being clearer. Flushing through ten or so miles of concrete instead of dirt will do that. It is what it is and will always be. Just be happy that we have a bayou that flows to the gulf. At some point even Austin will be faced with an empty or low lake downtown if the droughts continue. The Rio Grande has been dry in Big Bend this summer at times. Many central Texas streams and rivers have stopped running at times this year. There are bigger fish to fry.
  7. A very handsome addition to our growing Buffalo Bayou frontage thanks to the amazing work done by the Bayou project over the last ten years. It has definitely helped to stimulate growth along this natural corridor.
  8. I was getting gas today at the Circle k $3.07 gallon and saw a truck across the street in the northwest corner of the lot taking soil samples. Maybe things are heating up. Montrose is becoming what I always thought it would become. Probably not in my lifetime but it will be solid highrise residential from the museum district to Allen parkway.
  9. Has Oxberry Group ever done anything that would be considered aesthetically pleasing, and not built on the cheap. This is extremely disappointing especially considering what was supposed to be happening on these blocks. Some groups shouldn't be allowed to leave their marks on public property. One step forward and two steps back.
  10. i imagine that you will have to enter from the main building to gain access. Besides if it wasn't fenced you'd have people camping with their tents all over the grounds.
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