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  1. It just looks like progress has slowed recently. That yellow board hasn't moved in weeks. I pass by it every morning and it just has that feel of a stall. Look at your photo from 12/01 and now.
  2. Hindesky, just curious if you've seen anyone working lately on this. It doesn't seem to be moving very quick or at all.
  3. It sounds like you answered your own question. Then go, and make a difference.
  4. Why go then? Just stay home and read about it later then you don't have to be disappointed or feel like you have wasted your time. Thats why I record sporting events now. I got tired of the disappointment. I just catch the score and if I like the outcome I might watch some of it. If not I don't waste any time.
  5. Someone should start a recycling nursery. Contract with developers to clear unwanted shrubbery and trees and recycle them. Manicure them and sell them for projects. It just seems like such a waste to just cut it all down, and throw it in the landfills.
  6. I wanted to invite all out to hear our band TIN NIGHT tonight at the Patio next to the Pit Room. If you event had their barbecue its really good. We will be playing Friday night January 24th, from 7-10. We welcome all Haifers out for some great food and a chance to hear us play. I'd love to meet some of you. Bob
  7. You make a good point. Perhaps down the road someone with more money will come along and restore this little hidden jewel.
  8. It doesn't look like they have much room to move with all of the equipment and supplies laying around the site. Looks really tight.
  9. That is a great view! I also want to see Twinsanity's latest update from his Apt. on about the 8th floor of the lofts on Franklin? Meant Dakota 79's view !
  10. On page 7 of this thread Urbanizer entered images of the structure for the garage office building and hotel. Its about the fourth entry on the page and its one of the last images that he provided. It appears from the elevation view of the planned project the office building sits partially on the garage.and the hotel sits directly on top of the office building. Scroll back and if someone can move those images up to now you can see what I'm talking about.
  11. At least Bed Bath and Beyond are sitting on a corner lot on a large tract of land on two incredibly busy commercial streets. That property is priceless. They need to sell that property and move on.
  12. I'm sorry, I was just trying to ease your fears.
  13. The rerouting of White Oak to a more eastern connection to Buffalo Bayou, would have no bearing on the Yale street bridge. White Oak bayou would continue to run its same course until it reaches the bypass and some of it's water would continue the confluence with Buffalo Bayou at its original Allens Landing site. This will create a north end island. I also believe that a bridge over the canal might work.
  14. It was great fried chicken and at the time it was one of the main restaurants in Houston, along with the Ye Olde College Inn, and Valians pizza which was across Fannin from the Shamrock. Lee's den was the best Chinese on South Main at OST and right in front of an old trailer park. Needless to say, there weren't a lot of great restaurants around town in the late 50's early sixties. It just goes to show you if you want something enough it can happen. And now we're one of the great food cities in the U.S.
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