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  1. Heres the Culture Map link to a story in Food & Wine about the best cities for food in America this year. Pretty impressive. Dallas and Austin didn't make the list but San Antonio was high on the list also. Were also listed in Travel & Leisure's list of top cities to visit this year. Not bad! I'm sorry I meant this to go in the food section. I don't know how to move it.
  2. UT Research Campus

    I tried to stay out of this argument but calling the University of Houston, a Tier one school, second rate is a little childish.
  3. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    I'll get excited when I see an actual building go up. Go down to Dunlavy and Allen Parkway where there stands a wonderful leasing office thats been there for almost ten years and what does Regents Square have to show for that leasing office? Not much.
  4. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    I thought they were putting in a christmas tree lot at first, before I saw the last image of the foundation mattes.
  5. One of our drone operators needs to take a video from this angled height. It's remarkable because not only do you see downtown and the med center, but you also get Galleria/Uptown and Greenway Plaza in the view. It's an amazing angle and height for a better informed understanding of how Houston is slowly filling in from all directions.
  6. Brass Tap is open for business.
  7. Pretty sad when your truck doesn't fit your house. Sounds like she needs a bike.
  8. That didn't take long.
  9. McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at 3200 Post Oak Blvd

    On a more personal note. I'm sorry to hear of Mr. McNairs passing. Not only was he a great business man but he brought Houston a pro football team and a beautiful state of the art stadium. He was a great community leader and gave millions to Houston for Hospitals research and other community needs. He was a supporter of many Houston charities and he and his wife helped to raise awareness to many causes. Although he did make one awkward move with his comment about his players he was a well respected member of the NFL owners group and he will be missed by Houstonians. I wish there were more like him who would choose to share their wealth and knowledge with the less privileged. That being said I think the post oak /Richmond project was being developed by his son as the main driving force. I believe it will continue to be developed.
  10. Just got the new Architectural Record and theres a beautiful cover of the Menil Drawing Institue. Almost didn't recognize it due to the golden color of the underside of the roof, from an interesting angle. I saw the rocks in the courtyard and peeled off the label and sure enough its the Menil Drawing Institute with nice story and many images of the interior inside and exterior. Very nice presentation. There's also a photo of the Childrens Museum in the first few pages for an obituary of Venturi. Thought it was interesting that they chose it of all his work. Always nice to see something from Houston in a respected national magazine.
  11. Those are both two very good points and since the intention was to reach out to support the third ward and bring health care to the neighborhood what better place than the third ward. There are plenty of facilities in the med center and the U of H is a ten minute drive. By keeping the property in the med center they can eventually build whatever might be needed at some point.

    Besides an ad that made fun of Europa, do we have definitive evidence that Fletcher wouldn't support and play an important role in protecting NASA's budget? Did she say she wouldn't support NASA?

    Back to lithiumaneurysm great points. He's right, and its time, especially with this historic change. We have a chance for a new start, with an open mind, minus the vitriol. There are several serious game changing opportunities, that we must act on, if Houston is to remain a viable world city, Traffic is the most important, with flooding and housing not far behind.