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  1. Should know tomorrow what the deal is and what the next Mac lineup looks like. Ok back to the construction thread
  2. 609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    I do have a few ND filters but they are for video to help slow the frame rate down (make the footage smoother). All photo edits are done through Lightroom and Photoshop.
  3. 609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    Thanks boss. Love my flying camera.
  4. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Just give us one at 1165' and call it a day.
  5. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    I can confirm this is not a composite. This is just a combination of a clear day, good lighting and a strong telephoto lens. I'm guessing 600mm or so. I have shot images from this garage before (I just don't have that long of a telephoto lens) and the view to downtown can be quite nice with the right gear.
  6. Houston Aerials

    Thank you!
  7. Houston Aerials

    Thank you! I had a lot of people asking for some night time shots so I made more of an effort to get some the last few months. It's a little harder getting focus and keeping grain down because you have to crank the ISO so high, but still not a bad low light camera.
  8. Houston Aerials

    Hi JP, I have a couple contacts I can refer to you. I will send you a direct message shortly so check your messages in case the alert doesn't pop up.
  9. Houston Aerials

    Bumping this again because I finally got around to doing a second edition...stupid work and side jobs...
  10. Houston Aerials

    Haha that was great, thank you for the recommendation!
  11. Kirby Grove at Levy Park

    From Saturday morning
  12. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    From Friday night:
  13. KP Plaza Mixed-Use Project, Beltway 8 & Beechnut

    Not cool to play with our emotions like that...
  14. I think we could have a lot of fun with out-of-towners having "The Mix" go up right next to "The Match"