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  1. I actually was going to get some aerials here on Saturday after hitting the east end but I got to talking with a cop that was hanging out on site and lost the light. Next time I'm down there!
  2. Are you talking about the bridge that goes over Clifton/Hughes? Doing a quick Google street view drive makes it look like it would be pretty nice. Appreciate the other info as well. I have been wanting to get out that way for a bit. I'm a bit hesitant to test my luck with flying around the refineries for security reasons even though they would make for some really interesting photos/video.
  3. Tried to get some industrial aerials this weekend and this was one of the spots I stopped. Figured you guys might appreciate this view. It's a vertical panorama of 5 images so downtown is definitely distorted but you get the idea!
  4. Lol no the photo had already been taken by the time you wrote that. I stayed in town Saturday night and hit this up Sunday morning. Always open for recommendations on places to photograph!
  5. That's from Bridgeland out in Cypress. My daughter's school is right around the corner so I had seen this for months before actually making the trip with my drone to capture it. Really nice little park area! Haha man I have a bit more from that location including some sweet Saint Arnold's action but the footage is pretty grainy due to the ISO having to be cranked up. More videos to come, I promise! I still need to get over to the ship channel/Fred Hartman bridge area for something different.
  6. Bumping this thread because I finished up another video with some new views. Hoping to keep these a little more regular going forward.
  7. That offset angle is going to look so good as it gets tall.
  8. Whoever took those photos seems pretty cool 😎
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