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  1. So we got our inspection report tonight. I need to get people out ASAP for estimates. We are also redoing/adding on to a lot of the house. Anyone have any recommendations? Or know of anyone that can do estimates FAST! Thanks!
  2. It would be serious money wise, but we already have to gut the bathroom and redo the ceiling. It'll cost money but its basically new bathroom w/ structural support for shower, new sheetrock/insulation, float and paint, all done.
  3. "There are a few construction loans that are pretty good deals out there as long as you avoid hard money loans " Do you have any suggestions on how to find these. First time buying a house and am a little lost.
  4. So we are negotiating a contract to close on a foreclosure. There are some minor issues (water damage/dicoloration) which seem to be just sheetrock/paint. Of course inspections should tell us more, but it seem like it's just from A/C/heating being off so long and condensation. The major issue (and honestly, not that bad, just scary to a lot of people) is that the shower upstairs has sunk down and is deforming the master ceiling. It looks like when it was built it was not supported correctly. The upstair bath is disgusting anyway and we'd gut it. BUT it seems that we cannot close unless the property is in "liveable" condition as determined by the bank's appraiser. What does this constitute-we'd live in it now, but are trying to avoid having to do the construction loan, double closing route as with the market tanked cash is premium. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi, So we are finally ready to buy a house. I was wondering if y'all had any advice or suggestions on where to look/what to look for. We'd like to keep it $300 and under, and I'll probably want to "fix" a lot so the less spent the more I have to play with. I used to work for a custom builder and still have a lot of connections/know how to do a lot myself. I have a two year old, and we will probably have two more in the next 5-6 years (however, they can share-I always had to!) They'll be at St. Johns at some point, but not sure I'm ready to fork over tuition for elementary school, so at least a decent school would be nice. Wants (I know I can't have everything): -min. lot 5,000 sq. ft. -yard (not a fan of houses the size of the lot) -at least two bathrooms -garage (at least one, prefer two) -central ac/heat -good foundation -3 bed (stick all the heathens in one, and share office) -love to have kitchen open to family/living, but haven't seen much of that -east of Shepard, I prefer closer to I10 than 610 -doesn't need to be perfect condition (I'd actually prefer a bit rundown so I can play with it So is it doable? Can anyone recommend a realtor familar with the area? Has anyone had experience with buying foreclosure...where to begin? Thank you guys!
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