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  1. Needing more home space, I am reluctantly leaving the Heights. My wife teaches in Spring Branch ISD, and my son is already in school there, so we have selected Spring Branch as our new neighborhood. We're taking baby steps in our exodus to the 'burbs. So. I'm meeting up with a real estate agent in the morning, and we're going to look at houses, and I'd like to know where we can expect street flooding in Spring Branch. We're actually looking pretty far west - generally speaking Gessner and Kempwood area. Does anyone know which roads we'll need to be wary of when the rain starts coming down? We
  2. That 1913 map is fantastic. I think there's a copy of it at "The Limelight" a just-a-shade above-a-dive-bar near the ballpark. However, with it here on my computer, I can stare at it and not look like I've had one too many. Just a few observations: What we call Shepherd is called Shepherd Dam Road. In fact, it looks like it said Shepherd Damn road, but someone crossed out the 'N'. Without thinking, I was looking for Cullen Road to locate what would become UH - right near Scott, Holman, and Chocolate Bayou Road in the South central region - without even thinking that the Cullens were not yet
  3. I read Clutch's mail every time he posts it. I've sent him a few things, and "he" always replies, but it's never anything that's worth posting. It's usually more along the lines of "Did David Stern know you were going to take his shoe last night, or was that an impromptu thing?"
  4. The CVS at 11th and Yale and the old HEB on 11th that backs up to Allston will both soon be standing empty, with signs outside begging someone to lease (specifically lease, not buy) the property. Any ideas/ rumors/ information on what could or is coming to these locales. For that matter, what kind of business could operate in either of these spaces without a major overhaul of the construction? Maybe I'm short on imagination, and I don't know what lease terms are being offered, but I just don't see what else would work with either of those structures, essentially as they are.
  5. Anyone heard anything new about this Target? I'm going to be priced out of the neighborhood by the time the ribbon gets cut.
  6. The CVS at 11th and Yale has had HVAC problems for something like 2 months. I asked the girl at the counter if they were just going to ignore that store until the new one opened and she said that the repair techs were in there earlier that day and that they had said that the A/C was very close to combustion, but that they fixed it. It was probably about 80 degrees inside the store at this time - very unpleasant. So I asked her when they were moving in to the new store and she said late June/ early July - so that's what like 9-11 weeks from now. I'll miss being able to walk over there and bac
  7. I don't drive through Midtown near as much as I drive through the Near East End, but didn't City Council already NIMBY the homeless out of Midtown, by extending the camping ban south, thus forcing the homeless to the East End and the Museum District? Ultimately it doesn't really matter what park the homeless move into, no one is going to want them there. In any case, I can't blame the Rockets or the Astros, or Chevron-Texaco, or even a McDonald's franchisee for not wanting a large vagrant presence around their place of business. The city should get to work on some real alternatives, rather th
  8. Has anyone heard anything about the former K-Mart West of the Heights at the jumble intersection around E. TC Jester, 18th, and 19th near Ella? It has looked pretty much the same since I moved back to H-town two years ago, but some fencing has just gone up in the last couple of weeks. Also I was wondering how the traffic ever worked around there. Most of those roads are in pretty bad shape, and the fork intersection is a recipe for disaster now. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to have tempted fate with Christmas traffic when that store was open.
  9. I really enjoy this building. Honestly I enjoy all 3 of the sports venues. However, the thing I love about Toyota Center is that you go down to the cheap seats, instead of climbing up. Since you go further away, and then come down to your seats, the perception -- and obviously the reality-- is that you are moving in closer to the action. That, and my wife and I are big fans of Clutch the Rockets Bear.
  10. I'm not real clear on what your gripe is here, Midtown. First of all, the land doesn't belong to the Rockets, they've just made a series of donations to the city, to reinvest in the park. If any entity has taken too long to get to work on the park, it's the City. For that matter, it's the city that let the park get run down in the first place, even though it's maybe than two miles from City Hall. Does it benefit the team? Maybe, it'll make a few dozen suburbanites more comfortable about coming to a game, but it's not going to be a major revenue boost. In fact, the Rockets could well have simp
  11. Supposedly they're installing basketball courts. I don't think I've seen any renderings, but the Rockets were a major donor to the revitalization.
  12. I'm sure you're deserving of praise for something, but not for finding what I'm looking for. I believe the hchsa pics are all HOK drawings, and they fairly accurately depict the ballpark as it is today. These pics you've linked to are what I've identified as the phase 2 and 3 renderings. The phase 1 rendering that I'm hoping to find was actually circulated during the referendum campaign, and then never widely seen again. I was told that there were only three copies of the rendering made, and only in poster form and that they are they are owned byKen Yarborough, Drayton McClane and Bob Lanier
  13. I would really love to have a digital copy of the earliest renderings of what was then being called "The Ballpark At Union Station" strictly for the purpose of my own enjoyment. I know of at least 3 stages of renderings. Late in the design/ construction process, there were images created by (or under contract for) HOK that showed the ballpark essentially as it is, with green seats. Prior to that the middle stage showed the ballpark, essentially as it is, with blue and yellow seats (then the Astros colors). What I am looking for are the pictures from before that. I have seen a poster of the ba
  14. I really don't know how well "space" sells. I think for a lot of people in other parts of the country NASA and space exploration seem almost archaic. Like the persuit of knowledge beyond our own world is somehow outdates. Add to this the fact that even the ambitious goals that the federal government outlines for NASA have been talked about for at least 20 years, and you have a recipe for boredom. Perhaps once the space shuttle is phased out and the new vessels come on- line, the image will change, but I think right now NASA's image is stuck in the mid 70s. Then again, maybe it's Houston's ro
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