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  1. I was actually thinking I need to get a good shot of this area after looking at this photo
  2. "...yeah you bleed just to know you're alive...."
  3. Classic Hines, this is where the ritual sacrifices are held to the building gods.
  4. I get why Moldy went in and changed the perspective. Typical architectural images and renderings of skyscrapers with the vertical perspective look very dramatic albeit unnatural. I personally enjoy seeing the imposing look of a skyscraper in this way but that's just my opinion. Unfortunately, playing around with the perspective in photoshop doesn't get this thing built any faster and that's the real issue.
  5. So this is a tilt wall building and they just had the first concrete pour for the walls this morning. The original driveway and landscaping seen in the last post has been covered with dirt and a concrete pour in order to have additional room for framing up other wall segments.
  6. I'm not having any luck viewing it... it's keeping me at a login page. Do you need an account to view them now?
  7. Mat pour today. I want to be one of the guys on the concrete hovercraft.
  8. Photo updates from the last month: August 19th August 21st September 12th
  9. Well it looks like my drone landing pad has been over engineered just a bit but it's better to be safe than sorry!
  10. Good, it's about time they started making moves to actually get this project moving
  11. So I'm a little confused on this one, are they building the more recent white version or the corten steel looking version?
  12. Not a concrete update but this still sounds like a go, 4Q 2019. My contact said they have a PM assigned to it now so that typically means go time is in the not too distant future.
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