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  1. 6 hours ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    HERE WE GO! This is what we've been waiting for.

    Not exactly. This is NOT the Greyhound bus station but the old building across the street, although it provides bus service too. 

    The Greyhound bus station specifically needs to go. And no more TDC prisoner drop offs there either. 

  2. On 5/17/2022 at 10:24 PM, j_cuevas713 said:

    From what I understand, in an agreement with the city, he was given 4 years to get something out of the ground. It's already been 2 years since that agreement and he said about 4 months ago something would happen in roughly a year. So based off all of that, I'm expecting a groundbreaking some time in Fall on some part of the plan. 

    The agreement Crane has with the city is only for the home plate site on Texas @ ADLA. This site will be a mixed used ballpark development project. 

    Not sure what Crane’s plans are for the other parcels of land he owns around the ballpark. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Nate99 said:

    My unscientific observation is that there are some pockets in the tunnels that seem to be fully "back", but overall, while you always had a lot of turnover in the shops, there are a lot more empty stalls than there were historically with only a handful of new places opening.  I'd guess there will be consolidation with the successful places getting concentrated and fill their empty holes while the other locations find some other alternate use. 

    The remaining open/accessible places are doing well, again in spots. The pan-Asian food court under the Jason's Deli at Main/McKinney is frequently jammed as is the expanded space under Pennzoil and the new BofA  building does good business, though a few of the stalls did not reopen after Covid.   Allen Center seems humming along just fine too.

    The HC shops are a hot mess, The area around the former Beck's is almost completely dead, and Chase tower is down an Alonti and a pizza shop but up a Brown Bag Deli. 

    All of the Alonti locations downtown have closed up. 

    919 Milam is undergoing renovation work, which is why Beck’s Prime and Brown Bag Deli are closed. Neither of their spaces (nor DiMassi’s) has cleared out so they’ll likely reopen after the renovation is done. 

    From what I’ve seen last year to currently, YES I’d say the tunnels feel like they’re back now, especially in the last few weeks. 

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  4. There’s an elevator to the left of the front entrance (San Jacinto) next to the former Jos A Bank store. That’s still in use fulfilling the ADA requirement. There’s also elevators on the Lamar side as well as Austin St at the back of the dining area (next to the outdoor balcony overlooking Austin St. 

    Passing by the other day, I’m surprised how much of the old front entrance has been dismantled. The renders didn’t really focus too much on this side so I feel like we’ve missed some details on changes to the main entrance. Are they reconfiguring the escalator setup? Also, what becomes of the old Tejas Grill space. IIRC they closed up after the renovation was started. Is rehabbing this space included in the renovation plans or left up to whomever leases the space? 

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  5. We’re over here asking “if Metro would consider using larger commuter busses” when the obvious damn answer to this city’s traffic issues is using RIGHT OF WAY SEPARATED COMMUTER RAIL to all major suburbs. Not more buses that contribute to and also get stuck in traffic. 

    Cmon Houston. WAKE THE F*** UP. 


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  6. On 4/5/2022 at 12:11 AM, Tumbleweed_Tx said:

    we don't need any of that, we just need a ditch to divert some water to try to keep it out of some of the downtown area.

    What, do we not deserve anything nice in this city? We can’t seek to improve our quality of life because of a few cheapskates…

    Just build a ditch? …it’s backwards thinking like this that pisses me off. No one is asking for the damn San Antonio Riverwalk to be constructed here. But this gives us the opportunity to construct something that can not only alleviate flooding, but improve trails and the neighborhood …the Urban Genesis Warehouse District project going up just north of here. A landing along Wood St along the lines of the Chicago Riverwalk could both increase flood capacity and add a nice trail as an amenity. These two project could pair well together  …except for shortsighted people with no vision like yourself. 

    If you want this city to be respected like a world class city, start thinking and acting like it.

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  7. On 3/26/2022 at 9:38 PM, CREguy13 said:

    I did not enjoy this article nor think it was that great of writing.  My lord was the author negative, mainly towards Houston haha

    What did you expect from an Austin-based writer (Aaron Seward)?

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  8. On 2/25/2022 at 9:34 AM, BigFootsSocks said:


    I like the idea of placing a brewery catty corner from Toyota Center’s main entrance. 

    In addition to the CNP block (277), Id think block 291 has just as much potential being sandwiched in between Discovery West and Root Memorial Square Park, across Toyota Center. Would love it if we can eventually get a neighborhood developed filled with ground floor restaurant and retail surrounding the arena and park. And if Tillman goes forward with a Toyota Center renovation, a massive floor to ceiling glass wall facing the park and downtown neighborhood would be awesome…

    Sports mixed use development projects are something it feels like all teams are doing lately, the Astros poised to be the next team soon with the Home Plate site. Would be cool if Tillman could get with block 277 or 291 and add to the development with Discovery West. 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    I've def noticed fewer homeless in the area. Not sure if it's because of the new law here in TX or because things are getting more organized in the district. Prob a bit of both

    They’re all camped out on the other side of Wheeler now, under the 59 overpass at S Main next to the abandoned Wendy’s 

  10. 39 minutes ago, urbanize713 said:

    It is scaled back? yes

    Do I wish they had stuck with the original plans? yes

    Were those plans drawn up before covid? yes

    Was the construction that started before covid match the renderings? yes 

    Did covid probably have a significant effects in altering those plans? Unfortunately, yes.

    I hear you but at least we are still have some momentum in the right direction. 


    Is COVID slowing Rice’s momentum at The Ion? Nope. 

    Is COVID slowing Skanska’s momentum on Discovery West? Nope.

    This isn’t some cash strapped slumlord. This is Brookfield. I’m not pleased with “some momentum.” They could do better then these plans and they cheaped out, plain & simple.


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  11. 2 hours ago, Eastdwntwn said:

    To our valued tenants:


    Following the successful redevelopment of downtown Houston’s largest office complex, Houston Center, earlier this year, Brookfield Properties today announced new plans to renovate and rebrand The Shops at Houston Center. Fulsome upgrades to the existing retail center – which will be renamed The Highlight – will create a fresh, modern destination in the heart of downtown Houston, and provide a thoughtful amenity mix for tenants and visitors alike.


    Located at 1200 McKinney Street, The Highlight at Houston Center will offer 196,000 square feet of premium dining, retail and lifestyle services and will feature Puttshack, an upscale, tech-infused mini golf experience with global food and drink. The 26,000-square-foot venue is expected to open in late 2022 and helps establish this milestone project as an energetic downtown destination, with an authentic Houston flair.


    Brookfield Properties has enlisted global architecture and design firm Gensler as the project architect to bring Houston Center’s retail space to life. Gensler’s comprehensive design aims to elevate the street presence through the addition of a dramatic multi-story entrance facing Discovery Green, which encourages visitors to enter into the reimagined food hall, and includes upgrades to the shell, public spaces, and an additional glass curtainwall.


    Construction for this project is expected to commence before the 2021 year ends and will be led by Harvey Builders. Renderings of The Highlight at Houston Center can be found below.


    For more information, please visit www.HoustonCenter.com.


    Not happy with this. I was really looking forward to an expanded street presence along the  McKinney St facade that would’ve really tied in well with the recently completed renovations and Discovery Green nearby. Could’ve really helped link Main St Square to Discovery Green with an active area. Instead, it’s been scaled back to a rear corner entrance for the food hall. 

    Look at all the different designs they looked at. And this is the end result: Lipstick on pig. I really hate this city’s tendency to scale back projects. I guess we can’t have anything nice in this town. 


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  12. 35 minutes ago, Houston19514 said:

    HCAD still says that property is owned by the Permanent School Fund and FWIW, the rest of that block is owned by a variety of parties, none of which appear to be Crane or the Astros.

    For reference, where I got the information of the Astros possibly owning 1511 Preston lot. 


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  13. 1 hour ago, txtiger said:

    I still think the last street section of Avenida should be demoed, and the whole, extended block be developed into something like St. Louis' Union Station:  https://www.stlouisunionstation.com/explore

    A monumental observation wheel like that in Munich could be centered on the Avenida, but w/ the long part of the wheel footprint oriented due-north.  Surround the wheel w/ family-friendly diversions, including something like a Legoland Discovery Center.  This would give Houston the 3rd-largest observation wheel in the States, after those in Las Vegas and Orlando, and a collection of family-friendly attractions beyond Downtown Aquarium.


    I would agree. Convert Avenida De Las Americas into a pedestrian thoroughfare from Lamar St up to the ballpark, linking all of these destinations (Toyota Center, GBRCC, Discovery Green, Ballpark Village and the MMP) together like a string of pearls. Although McKinney street turn lane will still need to exist for access to the Discovery Green parking garage. This encourages fans leaving both sports venues towards the park which helps further support all of the restaurants built into GRBCC’s facade and around Discovery Green. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Houston19514 said:

    1701 Prairie appears to be in the middle of the ballpark. Not sure what land you are saying the Astros own in the area west of the ballpark.

    Wrong address. 1511 Preston, the old white halfway house that was demolished last year. 

  15. 4 hours ago, nate4l1f3 said:

    Just for fun here’s my uneducated guess on how this is developed. 

    Yellow= 2-3 story stand alone building with some restaurant/bars/entertainment 


    The yellow lot is owned by Annunciation Church. IIRC they’ve planned to build a garage here for a while but nothings happened. Not sure if that’s still their plan. 

    The lot that piques my curiously for more development is Block 120 behind Marriott Marquis. 

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