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  1. Block 387 by Fairfield Residential in Going Up
  2. I'm sure you're right, its been so long since they said anything about their project I couldn't remember. I think I'll leave this site to you experts for a while and follow from a distance. I don't mind being corrected. I make mistakes but Its just the snarky way at which some of you seem to take glee in it. I've tried to always be pretty positive and bring new information, or things I think others might be interested in, but you and a few others makes it nor so much fun anymore.
  3. Fine. All I was trying to convey is that, once the Tellepsen project is finally built, It will block out it's parking garage from this view. That was my point, and block out much of the Texas Tower at the same time. Until that time the Texas tower will be visible above it's parking podium for everyone coming from the north side of town to see. The Tellepsen garage won't be in the way of the actual Texas tower itself.
  4. It also looks like something Godzilla might attack!
  5. Fortunately all it blocks right now is another parking podium. The tower will be visible above the garage. I like this opportunity to have an unencumbered view of the Texas Tower, before being completely blocked by whatever Telepsen comes up with. I wasn't that enamored with their original plans for the building that will sit on top of that parking garage anyway. They have the same problem the Houston Center has with their sixth tower. Fear and lack of confidence to build right now. Hines has stole their thunder twice over the last three years, with the 609 Main and now the Texas Tower
  6. Thanks to beerNut I found this thread. As I was mentioning on another thread this thing is close to topping out and its nice to see a steel structure for a change instead of reinforced concrete. I remember back in the big building boom in the late 70's early eighties there were several skyscrapers that went up built out of steel, including the 70 story Wells Fargo building. Something about steel construction always seemed more interesting, at least to me.
  7. I couldn't find the forum for a project that the third ward redevelopment group headed by Rep. Coleman was going to build across the street from Emancipation park on Elgin. I know it was here at one time. At one point I remember there were images of a spherical shaped building as one of the proposals. Very futuristic looking but not plausible. I drove by this morning and there is now a 5 story steel framed structure going up. To be honest I haven't seen a steel structure going up in a while. It seems now everything is reinforced concrete. Someone should go by and document in images it's progre
  8. In earlier renderings It showed the TMC3 project extending south of O.S.T. In a post from ekdrm2d1, on page 7 oct. 31, the third frame shows the tract and in that image it actually shows this project crossing O.S.T. and actually going right into some guys head. Has that changed?
  9. Hopefully they would make them public at some point in the near future. Everyone is waiting to see what this site will evolve into. I just know after many years of waiting for the pot to boil, I've finally learned that a watched pot never boils. It will come when they're ready. It always seems that these type of projects get announced when you least expect it.
  10. The med center is really pushing its southern and eastern boundaries. Its hard to believe it runs from south of O.S.T., all the way to Hermann Park and from Main all the way to east of 288.,
  11. I think it will be built and much sooner than you think. You've just been in L A. too long.
  12. They might have purchased the land many years ago, but they just named an architect to design the project a year ago.
  13. I didn't realize that was it's latest moniker, but I included it in my list also, with its original name Republic Bank. Also because Pennzoil sort of rocked the architecture world at the time of its completion, I believe it is by far the most Iconic building in the city. It also changed the way that office buildings were designed. Rather than a bunch of rectangular and square boxes it completely changed the game.
  14. I would argue that Houston has several Iconic buildings. Pennzoil, dev. Hines, Johnson arch. Transco /Williams Tower , dev. Hines, Johnson arch. Republic Bank , dev. Hines, Johnson arch Esperson Bldg., dev. Esperson John Eberson arch. Gulf Bldg., dev. Jesse Jones, Alfred Finn arch. Heritage Plaza dev Clarion Realty Nasr partners arch.
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