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  1. The best thign about this deal is that the Dome will have a future in sports, what it was built for. As a traditionalist, I just had a hard time visualizing a mall, museum, or parking garage inside of the Dome. I personally think Club America will choose its permanent home to be the Dome instead of building a new outdoor stadium to double as a high school football facility. Club America and it's owners Televisa, do things on a grand scale and spend extravagantly. Nothing is grander in this city then the Astrodome. If all goes well as expected, I expect the Astrodome to be renovated to seat 30,000 by removing both east and west end upper deck stands. So hopefully we've found a perfect fit for the future of the Dome in sports, as it should be.
  2. The current proposal is to combine the I-27 and I-14 proposals to become an interstate that would link the Rocky Mountain region and to the Gulf. The interstate would expand north to Denver, and south to Austin to become that city's first major east-west freeway, then down U.S 290 to Houston. Also I've heard talk of I-669, an alternative route west around the city of Houston along the Grand Parkway as I-69 would run along US 59 through Houston. The addition of I-669 would reduce commercial thru-traffic by taking them around the city. It would NOT follow all of the GP around the city, just the northwest portions from 59 (69) in SW Houston through Katy and Spring to 59 (69) on the north side of town. This rout was originally planned for I-69. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. I recently found out some interesting news about Greenspoint Mall and its future. Once upon a time, I used to work at the Foley's in Greenspoint Mall and made a tone of friends while I was there, many of them who I still communicate with now. Of course, while I was working with the company, the
  4. Are you for real....This is the building that would have given Houston its signature tower. But why would they do this, especially given the lack of demand in the current office market, which still has vacancies. If they do this though, I imagine they would have to redo the design, as the original Helmut Jahn desgin ended up being the precursor to the Philly's Liberty Place Towers, which ended up becoming that city's signature in its skyline. Building the Jahn designed tower now would be viewed nationaly as an attempt to copy Liberty Place in Philly. I would love for this to be true, but I just can see it happening for those two reasons. EDIT: Dominax, Thanks for the photoshopped pic of our skyline with the two main tower its missing and sadley were never built. I have forever tried to imagine what our skyline would have looked like today with these two buildings included. This really helps me... Anyone else have anymore photoshops of what this dream skyline could have looked like today, especially the famous views from the north and west of Downtown?
  5. No Probs. One more thing to add....I was on Main at Grass hopper saturday night. Before I went there, I decided to walk the street. Its has a great atmosphere. I feel within a few years it will rival that of the French Quarter as more and more clubs are coming to Main. While walking around downtown, I passed by the proposed Shamerock site, which still has activity of some sort. I dont know what's going on but "soil samples" can not take this long. I am convinced the delay for this project is due to the redesign, which was due to its new sight restrictions. Any major overhaul of project will delay it as floor plans, HVAC, Electrical, lighting, plumbing etc would all have to be redrawn. Shamerock was literally sliced in half, juging by the newest rendering. Furthermore, if the 'we've sold %60" thing is ture, this has to be a go because they sold these before the design revision, which probably sliced half of its square footage. With this design revision, that figure is probably at %85-90 percent, beased on the amount of vacant space lost in the revision. ut then again, they might have had to resell the project to those who bought already, as this revision could have reduced the square footages in the dwellings they had bought....which could also lead to a delay. In any case, "the Sham" to me is not dead by a long shot.....
  6. Hey guys...I have a little info to chime in on.... I usually post at Clutchfans.net. Great site, I'm from New York and it has helped me miss my Knicks less and less and now love the Rockets now more and more. Yesterday I chimed in on a rail spurring development debate with a little info I knew. I got called out for it by someone here, I will not mention who out of respect.... So since "spilt" this info, I might as well share it with you guys. Take it how you want it...every one of the 15,000 posters at CF.net knows me as a reliable source who is rarely wrong. I have already one scoop to my name here at HAIF as I found out about the redevelopement plans of Northwest Mall and it tying into a proposed Soccer Stadium for an MLS team, most likely to be owned by Mexico's Televisia, owner of Club America. But I assume few noticed that as it generated few replies...I guess no one likes soccer here. I was planning on holding out with this info BELOW until I got more facts to back up what I say as this "my relative is..." source is shaky at best for most to believe. But with me getting 'called out" yesterday, I decided to hold out no more, here it is.... THE INFO: Virgin is coming to Houston. My Cousin is a top ranking manager at the Times Square Store. Sometimes, they have her and other managers travel to stores under construction to help prep new staff with the day to day operations of the business. She has alerted me that she is coming to Houston soon, no timetable has been set. The facts I need to garner is where in Houston. The location is not %100 official but they have scouted downtown and the Galleria. Of Downtown, she said there location would not be stand alone in downtown, rather be incorporated into a new mixed use development, which is a staple of Virgin stores. This leads me to believe that Virgin is looking to be apart of this Pavillions project, the only mixed us project with space downtown. She said she will provide me with more info as it comes in.... Again, take it for what its worth....if you dont believe me, that's fine. I can understand why. Just know this...when it happens, who know who said it.
  7. How many times has this broken up any music group, no matter what type of crowd they played to. Guns n Roses (Axle), Van Halen (Dave), New Edition (Bobby Brown), Jackson 5 (Mike), The BeeGees (Andy Gibb), etc.....I can literally span decades with this list. All were attributed to either infighting or drugs or both. In fact, the oly group that has broken up peacefully is Destin's Child....until we start hearing those nasty tabloid rumors about why they split too. Again the only trend I see is that of bad decisions being made. Music does not cause violence.
  8. Thanks but there not mine, from a friend. I though you guys might be interested in this.....
  9. QUESTION? If the Port of Houston sees all this new distribution center business in Baytown happeneing that will benefit our region's economy, why are they even entertaining Dallas' idea of creating an inland port distribution outpost in Dallas?
  10. I'm guessing you have never been to Japan? It can get very cold there. Thus some of the waters on the real beach there can get quite chilly. The Waters of the Ocean Dome however are actually heated waters. And naturaly retractable roof lets the locals bath year round. In the winter time, with the heated waters, you can think of the Ocean Dome as being the world's largest hot tub. That not the only attraction either.....in addition to some pretty cool rapid rides, it has a fire breathing volcano that goes bizark every half hour. This volcano creates a tsunami...well, the wave pool does its thing.
  11. Actually, form an engineering standpoint, the Dome would work for serving as a shell for an intimate 25,000 seat soccer stadium. Back in its hey day, the Dome used to seat 42,000 when one end of the stadium was left open which made room for the scorebaord spectacular. If you subtract the other endzone, you easily shrink capacity to the nieghborhood of 30,000 or less. Open ended soccer stadiums are the popular designs for the MLS anyways. To further shrink capacity, the interior would need to be gutted and the concourses would need to be enlargerd, which would push the seating deck closer to the pitch. Overall, this would eliminate sections in the seating bowls design which could get you to the 25,000 mark. What I would like to see done is for the the entire reliant campus be sectioned off into three rectulangular blocks. One for Reliant Center, the middle for stadiums, and the last one for parking. the Astrohall needs to be replaced by a Parking garage structure to serve soccer. The parking lot east of the Dome needs to be raised for in favor of a retractable soccer pitch that could move in and out of the Dome to make it more multipurpose. The Dome's seating bowl needs to be as multipurpose as the Saitima Super Arena in Japan, which can change form a 40,000 seat soccer stadium to a 5,000 seat concert venue in the blink of an eye. And last but not least...on the North end of the Dome that faces Reliant center, an air conditioned, sheltered walk way with moveable pathways like you find in airports needs to be built to connect Reliant Stadium and the Dome to the light rail line to make it more attractable to use for commuters. No one likes trudging across barron parking lots in the middle of the night to catch a train....wake up Metro. This needs to be done.....nuff said.
  12. These are old renderings of what the stadium would have looked like if it had been built in Downtown Dallas and included the "Town Square" development as planned. As it stands now, the stadium will be built in Arlington next to Ameriquest Field and will NOT include the "Town Square" development. A huge loss for Dallas here in not getting this porject built downtown with the development. On a similar note, I wonder how some Dallasites feel about this. Everytime a local team has announced stadium plans, it includes lavish retail and entertainment developments to help make it attractive to voters. But when the project is built, the development does not happen. Ameriquest Field was supposed to have a "San Antoino-style" Riverwalk....didnt happen. American Airlines is supposed to have Victory by now....its very slow to happen adn due to problems with Hillwood Corp, it might not happen. And now this Cowboys debacle. How do the voters that were promised this stuff feel now?
  13. Remember when I said this......its now falling into place......that is if they dont use the Astrodome and build at Delmar NW Mall redevelopment thread
  14. New here.... Didnt see this posted, didnt know where to post it. Its on MSN's home page right now. Check it out HERE. My question is....what theme park did these people go to. I dont remember Astroworld ever being this good to be ranked this high.
  15. First post here......let me give you and other a little heplfull info. There is an investor who has the ball rolling in Houston, hence all the talk aobut the stadium on the NW side of town. The investor is Club America of Mexico City. Much like Chivas and there owner Jorge Vergara, they want in on one specific market. For Vergara, it was LA, and he got what he wanted. For Club America, its Houston becuase its a big market with a huge hispanic base that's close to Mexico, just like LA. They do not want to go to San antonio as they feel the market income per household is to low to aqudately support a franchise. Hence, San Antonio is in negoations with Tigres, another Mexican club for ownership. There Mayor was recently in Mexico to meet with club officals And BTW....the only reason why SA is in is becuase they gave the "tax-payer-funded" Alamodome away to the MLS by giving them FREE RENT and all concessions, parking. I'm confused.....Mayor Garza was doing this to have a tenant in the Dome to make money for the city of SA. How is SA gonna make money out of this deal? And as for Houston's proposed SSS in the NW side of town.....root for it to happen as it will tie into plans to redevlope the old Northwest Mall inot one massive sports and entertainment year round complex.
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