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  1. the worlds largest golf course. no greens only sand traps and water....
  2. Drone footage of the site (not my video)
  3. seems like it may be delayed a little longer.... https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Opponents-of-Houston-Dallas-bullet-train-trumpet-13607501.php?src=hp_totn
  4. saw that too. was wondering if this was really a 14 year project...
  5. reading the comments is a much more worthwhile endeavor. a couple of my favorites: "Kapoor is obviously interested in selling overpriced Mirrored Monoliths to any and all takers. This version couldn't be creepier if Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott attended the dedication ceremony." "I don't think they moved from Chicago. Odds are they were shot."
  6. for some perspective: city centre is about 47 acres while regent square is just 23 acres and this site is an astonishing 150 acres city centre is already nearing 13 years old it's almost complete but still growing. regent square is coming up on 10 years old and there's not much to say... hopefully AMZN will come in and, along with midway, build this site out quickly
  7. is this for the corner where the grocery store was originally planned?
  8. one would think the parking fees will pay for the lot for and then some by the time construction begins.
  9. They're owned by Metro National and I'm sure the Memorial Management District has something to do with it too. They're responsible for the lit towers along i-10.
  10. rooftop lighting was on tonight, an orange color, to match the development around the mall sorry, no pic.
  11. will this have 380 or 400 units? either way this will have a minimum of 150-175 people moving to that side of downtown very soon.
  12. thanks for the link. i think more impressive than the renderings is that burger on page 21
  13. what is considered medium density?
  14. add mountains in the background and this could be a green tech company's complex in the silicon valley. amazing campus and great pics
  15. The light color facade actually goes well with the parking garage. These are amazing pictures, but this building is even more impressive in person. Thanks for sharing guys!
  16. Gargantuan is a great word to describe this. I frequently ride the 85 bus past this and it is certainly an imposing structure compared to the surrounding buildings in the area.
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