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  1. I miss Joske's ---- Dillard's has just never been as good as Joske's was. I was very petite and they had a teen section (not children's, not adults, but the section had sizing for teens with an adult look). That was the place we shopped all the time before I finally grew! That pic in another post of Miller's Outpost. Wow! Where did you find that? I loved Miller's Outpost. We also had a store in Texas City and I think there was one in Pasadena too and it was called "The Fair". They had great clothes, too. Those are some pretty steep prices for the 80's! And the prices on those clothes in that ad. Wow, clothing prices haven't increased as much as I thought they had!!
  2. I remember Perry's being a meat market also ---- that was years and years before they became a very expensive, fine dining restaurant all over town. I used to go to the Perry's Meat Market in Friendswood and buy the apartment pack of meat - great quality and good prices. Those days are long gone...
  3. Shakey's was awesome, too. Those were the days we actually sat and ate at the pizza parlor.
  4. Back when Michael Jackson was still Michael Jackson. I also remember a store outside the mall that we loved...Miller's Outpost. They had great jeans.
  5. Monterrey House was basically "it" for "Mexican" food in the suburbs when I was a kid - unless you could go into an ethnic neighborhood and get real Mexican food. My biggest memory of Monterey House was the candy (compressed brown sugar) that they always hid under the chips. Does anyone else remember that? They would bring the tortilla chips out to the table and put as many candies under the chips as were people at the table. The candy was pure sugar and they had it tucked inside little wax paper bags. My mom always made me wait until the very end of the meal before I could dig those candies out of the bottom! Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor was the best place in the world to me as a kid. They had the great waiters in the straw hats and the clanging bells. And as you left, they had an awesome old fashioned candy shop with huge jawbreakers. I never left there without the biggest sugar rush in the world. Speaking of candy shops, does anyone remember the one right inside the entrance at Astroworld? It was an old fashioned candy shop. And right down the sidewalk was the Rainbo bread company where I would always beg for the "tiny" loaf of bread before we left the park. Astroworld in the 70's and 80's --- sigh!
  6. Outback Red clothing - sold in the late 80's - was sold by The Limited. I used to love that brand. And as to another post, I do remember that County Seat jingle. Remember the old Gap jingle "Fall into the Gap..." I think it was duplicitous (and perhaps solicitous!). Kind of like, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins..."
  7. As most teens did in the 80's, I spent a lot of time trolling the mall! I'm trying to remember all those shops we used to love to buy clothes at. Here are some that come to mind: Clothing: County Seat Jean's West Merry-Go-Round Dejaiz Chess King Foxmoor The Gap (when it was strictly jeans and t-shirts) Judy's Some other mall stores that are now defunct: Kinney's shoes Thom McAn Wicks n Sticks Morrow's Nut House Art Standing Hickory Farms Woolworth's Baker's Shoes The Wild Pair Anybody else out there have memories of great shops in the malls of the 70's and 80's? I know there are tons more. Open your memories!
  8. Anybody who truly remembers Almeda Mall from their childhood (mine was the 70's) remembers the best place in that whole mall ---- Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. That was a dream trip when I was a kid to go to Farrell's and if someone was fortunate enough to have a birthday party there, it was awesome. Remember they also had the huge candy section as you left the store. The waiters/waitresses came out with the clanging bells and straw hats. The "Farrell's Zoo" served up to 10 people and two waitstaff had to bring it out. Those were the good old days!!
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