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  1. Yeah I know there used to be a Katy and points west section but wasn't sure what was most appropriate. Feel free to move where you think fits best, mods.
  2. I know this is way out west and not really significant but I work in phase one and I plan on providing frequent updates for those who like pictures of construction. PRESS RELEASE: https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/development-construction/2019/07/19/katy-ranch-offices-phase-2-breaks-ground-to-deliver-in-summer-2020/ A photo from earlier today. They are currently clearing the site.
  3. Looking at Google Maps (February imagery) the wood framing seems to be pretty far along so Hindesky is on it as usual.
  4. Things haven’t really slowed down, this project is just that really nice carrot dangling in front of HAIF’s collective face. Forever elusive...
  5. Another cool thing about you creating this ma is you can save it to your google maps and use it to get around town and see all the projects in person/get photos. I know a lot of the usual construction update peeps are familiar with where things are going up, but for someone like me who has a better knowledge of what the projects look like than exact locations, it's very helpful!
  6. Thanks for the update! As for the crane question, yes that is normal and is called weather-vaning. It allows the stress that the wind puts on crane to pass by with a lot less resistance than if it were to be static. Path of least resistance.
  7. Wow, this thread brings back memories. Not good ones, but memories nonetheless. I remember the teeth gnashing when this got scrapped. It was up there with the Shamrock Hotel downtown. Luckily we got 609 Main a while later, hopefully we get the same upgrade here.
  8. We are all enjoying the fruits of your new downtown job
  9. Wow, what an upgrade!
  10. I'll check again to see if anything new has been talked of...
  11. Thank you, bossman! Glad you enjoyed it. Obviously I hope to do more in the future.
  12. Wow that is incredible tilt shift camera work and then the audio to match was great. I am miles away from being able to do anything this good, especially from a video standpoint but I do hope to put a book out covering Houston that would be much more of a story. As always, just need to find time and more importantly just START haha.
  13. I appreciate that, @blue92. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it and I hope it shows some people that only hear negative things about how Houston is that we actually do have a nice city that has it's own kind of beauty. That sounds like a great route but I'd need a helicopter for that kind of run haha. You have any connections?? Thanks man! I need to work on cinematography and then maybe I could put something together that showcases the city from above and from a more human level. Then maybe I can pony up for Morgan Freeman to do some voice over action.
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