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  1. Tejas Grill is closing Thursday, per a friend of mine who worked there.
  2. Texas Tower is OPEN. I hope this doesn’t mean only half of the crown is lit. They did that with 609 Main, which still pisses me off. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXVTyyTADsZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Is COVID slowing Rice’s momentum at The Ion? Nope. Is COVID slowing Skanska’s momentum on Discovery West? Nope. This isn’t some cash strapped slumlord. This is Brookfield. I’m not pleased with “some momentum.” They could do better then these plans and they cheaped out, plain & simple.
  4. Not happy with this. I was really looking forward to an expanded street presence along the McKinney St facade that would’ve really tied in well with the recently completed renovations and Discovery Green nearby. Could’ve really helped link Main St Square to Discovery Green with an active area. Instead, it’s been scaled back to a rear corner entrance for the food hall. Look at all the different designs they looked at. And this is the end result: Lipstick on pig. I really hate this city’s tendency to scale back projects. I guess we can’t have anything nice in this town.
  5. Thread of my pics. Loved the way this renovation turned. Hoping the administration building becomes a boutique hotel. I still would also like Amtrak rail depot moved to the rear dock. Might draw even more crowds if a sky bridge or some direct path could be built linking UH Downtown to PostHTX.
  6. For reference, where I got the information of the Astros possibly owning 1511 Preston lot.
  7. I would agree. Convert Avenida De Las Americas into a pedestrian thoroughfare from Lamar St up to the ballpark, linking all of these destinations (Toyota Center, GBRCC, Discovery Green, Ballpark Village and the MMP) together like a string of pearls. Although McKinney street turn lane will still need to exist for access to the Discovery Green parking garage. This encourages fans leaving both sports venues towards the park which helps further support all of the restaurants built into GRBCC’s facade and around Discovery Green.
  8. Wrong address. 1511 Preston, the old white halfway house that was demolished last year.
  9. Just as a reminder, the Downtown TRIZ’s plans for on cap development, post 59 reroute. See pages 61-69 for EaDo Ramble. http://www.downtowntirz.com/downtownhouston/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/08-11-20-Board-Book-FINAL.pdf
  10. The yellow lot is owned by Annunciation Church. IIRC they’ve planned to build a garage here for a while but nothings happened. Not sure if that’s still their plan. The lot that piques my curiously for more development is Block 120 behind Marriott Marquis.
  11. In this article, Crane specifically says the following: However, we’ve seen city documents posted on the 45 reroute thread illustrating development occurring over the freeway deck. I’m not sure what’s planned here but Crane’s quote above suggests the Astros might not be involved with freeway deck development…. yet. All depends on if the reroute downtown even occurs at this point. I agree with @nate4l1f3 for the halfway house site, I could envision more high rise residential development (hopefully with ground floor retail/restaurant) occurring here next to 500 Crawford. I’m guessing they’re looking at adding as much residential surrounding the ballpark as they can, which creates not only more population in the area after office hours but also more potential consumers to sell tickets too that are more likely to attend games being located steps away from the ballpark. Considering the situation, I’d say the phases of ballpark development could go like this: Phase 1: Home Plate site. Phase 2: CF site. Phase 3: Freeway Deck (if reroute occurs)
  12. Vid from the top of the crown of Texas Tower by skyscraper scalers on IG. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CU_Vy0-ACTY/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Definitely mixed use. The question I have based on this article pertains to the following statement. Surrounding MMP? That could actually happen. We know the Astros also own the plot of land at 1701 Prairie (by CF gate) that was formerly a halfway house (now demolished). Could they have additional plans for that plot as well? There’s a sizable chunk of green space across Crawford St behind the roof that combined with the Prairie lot, gives them a lot of space to work with. And since it’s next to Heritage Park, that would make a great location for an Astros Hall Of Fame building.
  14. For example, Delilah’s in Philly is a strip club that Ben Simmons may have visited after getting kicked out of Sixers practice yesterday. Delilah has great timing lol
  15. This infuriates me. As a nearby resident who’s live in the area for the last decade, Rice’s involvement has cleaned up a once seedy part of town. Where was the “The Houston Coalition for Equitable Development Without Displacement” when this area was a shantytown? This isn't about gentrification. This is a shakedown for free benefits when they haven’t done shit previously.
  16. I believe this will be the site of the long rumored 103 story W Hotel & residences. It’ll have a spire on top and should be a game changer for the Telephone Rd development corridor
  17. Georgia James/Hay Merchant relocating from 1100 Westheimer to Regent Square in 2022. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/08-31-21-georgia-james-steakhouse-new-location-regent-square-hay-merchant-closing-underbelly-hospitality-chris-shepherd/?fbclid=IwAR1VgNZ_s79QbvSET47M40WYrOeFCtUQlNvGd5176yeGl1zxGO3wyTBjIKA
  18. New project by Austin’s Bunkhouse Group. They’ve previously done El Cosmico (Marfa), Hotel San Jose & Hotel Saint Cecila (Austin), Hotel Havana (San Antonio), and Hotel Phoenix (San Francisco) Unlike their past projects, this will be new construction adjacent to the Menil. Opens Fall 2023 https://www.houstonchronicle.com/lifestyle/home-design/article/Austin-s-hip-Bunkhouse-group-plans-cool-hotel-16378230.php?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&fbclid=IwAR3CHIF3EC16GTTokNUWNNBS75uNJb49cMiUOT-7MOuC-x5f_mQamjy9UKQ
  19. NRG Park has NRG Stadium, a convention center and an arena all on its footprint. All that’s missing is a hotel/mixed use component. Compare that to Texas Live, which will have all of the above. If the SkyDome can have a hotel within its stadium walls, I don’t see why the Astrodome can’t either. If St. Louis can convert an old train shed into a mixed use/hotel development, I don’t see why the Astrodome can’t be converted either. I think some of you are simply selling the potential of this short
  20. Met Olschner during the last Dome Conservancy call. He had the interior of his dome park concept as the virtual background, which was cool. There’s just 2 problems with this idea: Problem 1: Problem 2: The NRG Park tenants (Texans & Rodeo) also have to sign off on this. A Dome Park would take away areas where they could make revenues from parking at the very least. The park itself also takes a chunk of the lots the Rodeo uses to stage its events. Not sure why so many miss the simple point that this project also has to appeal to the tenants. With that in mind, my idea to the Dome Conservancy focused on that very point. Sports franchises are building stadiums with mixed use development attached. SoFi Stadium and the surrounding LASED development on the old Hollywood Park site and Lambeau Field’s Titletown complex are the latest examples. The Jaguars are also following suit with the Jacksonville Shipyards development. The Astros are about to do the same at the Home Plate BBQ site. Why can’t this happen within the walls of the Astrodome? It makes sense IMO. A mixed use development that both the Texans and the Rodeo can draw additional revenue from during events & year round is an idea they would likely sign off on. And since the NFL likes to reward cities for investment by granting Super Bowl hosting duties, which we’ve been a direct beneficiary of in 2004 (construction of Reliant Stadium) and 2017 (NRG Stadium renovation), maybe an Astrodome renovation into a year round mixed use development might be enough to lure another Super Bowl to town, in addition to the World Cup and Final Four. Competition to host large events that pull in millions in revenue is getting stiff, with AT&T Stadium in North Texas, Allegiant Stadium in Vegas and now SoFi in LA. A Dome mixed use development allows us to remain competitive
  21. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but I sent the Post HTX folks this idea back in April (see below) and never heard back. I even sent them my post from this thread and the follow up responses. It makes too much sense not to do it. We all can see it, they apparently don’t have the vision or foresight to think that far ahead…
  22. Polk St/ The Tenderloin is anything but an urban dream. That’s urban decay. I love SF but like every city, it undeniably has its own issues. Sidewalks work there when you have the microclimate to keep things cool and comfortable. Here in Houston, not so much. Also there is the fact that the peninsula is only 49 square miles compared to our sprawling city. What I would like to take from SF is implementing Muni trains on heavier trafficked thoroughfares inside the loop like Montrose, Westheimer, Shephard/Durham, etc. Not sure how much cost savings there are from repurposing old trains from Eastern Europe but it could be a cheaper way to get more mass transit routes.
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