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  1. Noticed a plan review fee for this vacant lot. Any ideas on what's forthcoming?
  2. Demolition/Sewer Disconnect permit issued. Any ideas on what's going in? This will be a small motel?
  3. Mixed-Use Garage. Collaborative Building and Industry Building 1. IB1. Collaborative Building.
  4. Notice of Public Hearing sign and Wild West Club building before demolition
  5. http://www.vallensons.com/ I went to this brewery in Pearland the other week. I liked the beers that I had! The tart cherry Berliner was outstanding! Look forward to going back soon.
  6. Site was rebranded as The Life at Jackson Square Apartments.
  7. Under Contract per Loopnet. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3334-Richmond-Ave-Houston-TX/24287602/
  8. Noticed this project registered with TDLR and see COH permitting.
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