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  1. It was planned for the building. Renders & vids show the entire crown and side recesses lit up. Last night, we only saw a portion of this lit up.
  2. I'm drunk but not drunk enough to miss it walking in Midtown
  3. Also note new lighting on LRV poles.
  4. Some updates to Main St Square. LEDs in fountain jets, light towers color changing once again.
  5. Holman updates include wayfinder signage.
  6. Here's a better look at GRB for SB38 Speaking of ESPN, found this article from last year on the best Super Bowl event ever (from SB38). http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/14621857/inside-best-super-bowl-event-ever-houston-playboy-party
  7. So they moved the set from the site of Camden McGowen Station to the what would be the site of Camden Conte? Coincidental or did Campo figure into this decision? IMO that's a terrible site for ESPN. They went from a marina (last year) to a parking lot. Why not Market Square, Fish Plaza, Bagby Park? If the needed a parking lot close to festivities, the parking lot north of Marriott Marquis (in front of GHP Building) would've been closer and better. FWIW: ESPN's set location for SB38 was what became Discovery Green.
  8. Best pic I could find of how lighting will look. Hopefully these LEDs light up the sky by Super Bowl week. And if we're lucky, hopefully other neighboring skyscrapers also do the same (not just Christmas lights).
  9. I wonder what Ennead Architects has come up with? Some details (windows, upper level) from this proposal match Ennead's previous statement on the project. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/HistoricPres/docs_pdfs/Jones-Hall_2016_ennead_10.18.16.pdf
  10. Interesting take from current Rangers EVP of business operations Rob Matwick, once the former Astros VP of Communications. Minute Maid's exterior, including arches, were inspired from the 116 year-old train station on its site. http://www.forbes.com/sites/bisnow/2017/01/10/texas-rangers-rob-matwick-and-hks-bryan-trubey-on-the-new-1b-stadium/#1d2786cd2405
  11. Anyone know of the building's LED's will be up by Super Bowl week? IIRC, supposed to be on side recesses & on crown.
  12. Preliminary renders from stadium architect HKS. Initial concept resembles MMP with an arched wall hiding a roof rail support. With all the negative feedback concept is getting, will be interesting to see how design evolves from here.
  13. I believe it's rigging for a canopy that can be deployed, when needed.
  14. Maybe a lot for The Rustic? Supposed to go in 1 block up. Probably can take in some Toyota Center parking business too.
  15. Rustic is on the south side of GRBCC behind the garage.
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