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  1. Project Name: Reece - Houston Westheimer, TX Location Address: 3723 Westheimer Road Start Date: 4/17/2023 Estimated Cost: $600,000 Scope of Work: New mixed use office and warehouse building Square Footage: 7,327 ft 2 Design Firm Name: Abbot Studios
  2. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Hugh Waddell mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 2404 Caroline Street. I really love these old homes! The tall circular turrets are cool. I can definitely see how Quality Hill was the original River Oaks. All these grand mansions sitting on high value land.
  3. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Edward Peden mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 1017 Bell Avenue.
  4. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Jonas Rice mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 2304 Crawford Street.
  5. I was researching the William Hutchins Mansion located in the Quality Hill neighborhood of Houston. I first started reading the Houstonhistorymagazine's article about Quality Hill. That gave me: In 1850 Hutchins built one of the earliest and what was considered one of the finest houses in Quality Hill. It stood on the corner of Franklin Avenue and La Branch Street, near Hutchins’s place of business on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Main Street. I then came to a City of Houston Landmark Designation Report for the Palace Hotel located at 216 LaBranch Street. In that report, I saw: Sanborn insurance maps from 1885 show Block 25 with the Globe Hotel down the street on the corner of Congress and Austin. The present location of the Palace Hotel building is vacant land. The large house on Block 25 that faces Franklin was the Hutchins house, one of the large houses that were once common in this area known as Quality Hill. Ownership by the Hutchins family of the lots of Block 25 can be traced back to 1853. I then went to the Library of Congress to look at the 1885 Sanborn insurance map. I then located the mansion on Block 25:
  6. I couldn't find information on the old Charles Longcope Mansion located at 109 Chenevert Street in the Quality Hill neighborhood of Houston. The Houston Daily Post dated April 25, 1898: Unfolding the flag. The Lords' Bicycle Club the Scene of a Gallant Event. Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock the old Longscope building on Chenevert street, now the Lord's Cycle club headquarters, was the scene of a jolly, enthusiastic and most patriotic crowed of member and friends of the bicycle club-- Houstonhistorymagazine.org: The Southwestern Historical Quarterly dated July 1967 - April, 1968:
  7. I was researching the Quality Hill neighborhood and came across the home of Cornelius Ennis located at 216 Congress at the corner of Jackson. Houston city directory for 1882-83:
  8. One Discovery Way: Dynamic Street: Catalyst Street: Breakthrough Street, the entrance to the Hotel parcel: Helix Park: Collaborative Building: Mixed-Use Garage:
  9. Nice to see the sunken water retention fields are working as intended. I assume the TMC BioPort project will be similar, but on a larger scale. A new road appeared on the side of Building 1: Levit Green Boulevard: Sino Biological will be listed on here!!
  10. I need to report localized street flooding on a certain part of Buffalo Speedway. I believe this is only a blockage someplace? On all of Buffalo Speedway, there was only one small section that could not contain the heavy rains this past weekend. Hopefully it's fixed in the master plan. Or hopefully, the blockage is removed soon.
  11. New entrance way. A turnstile door! Blossom Hotel getting all fancy and classy.
  12. High profile master plan for this Harris Health hospital. Includes players such as HKS, JLL, and Smith And Company Architects. In June 2024, two towers are supposed to go up. hindesky's posting above includes a 500k Sq Ft garage. I wonder if that was apart of the master plan? Maybe the garage as listed, started early? Looks like an almost 10-year master plan. June 2022 - 2028. Glad to see this!
  13. I was reading the publication "Houston Gargoyle, Volume 4 dated in 1931 and came across a business listing for The Montrose Sanitarium And Nurses Registry located at 3508 Milam Street. The Montrose Sanitarium and Nurses Registry. 3508 Milam - Hadley 232. Mrs. Catherine Hunt, Mgr. An institution where the sick are cared for both day and night, with private or semiprivate rooms.
  14. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated March 26, 1917 and came across a film listing at the Rex Theater. I searched Cinematreasures and couldn't find any details about this one. Do we have an address for this theater? Rex today (Tuesday) 10 cents Carlyle Blackwell The Handsome Hero Meets the Girl of His Past in "The Social Leper" Don't miss this speedy, surprising story. Starting Thursday "The Girl Who Doesn't Know" Well illustrates an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Coming- Clara Kimball Young In "The Price She Paid."
  15. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated in 1918 and came across a film listing for The Key Theatre. I am unsure of an address. I searched Cinematreasures and couldn't find any details about this place. Must have been rebranded at some point? Opening Today For Three Days The Great Nazimova In Her Most Wonderful Picture "Toys of Fate" A tale of destiny's darling. A drama that thrills your very soul. See the world's greatest actress in her great triumph.
  16. I noticed this awesome home the other day. Owned by the Henke and Pillot team member C.G. Pillot. This was featured in the Standard Blue Book of Texas Houston Edition dated 1907-1908. I wonder where this was. The Heights? Downtown?
  17. I was browsing The Houston Posted dated February 23, 1919 and came across an ad for Hulsey's Zoe Theater - Houston's Movie De Luxe Cinemateasures has the following: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/29421 The Zoe Theatre opened on October 14, 1914. By 1919 it was operated by E.H. Hulsey who also operated the Queen Theatre. The name was changed to the Capitol Theatre on March 19, 1922. The Capitol Theatre is listed as a first run house in 1925. Not listed in 1930 so it’s possible that this was a silent era theatre. New Art Film Company presents Dorothy Gish in "Boots" a Paramount Picture. Old shoes are a strange place in which to look for romance, treason and intrigue, but Dorothy Gish found them there.
  18. Rice article and pictures from Rice archives of a baron South Main. Wild stuff!! Charles Weber’s Farm Posted on September 17, 2012 by Melissa Kean A lot of Rice people are vaguely aware of some story about a guy with a pig farm near the Administration Building. There really is such a story—Mr. Weber had just over seven acres between the south end of the building and Main Street. Although there seem to have been some pigs on it, calling it a “pig farm” might imply a level of organization not strictly applicable. He was an old man and he didn’t want to leave, so he held out, extracting in the end over $7,000 per acre for his land from the Rice trustees. (The average amount paid to the other sellers was less than $700 per acre.) Unfortunately, the 1910 agreement also allowed him to remain on the premises for three and a half years. Unsurprisingly, his continued habitation became . . . . problematic. https://ricehistorycorner.com/2012/09/17/charles-webers-farm/ Difficulties arose when Weber repeatedly fenced off his property in such a way as to cut off the road. By the time it was all over, the Rice board, weary and knowing that they would need that roadway for the opening procession, gave Weber an additional $800 to vacate the premises before the Institute’s formal opening. The fence was removed only days before the event. Other pictures from the early 1900s:
  19. I am browsing Rice Institute master plans and I see the 10-acre Charles Web parcel. One one map it makes it seem the parcel, in particular, was located on Old Main Street Road. There are Charles Web parcels? One on Main Street, the other on Old Main Street Road?
  20. Does anyone know about the Charles Weber & Rice University saga? Apparently, Charles Weber was holding onto some valuable pig farm land that Rice wanted. Eventually, he caved in and sold to the university. Map Showing Rice Institute Property. The accompanying map shows the Rice Institute location, three miles from the center of the city on Main Street Road, the road leading right alongside the property from the South End, Southmore and Kenilworth Grove additions. The map begins at Eagle avenue. The white squared marked “Dupont” and “Charles Weber” are small pieces of property which the trustees could not secure. The Weber property having been occupied as a home and truck garden for a number of years. In the northern edge of the 102-acre tract there is a large grove of stately forest trees, while the lower portion of the sity-seven-acre tract is dotted with the large forest trees. The stream winding through the proper is Brays Bough, which will give through drainage. This stream, in addition to furnishing drainage is acceptable of terracing and landscaping. Altogether the location is ideal in every particular. Nether Proof. Lovett nor the trustees are ready to make any announcement as to the character of the buildings or educational policy, but they are all busy with these matters. Bought Land for $1000; Sells it for $56,000 An indicator of the expansion of Houston land values within the last 47 years was given Wednesday when Charles Weber and wife sold a tract of land lying opposite the Rice Institute on Main street boulevard for $6000. The tract was less than three acres and was the last of 10-acre plot bought by Mr. Weber in 1872 for $1000. The 10 acres have brought $56,000 to the owner since his original purchase. The tract across from Rice Institute was bought by R.W. Franklin, who acts as trustee for other interests. The land will not be used for furthering private enterprises, according to Mr. Franklin. The deed to the three acre tract was filed Wednesday in the district clerk's office. Record Price Paid For Main Street Acreage By The Rice Institute. Seven acres Were Purchased Yesterday From Charles Weber for a Consideration of $50,000. Seven Acres Bring $50,00 Charles Weber, a truck framer out Main street road, south of Houston sold, sold seven acres of land adjusting the site of Rice Institute for $50,000 cash. The processional at Rice's formal opening ceremonies almost had to be rerouted at the last minute for what Porcine reason? Thanks to our generous clue, all the contestants realized the answer had something to do with pigs. Despite answers ranging from runaway pigs to disparaging comments about Rice women, the real answer lies with farmer Charles Weber, who owned the last 10 acres of what would become the Rice grounds. Weber, whose pigsty lay adjacent to the processional route, refused to sell his parcel of land until the proverbial 11th hour.
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