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  1. The property to the east of this just seems like a no mans land. I'm surprised that nothing has been done with it.
  2. Nothing else in downtown Houston compares to this elevation. The slight angles of the western edge give the building a delightful and playful alternative to the other boxes downtown. I cant get enough of the verticals in the horizontal grid.
  3. I like what this tower and the other [6] new residential towers does for the northeast view coming in on 59 N and I -10 east.
  4. Looks like the Alley needs another bath.
  5. The Houston Zoo was just named one of the top 9 zoo's in the U.S., by Travel & Leisure magazine.
  6. Maintenance - If you drive down Main, you will see the nice new steel street signs are largely damaged. Landscaping does not look maintained. If we want to see the area improve, we cannot allow for the money and effort fall to waste. Do you think maybe they're spending all of the money that would normally go for maintenance, to buy up properties in Third ward. Actually the maintenance along the rail lines are probably under the jurisdiction of Metro. Since they've had no paying riders for the last year I'm sure their budget is far from adequate to do maintenance and a lot of
  7. One thing it does is create a wonderful layered textural wall that had gaps before they built the Brava. It fills in the gap that was between Market Square Tower and Republic Calpine buildings from the east and north like coming in from 59 north or I10 east. Brava's eastern facade is much more exciting than the western side. I think this is definitely the most exciting small highrises to be added to our skyline in a long time. One of the nice things about viewing from the northeast is you can still see both the Esperson and the Gulf buildings, while enjoying all the shiny new toys on the nort
  8. bobruss

    Bayou Place

    I couldn't get the image from ZSigler Coopers website, but if you go to this link they have 4 confidential images of a proposal for Bayou Palace that are pretty amazing. Heres the link and I hope someone else can get the images to this site. One of the images shows what must be some kind of performing arts center or some kind of museum. Not sure but it sure looks great. https://zieglercooper.com/hospitality-architecture/
  9. This is one, in a series of sculptural works by John Runnels, commissioned by Buffalo Bayou Conservancy . Every stairway that leads down to the bayou has one. He and Charlie Sartwelle are the founders and owners of Mother Dog Studio, situated in the heart of the Genesis project area. Which hopefully will become an island north of downtown.
  10. Hopefully someone will come on here and let us in on what the plans are. I think this would be an aesthetic disgrace. Possibly one of the ten best buildings in Houston altered. It was a landmark. Surely they plan to replace them.
  11. I swear, every time this post appears I flash on the vaccine Moderna.
  12. We watched the race from our balcony over Crawford at Franklin and at the beginning of the race one of the jet squadrons flew right down Crawford and shook our windows like they were going to fall out. The cars would come right down Crawford and during the week they practiced on the raceway and it did sound like bees the whole week.
  13. Looks like from his announcement, there will be a number of important new buildings on campus in the very near future. "To support our research and academic endeavors, we will begin construction of a major new science and engineering building, a new home for visual and dramatic arts, and an expansion of our architecture facilities."
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