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  1. The End of a Colb-era.

  2. Fight Night! #HopkinsKovalev

  3. I usually refrain from politically motivated posts but on this #ElectionDay, I feel the need to say this: If you want actual mass transportation options to develop in this growing city, vote AGAINST John Culberson. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, just a concerned citizen.

  4. "A #Game7 in the #WorldSeries is a gift for everyone," - former Astro Hunter Pence. Hope it's a good one...

  5. (•_•) SEASON

  6. Wishing all a very safe & happy #Diwali. May the festival of lights bring joy and prosperity and fill our lives with love, happiness, goodwill, & peace. ॐ

  7. #Watt-a-burger < #Roethlisberger lol

  8. Aint no time for Fakin Jax'

  9. It's bad being down 2-0 going to Portland. But road teams through 16 games in these NBA playoffs: 9-7. We're not dead yet. Just believe #RedNation. Go #Rockets

  10. On Patriots Day, the first marathon after last year's unfortunate events, it's only fitting an American wins this years #BostonMarathon for the first time in 31 years. Not just #BostonStrong, American Strong

  11. Great game. Not a great result. But this will be a great series. Go #Rockets. Stay strong #RedNation.

  12. It's the day I choose to skip the bar on the walk home that I nearly get run over by a crazed, impatient driver ...that was a close one.

  13. Man, between the #HoustonDynamo & the #HoustonRockets, it's a fun time to be a sports fan in this town.

  14. #SupportLocalLiveMusic

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