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  1. That offset angle is going to look so good as it gets tall.
  2. Whoever took those photos seems pretty cool 😎
  3. brijonmang

    Skyline update

    Lol I was too young for battle in those days
  4. brijonmang

    Skyline update

    River Oaks Country Club could be our own Central Park
  5. Yes I saw them being collected at night but my experience was more 50/50 on being out of the way vs being in the way. Maybe some of it can be attributed to a learning curve.
  6. I don't disagree about cyclists. I was just offering my thoughts on the scooters... I did not ride them as we were downtown within walking distance to everything we went to. They look like they would be fun to ride but the way they were just strewn about carelessly on corners and the middle of walkways left a bad taste in my mouth. Like with anything else, the bad apples ruin it for the rest of the responsible users. I would be a lot more open to the idea if there was a quicker turn around on the collection process.
  7. After visiting Dallas this weekend and seeing these scooters all over the place, I am firmly in the no camp for bringing the scooters to Houston. They look terrible clogging up corners and walkways and people ride them through traffic like they don't have to follow any of the road laws. I don't think the convenience they bring to getting around outweigh the eyesore and hassle for drivers.
  8. Wow, there's some serious HAIF nostalgia on display in this thread.
  9. Thank you very much! I was probably 10 minutes later than I should have been to get the light I wanted but a sunset is a sunset! It's crazy how many of these buildings are under 5 years old.
  10. Update as of last night. I had said I was going to get some aerials of uptown a while back and finally made the trip.
  11. It’s actually a carbon copy of Lvl 29 in Plano. Same architect, different developer, one more floor.
  12. Yes, soil can vary that much in a small area, especially when it comes to the weight of these buildings. Sometimes literally just across the street - that's what happened with Texas Tower and The Preston. I forget all the details but there was a big enough difference between the two subgrades that they did two totally different foundations.
  13. Thank you, @ekdrm2d1. Only took 13 years...
  14. Haha sorry I don't have all the answers! No official updates and the response given to me earlier today was they were still finalizing the building systems but I'm not sure when that might have been communicated to my source. I think we're getting close though.
  15. I was actually thinking I need to get a good shot of this area after looking at this photo
  16. "...yeah you bleed just to know you're alive...."
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