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  1. I wouldn't say that's normal. That's after Ike. It was relatively cleaned up before Ike, and before I cleaned it there may have been around that much sand after a couple months of rain. I do understand what you're saying though. Sand may be what the code says, I don't know, but it would make more sense to me to fill the area with only rock and have the drain.
  2. Forgive my ignorance, but how do I go about finding out who my councilperson is? Thanks Josh It's possible, however I think it'd be more effective if it started slightly below the grade of my driveway. That should keep the sand back for the most part, however if the water table is higher then my driveway grade then the water is going to come up through the expansion joint and just sit there. There needs to be some sort of drainage below the grade of my driveway since they have elevated things on their side almost a foot.
  3. Not sure if this belongs here or in the construction forum. I was linked to this thread via another forum where I asked this question. Quick background, The houses on either side of me were torn down, and monster 4-story town homes were built. Construction is still on-going, however they are mostly complete. They put up a fence along the property line, and raised the grade on the other side of the fence. They raised the grade by back filling with sand and then rock. The fence line happens to be my driveway. When it rains water and sand comes under the fence. In addition water seaps up through expansion joints in my driveway and ponds. They attempted, poorly I might add, to put plastic under the fence to keep the water and sand from coming over, but that didn't work. The only fix I see working is going to be for them to put in a french drain or similar below the level of my driveway, however they have been reluctant to do this. I have called 311 multiple times to report them. The city just slaps a red sticker on the door, which I'm assuming is a permit violation. They say they're supposed to fix the violations before doing any other work, however that hasn't happened, and I can see the contractor trying to get away without fixing it. I made my first call to 311 on June 7th. The city told me they had 10 days to fix things. I called again about a month later, and again nothing has happen. I talked to the owner and contractor this past Monday, they were looking at the houses for damage, etc. They said that because my driveway is butted up against the fence there's probably going to be a little seapage all the time, etc, and that on the other sides of the property grass is present, so the drainage issue isn't really noticable. I'm not ready to accept that answer/solution. What can I do to get things fixed properly? Who do I need to talk to in the city, or a lawyer, etc. I just need to know who or where I need to go so the contractor doesn't try and pull a fast one and not fix things properly. Here are some pictures the day after Ike to show how much sand had come under the fence. I had cleaned all the sand up previously a couple weeks ago. So most if not all of that depositation occurred during Ike. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Josh
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