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  1. This area is definitely in transition and I believe that in five years it will still be a hodgepodge of styles and still a little rough but it will be so much better than it was two years ago. The Polk Leeland area continues to become more gentrified with the Heights /Montrose enclave of homes built in the early 20th century, and there are great restaurants popping up like Nancy's Hustle and the new Law high School. It's definitely different from the days I used to go watch the Houston Buffs play baseball as member of the Knotty hole club in this very neighborhood. It's definitely turning the corner. Its just a very wide corner.
  2. I know some were upset with the scale of the tubes compared to what they had seen in the model, but I was looking at the model and those tubes in scale are just about exactly the same as the ones in real life. I also think that once the whole building is clad and you have floor to rooftop tubes they won't look so wide. I know through experience that anytime you look at something that is unfinished, it many times looks wrong or you don't get the effect that was intended until it's finished. If that makes sense.
  3. The views up there are spectacular, but I won't tell a soul.
  4. No, those people on the ground will be able to walk up a flight of stairs to the top of the Glassell and get pretty much the view.
  5. Maybe its just where they're starting to dig the foundation which will probably be at least a couple of floors deep
  6. When is this connector for the downtown Hardy toll way supposed to open?
  7. bobruss

    Fannin Station

    Unfortunately this is a common complaint in Houston, and it's one of the major issues that the city, TIRZ's, civic clubs, schools, and individuals like you and I need to come together to make a priority for a much more viable, reliable, and enjoyable, option for getting around.
  8. I find the amount of earth work and walls for retention and the huge retention center being lined with the same stone to be very elaborate and I'm sure this was at a huge expense to HEB.
  9. A really nice well designed hotel/residential tower would be nice there, especially with the park and the three other residential towers in the immediate neighborhood with the addition of the Hines residential going up on the Hogg parking garage site. I don't think it's slowed as much as they're just catching their breath. I'm dizzy just trying to keep up with all that's just happened over the last three years. The city has definitely shed its old skin and it's looking quite smart with all of the new buildings, parks, trails, hospitals, museums, infrastructure, residential developments and the list goes on. Thats a lot too digest, and I think it would be interesting to compare the two major growth spurts in Houston, over the last 40 years. The present one , and the late 70's early 80's spurt that added so much to our downtown skyscraper count. I actually think the current growth has been more helpful to the public realm and has had a much more dynamic result in framing the city in a positive way.
  10. They seem to know how to grow a development, so I'll give them leeway. City centre seems to have have developed in an organic way and has become a very popular and successful west side mixed use project. Let it grow in a more natural way instead of building a Disney type theme city all at once.
  11. Went to the Menil today to see how the new installation of the Menil looked. It really is a nice new display with a lot of new work. They just installed Joseph Havel's newly purchased works. A body of 12 drawings. They look great. The steel has gone up on the new visitor center. looks to be a two story structure set back on the west side of the fenced lot.
  12. I believe if you look on about the middle of page two on this thread you can see a color map of the development
  13. Just wanted to remind everyone. If you haven't been by to see the Minekko Grimmer mixed media piece at the Menil museum you definitely need to go see it. It was shown 18 years go and hasn't been out since. It's a rather complicated light, water and sound work that is totally mesmerizing and worth the visit. I'm trying to get the Buffalo bayou conservancy to commission her for a piece for the cistern. Once you see the work you'll understand why I think she could do something special for the space. I spoke with her when she was here for a talk and reception for the exhibition and she is very interested in the possibility..
  14. I'm pretty sure the building will always be white. Let's save the colored lights for commercial and medical towers. Museums should let the art stand for itself. They will have art sculptures and water features, on the outside of the building and it shouldn't have to compete with the building. The white will not become boring its going to be beautiful.
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