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  1. Thank you all for your advice and recommendations. There are definitely some neighborhoods that I hadn't considered that were mentioned. Kincaid all of those houses look pretty ideal to me! In fact a couple of them I had already shown my husband. The problem is that we don't have an exact move date yet, otherwise I would be jumping on seeing a couple of those foreclosures. My husband has a business trip scheduled to Houston in about two weeks. If moving plans have progressed at all perhaps I'll go with him and check out some of these areas. I was reading more about the Heights in the Heights neighborhood forum and I now I understand that most people would really rather preserve the neighborhood instead of having those monstrosities built. That made me feel better, but I still wouldn't want to live next door one (as Im sure a lot of people wouldn't). :-) I also liked Timbergrove for the lot sizes. There are also a couple of really nice looking houses in that neighborhood. It might be a bit further out than we wanted but again, there is a difference between looking at a map and driving through it. What looks a bit further on a map might not feel bad driving. Thanks again for taking the time to give me information. I literally spent the majority of the day yesterday researching this website. Great information!
  2. Hello, I am originally from Houston but I married a guy in the oil industry and sadly he drug me away from Houston about 5 years ago. :-) We are currently living in Europe but anticipate moving back to Houston in the next few months (yay!!). I have been scouring HAR and the internet in general to learn more about different areas of town etc. I ran across this site earlier today and I've spent hours reading and learning from you guys. I thought I would post this message and give some specific information about us and ask for your recommendations for good areas/neighborhoods. I'm a little concerned that we might not be able to afford some of the areas I was initially attracted to so I'd like your opinions. I am 32 and my husband is 37. We are child-free by choice and plan to stay that way. We have two dogs (one is a large German Shepherd) so we defintiely want a house with a decent sized yard (not the kind of "yard" I see listed with some of those new townhouses). I do NOT want a house more than about 2000 sq ft. Around 1500 would be ideal. We have around 100k to put down and would like to find something around 350k or less. We are both liberal minded people. I am a vegetarian and would like easy access to a high end grocery store or a famers market. Also easy access to a good gym and walking/jogging/biking areas would be great. My husband is very handy around the house and buying something that needs a bit of work is appealing to us (however we don't want to totally rehab a house). Also I've seen houses adverstised with a blurb about the lot being great for rebuilding or expanding on. We do not want to be in area where everyone is building huge houses around us. I don't want to feel pressured to do the same thing. We intend to buy a house that we will be in long term. Crime is a bit of a concern but not really the most important factor. My husband does travel occassionaly but I feel pretty safe with the German Shepherd around. However I don't want to worry excessively about breakins or worse. As far as the commute - I won't have a job when we first move. I intend to find something once we are settled. I'm not sure exactly where my husband will be located as his company has several offices in the Houston area. We feel comfortable with the commute from inside the Loop. He will likely be going against the traffic and doesn't mind a bit of a drive. When he is in Houston for work he generally stays in the Galleria area and drives to the office, so he is familiar with what it is like. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and to offer your advice. I hope you are all recovering well from Ike.
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