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  1. It is and they do get arrested with some frequency. A decent number of my photography acquaintances do this and I've heard some pretty crazy stories of trying to avoid security after being spotted. I'm too old for all that nonsense though, that's why I have a drone :)
  2. The geo fencing has gotten pretty strict in the Med Center. All of the helipads have been added to DJI databases as well as the fact there's class B airspace throughout and on the north side you have the approach for one of Hobby's runways. You can do it but it's definitely a hassle and much more risky than flying just about anywhere else in the city.
  3. Do you not think there is metal on top of the building? Lightning finds the quickest path of least resistance. That's why you see so many pictures of tall buildings being struck. The odds of that chrome address sign being hit are going to be the same as any piece of sidewalk along any building in town.
  4. Hey look, I finished the construction all by myself!
  5. Bout to cross some lines my dude 😐. We actually have plenty of trees on campus, it's just the surrounding area (Texas Panhandle) that is grassland. That said, adding trees is always a good idea on campuses. Especially in a city like Houston where the sun is so brutal.
  6. Thank you, Gene! You've always been one of my biggest supporters and I truly appreciate that!
  7. Building codes now say 30", I would imagine that they will be adding railing to that bridge
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