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  1. I always liked the idea of the Zoo taking over the golf course. Maybe leave the edges as a part of Herman Park. I'm not a golfer so I really don't care for the course much.
  2. Freezin my butt off in old WWII barracks,,,debating if it's worth going down the open bay to pee...where's a wide mouth Gatorade bottle when you need one?

  3. The Treebeards' mural at Market Square: Didnt they paint over this? I'm hoping Im wrong
  4. I was looking to buy something for my niece so I figured that the Disney store in the Galleria would have it. When I got there I looked around, but couldn't find anything good so I asked "You don't have much, is there a bigger store here?", the people who worked there seemed a little embarrassed, kind of like they had heard it before. "yeah we know"
  5. Agree, Herman Park gets to crowded. Was thinking maybe Allen's Landing (where Buffalo Bayou meets up with the other bayou), sure it may get a bit crowded on the water with tour boats and people canoeing by. And of course the water can get pretty bad after a hard rain. Still think It would be a cool additional thing to check out in downtown
  6. Kickass looking bridge. Would really like to see more projects like this. Passed by the other day and saw some work being done, thought maybe that the bayou was being widened. Thanks for the posts
  7. That was great. I remember growing up my mom telling me she watched the Lunar landing at the Foley's Downtown back in '69. I believe she was already here in the States by '66. I'm going to show this to her, thanks for posting it.
  8. I've posted pics before on a different thread. I'll see if I can find them this weekend. It's cool inside does remind you of a typical Tex-Mex place here in Texas until you see the double decker bus right outside the window
  9. Having a flashback of Magic theater at Northline Mall back in '97. Hope nobody gets killed this time and that the theater doesn't die a slow painful death like Magic did.
  10. Yeah, Shawarmas are awesome, IF you can find a good place. The best I ever had was in Kuwait City back in ’02. Tried Shawarma King on Hillcroft and couple other places, I have given up trying to find a place here. I’ve been to Phoenicia Foods on Westhiemer (haven’t tried their shawarmas) I liked it. Great variety of foods, I can see them being really successful there. I’m excited
  11. This was shown on Fox local news earlier this week “New Life for Ellington Field” “HOUSTON - Just when many people thought it was a lost cause, Ellington Field has come back strong with thousands of additional troops and construction projects like no one has ever seen. This comes as $100 million is being pumped into the military base that was on the verge of closure in 2005. There are new facilities being built around the installation now being called the Joint Reserve Base. Ellington also has every branch of the military represented and an increase to 7,000 troops.” . http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/100405-new-life-for-ellington-field News Link
  12. Don’t work nor live down there, but it might be part of the Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC). I know that the units that use to be off of OST transferred there. I think other units from the surrounding area might be as well.
  13. At a crossroads, debating on volunteering to go on a deployment again. It's been five years since I got back, I have an itch.

  14. Reminds me of when I was in Kuwait before the Iraq War started. We were able to go into the city all the time. There was a market area called Fah hah hill(Mispelled). Anyways, They had a crap load of knock off stuff there just about anything you ca imagine. Watches, DVDs PS2s so on. Well I went to this one stand where this one dude was selling cologne. I asked if he had Chrome, he did but it was a bit pricey. So he then offered me" Chromes little brother....Aluminum" I couldn't help but bust out laughing
  15. It's been snowing here at work in Conroe. Too bad it's not sticking. or coming down harder so we can go home early.
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