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  1. I went to pilgrim also but did not know when it opened. I would love to see that YouTube video, can you post the link?
  2. Does anyone remember the panamerican ballroom? Where it was and when they closed down.
  3. Lucida Gorabe Does anyone remember this story? I found this story on unsolved mysteries wiki and my mom thinks it was a lady that lived in our neighborhood that went missing in the 60s in Lamar Terrace but she doesn't remember her name.
  4. I used to live on Schiller Rd off of Hwy 6 near westpark in the late 90s and we still own land there. Most of the houses on one side were demolished to build a retention pond. I was wondering if anyone knew the history of that road or had any pictures from before the 90s.Recently I found some headstones in Forest Park cemetery with the last name Schiller that were relocated from the Alief cemetery.
  5. We used to go to the one on Chimney rock and Westheimer. It was small not like the grocery stores we have now. The last one I saw was on Memorial, I think it was there until the 90s.
  6. It always flooded there. When did your grandfather own land there?
  7. Honoring her grandfather a WWII vet.
  8. I found my father's old wallet and credit cards. I found a card for Britts, I don't remember this store. Does anyone know where was it? what did it sell?
  9. very interesting, thanks for that information.
  10. There is an old house on the corner of Bagby and Elgin, it was built in 1905 The addresse is 3015 Bagby, I think they are going to demolish this house. Does any one know the history of this house? bagby.bmp
  11. I remember in 80 or 81 a truck going in my neighbors house one night, right in their kitchen.
  12. I lived there from 1973 to 82 and saw several wrecks on our street.
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