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  1. bobruss

    The Boulevard Project

    Those are the straightest Live Oaks I've ever seen. Are we sure there Live Oaks? Just asking.
  2. bobruss

    Texas Medical Center - Main at Holcombe Property

    Could be one of several. Memorial City/City centre/ Energy corridor Greenway/Upper Kirby or Woodlands
  3. bobruss

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    In the 50's, this area was so different. I remember a motor hotel called the Buffalo motel that sat near the corner of Waugh and west Dallas, or even closer to Allen Parkway. Seemed like its signage had a symbol of a white Buffalo. I don't know if anyone else remembers these. There was also a wonderful moderne style dairy either Carnation or Bordens or some local group. It had great wings and was a beautiful example of that period. Rainbow bread also had a big bakery on West Gray not far from Woodhead and it smelled so good when you passed by. Another era, but I thought some might like a little insight into what the area used to be like. Memories from an old guy.
  4. bobruss

    Emancipation Center, Dowling/Elgin St.

    I'm sure they have good intentions, but this is the same Midtown TIRZ group that has been buying up all of the property in the 3rd ward to supposedly build new housing and help keep the third ward livable. So right out of the box they go out and spend a bunch of money on office space and some community space, and all they can show for housing is 27 units. Looks a little like someone is building themselves a fancy new office building but not much for housing. A little like putting the cart before the horse. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for improving the 3rd ward, but I cant help but think that Garnet Coleman will probably have an office on the top floor and we won't see much in housing built. I still don't like that they have taken money from the Midtown TIRZ, to do all of this in the 3rd ward. I do like the building over the sphere. The original design would have been out dated before it was finished and I'm sure it would have been value engineered into a poorly crafted project.
  5. bobruss

    TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    I hate to see him go. He seemed to have a genuine love of this project and seemed to be the driving force. I hate to think what his sudden departure could suggest. I hope this project doesn't lose steam especially since UT signed up.
  6. Thats a nice shot of Uptown. From this angle it appears fairly dense.
  7. One thing I'm a little disappointed in, after looking at the images that ekdrm2d1 shot, I wish they had engineered for a green roof. Those roofs are crying out for some grass.
  8. i believe the Meninger is private care. this is state operated. Their facility next door turns away up to 60 people a day. So this is very necessary to the mental health of our community and helps get some of the people off of the streets.
  9. bobruss

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    They are putting some serious work into this sales office. Pretty impressive!
  10. The new in bound off ramp at Holcombe for the med center on 288 that is under construction now is going to have a spectacular view of downtown. Since it's going over the freeway it has a nice elevation to give an unencumbered view of downtown from the southeast and a relatively clear shot.
  11. I also attended the event and was fortunate to meet ekdrm2d1. I saw him taking pictures and figured he had to be a HAIFER. It's nice to put a face with a name. I thought the event was very well run and informative. Also for all of those arguments in the past about whether the med center was in the 3rd ward. If it wasn't it is now. This will be there second development in this very large tract of land that I'm sure will continue to grow. So yes the Med center is in the 3rd ward. The new buildings 2 which are very attractive 2 and 3 story edifices. It's a very nice layout with the two buildings running parallel to each other with a connecting courtyard that provides quite a bit of open space. The buildings facade facing the courtyard is primarily glass and the front facing the main boulevard looks to be made of a white concrete or panels that have multiple widows of varying sizes running vertically and horizontally. They will have a park on one end that will be made available to patients to walk in, and a separate building for events held by the UTHSC and HHSE. The preview was followed by a nice table of light bites and beverages. It was very well attended by politicians regional health care specialists and UT brass. They plan on Breaking ground this summer with completion 20/21
  12. bobruss

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I understand your concerns. I couldn't live down town now, and live like I do where I currently live. But try finding a closet in Manhattan that's affordable. I'm just happy someone else is sleeping downtown besides the street people and inmates in the county jail.
  13. bobruss

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Downtown is alive, It has a pulse, a heartbeat and has been taken off life support systems. Every time I go downtown on any day there are many more people walking, riding bikes, eating and drinking, in the bars and restaurants and the parks and Avenida de las Americas are always crowded!!!!
  14. Doug Johnson had a great big personality and made everyone laugh. He always seemed to be having such a good time. I used to love the banter between Doug and Ron Stone. Another one of the early newscasters who made his mark here on Channel 2 and later 11 was Ray Miller, who ran the news at channel 2 and was the original eyes of Texas host. His son Doug Miller has worked at channel 11 for probably 30 years.