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  1. Correct. South tower crane to go up the following weekend.
  2. This is a bummer. The Anthills are my go to biking trails... I can ride to them from my place. Thanks Harvey...
  3. Had the opportunity to attend the mat pour party for Texas Tower earlier and got a few shots from the 23rd floor of Calpine Center. Great views all around! Also got to meet @ekdrm2d1 and his lovely mother. Thanks for waiting for me to come down! @bobruss to answer your question, I was told the rebar is 12' deep. ^^^Bonus points if you can spot @ekdrm2d1 on the garage.
  4. They pushed it back to this afternoon because of the chance for lightning.
  5. Well then you should be really excited to know they are building entire skyscrapers out of wood now.
  6. What an upgrade this would be. Let's keep this momentum going!
  7. HAHA! I don't wish that on anyone! Thanks again for all the updates!
  8. I don't have the specifics for the height, floors, architect, etc. but here's what she's going to look like... I believe this is the view of the north side of the building that will face Market Square. This is based on the other renderings of the Chronicle site building. Block 42:
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