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  1. Mat pour today. I want to be one of the guys on the concrete hovercraft.
  2. Photo updates from the last month: August 19th August 21st September 12th
  3. Well it looks like my drone landing pad has been over engineered just a bit but it's better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Good, it's about time they started making moves to actually get this project moving
  5. So I'm a little confused on this one, are they building the more recent white version or the corten steel looking version?
  6. Not a concrete update but this still sounds like a go, 4Q 2019. My contact said they have a PM assigned to it now so that typically means go time is in the not too distant future.
  7. I went to Bravery Chef Hall with friends on Saturday night and it stayed busy the whole time we were there. They still have some things to button up including the temporary A/C they have piped into the side of the building but overall I really enjoyed it. They could use a few more tables in my opinion but maybe having that endless musical chairs type of demand is a marketing strategy. Keeps you looking like the place to be. We all had food from different vendors and everyone really enjoyed their meal...I think this place is a winner.
  8. I've been out there for wake surfing/boarding and the lake is pretty narrow but you can still get away with tubing or whatever water activities you want because it just doesn't get that crowded.
  9. My pleasure! It's not quite as big of an undertaking as most of the other buildings going up around town but it is right outside my window so I figure documenting it is the least I can do for people that enjoy this stuff.
  10. Been a little extra site work but mainly just clearing dirt and marking utilities/building parameters this week. Headed out of town for the next week so hopefully there will be some digging when I come back.
  11. More than likely shipped it to a render company, but hey kudos if not
  12. You're too kind, sir! Wish I had more free time recently to get out and get some shots of all the new stuff going up but hopefully soon I'll be able to provide some additional updates.
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