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  1. It's not just about the structure. It's also about the use of the structure. *If* the SkyPark becomes reality, the concrete overpass becomes less of a psychological barrier simply by removing vehicular traffic in favor of a park, a destination. Millions of cars replaced by potentially millions of park visitors, establishing a new landscape that the rest of the urban core to flourish around.
  2. I agree. The deck parks should be funded first and cant be sacrificed for this, especially if the options for Pierce are SkyPark or demolition. With either Pierce option, a barrier between neighborhoods is still being removed. And with the deck parks, we have an amazing opportunity to reconnect a few urban neighborhoods with our central city core, despite a chunk of the East End being lost in the process (the only drawback IMO). Not many cities are afforded this opportunity and we should look to capitalize on this moment to improve our city to the fullest extent. The dream scenario would would be to fund the deck parks and a Pierce Elevated Skyline Park.
  3. You should also apologize for favoriting highway engineering over connecting urban neighborhoods in our city and the potential benefits that could bring.
  4. You know what I'm sick of? This "We need the freeway lanes" argument. How many DECADES has this city spewed the same tired rhetoric, over and over and over? How many homes were lost along Katy Freeway all because "We need the lanes?" Just how many lanes does this city need to build to service our commuters? At what point do citizens and city leadership realize that we need to seriously rethink our commuting solutions? We don't need the lanes. What we need is an effective mass transportation system that can serve and positively effect travel times. It doesn't have to be a subway. It can be an elevated line. Or Commuter Rail lines to replace Park & Ride busses that get stuck in the same traffic commuters are trying to avoid. The point is, give commuters options and they will take them, removing cars off the very freeways you claim you need more lanes. As for Pierce Elevated: I applaud the folks pushing the SkyPark and I hope it becomes a reality.
  5. Flew into Terminal C North on Sunday. Color me impressed. Can't wait to see Terminal D.
  6. Instead of decorative bridges over 59/288, I'd rather TXDOT use those funds to make the Downtown Connector over Buffalo Bayou into a signature bridge. It probably won't fund the entire span but that's one of this city's most photogenic spots and a well designed signature span over the bayou could add to an already gorgeous skyline. There's an old redevelopment renderings that shows a signature bridge over Buffalo Bayou. See page 2 https://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2010-04-07/2B-Framework_pg_1-18.pdf
  7. Hilcorp's retail spaces are still empty. And if the Sakowitz is redeveloped, that could change things. I just wish with the wider sidewalks, some of GreenStreet's restaurants could setup sidewalk seating to bring some more activity to the street.
  8. Some moves in the tunnels. After 15 years, Ragin Cajun is gone. However, a Tacos A Go-Go is go-going in at One Shell. http://swamplot.com/tacos-a-go-go-is-a-go-beneath-downtown/2017-04-10/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+swamplot+(Swamplot%3A+Houston's+Real+Estate+Landscape)
  9. Anyone know if this could mean a closure of the tunnels again?
  10. Great observation, I don't think the logo's sail design element is a coincidence and might mean this design is still what is intended for Phase 2 of the site. This makes me think Essex is pulling a page from Skanska's playbook on Capitol Tower: Build the garage on hold on the tower until a lead tenant is signed. It appears to have worked for Skanska, can the same happen for Essex and how long will it take?
  11. Not sure if it was posted but the site is name One Market Square with garage lableled as Phase 1. EDIT: Just saw tweet above.
  12. Anyone know what's up? Is it finally time for a renovation?
  13. Know what images I'll enjoy of Houston? From all the replays we'll see from an instant classic Super Bowl LI game, in addition to last years Nova' vs. Carolina buzzer-beater final.
  14. Was there too. When the roof opened, it was glorious. Also, I got Falcons owner Arthur Blank to dance. Assist to Guillermo.
  15. Vid of the projection. Attended both days of Super Bowl Live thus far. The setup of the entire Convention District campus as the epicenter for activity is perfect for large scale events like this. It's a great package to land future events. Oh also, you might see me on Fox Sports Live with Jay & Dan. Got interviewed, hopefully it makes the cut...
  16. More of the projection. The show starts off with a water projection on Kinder Lake, the goes skyward. Runs every hour, 6 minutes or so in length. Impressive stuff.
  17. Thought the NFL was at the Marquis. The Pats in SB38 were at the Intercontinental Galleria (now Royal Sonesta), which IMO was close to the hype/craziness of Super Bowl week then. The Panthers in 2004 were at the Wyndham Greenspoint, a choice I still don't understand till this day. At least the Falcons will be in a better part of town this time. Side note: The Westin Memorial City also held past NFL owners meetings. Last year, vote to move the Rams back to LA occurred here.
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