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  1. Personally I think it makes more sense to merge these topics into one consolidated thread since this whole thing is connected. Similar to the BLVD Place thread that aggregated a few different buildings into one place for easy to follow updates.
  2. I watched that documentary about a month ago. Really well done and shows what happens when lax laws and red tape hamstring the system meant to help keep this problem from getting so bad.
  3. Well, no need for me to post my phone pics of this or the Preston since we got the same exact ones...Great to meet you earlier!
  4. You are right. Everything within BBP (outside maybe the park above the cistern) is going to flood whenever we get tons of rain. Buffalo Bayou is the main drainage channel for much of the area's waterways and storm runoff.
  5. If it was around 10 am then I'd say you definitely saw us!
  6. Bit of a funny story, but I was taking photos for a friends engagement here yesterday morning (the actual down on the knee engagement). And to our surprise they were doing some heavy jackhammering. Luckily one of the tour guides from the Cistern was able to get the crews to stop for a few minutes so he could get through the question. Interestingly enough, the people at the cistern weren't even told what the construction was for.
  7. Great shots guys! @ekdrm2d1 @hindesky Unfortunately I had no time to take flight but looks like there's still some more time to go before it starts getting too interesting.
  8. If the weather is nice tomorrow morning I'll try to get an aerial between photoshoots
  9. Thank you everyone! I'm almost back to 100%, been an interesting ride haha. I really appreciate the HAIF community reaching out like this! Oh yeah, and thanks for always keeping me in the loop on all the cool new stuff going on around town
  10. Thanks Gene! I need to get back out there... eye infection followed by the flu over the past month has not been great for my picture taking!
  11. @ekdrm2d1 inspired "Where's Waldo" image for HRO.
  12. I agree. I am in the design industry like you are and I just find it easier to use VE as a broad term. I'm very familiar with having my projects get their budgets slashed in the middle of doing the construction drawings 😡. My brother also mentioned that the drawings he saw had a very robust HVAC system, he said it was somewhat over designed so it sounds like they aren't taking the cheap route there.
  13. Just to try and further bring validity to this post, I spoke with my brother this weekend who told me his company (contractor for high-rise MF) has this on their schedule for November/December. Also, the drawings he's seen are very similar to the renderings shown so hopefully this isn't being value engineered like we fear.
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