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  1. Seems like a good use for the space and a nice update for this area of Katy. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/katy/article/downtown-plaza-rendering-17335496.php
  2. Live at Houston's most iconic address? 759 Gillette St? What's so iconic about that?
  3. This doesn't mention specific buildings but it sounds like Chevron has space available for the transfers. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Chevron-s-offer-to-pay-for-staff-to-move-to-17271037.php Last week Chevron confirmed it will remain in California, but it is inviting employees to move to Houston... It's still a question though of how many of its 2,000 employees in San Ramon would actually make the move. Chevron isn’t requiring employees to move to Texas, but its offer to cover employees’ relocation is another sign that Houston is a primary center of operations for the oil major. Chevron has about 8,000 employees in the Houston area, including about 6,000 employees in downtown Houston... The energy firm has roughly 3 million square feet of office space in downtown Houston spread across three buildings. Chevron also owns two office buildings in northwest Houston that it picked up after it acquired Noble Energy. One of those 438,000 square-foot building represented one of the largest blocks of sublease office spaces available in Houston area as of the first quarter 2022, according to real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. In the past year, Chevron also moved into a leased small office space in The Ion, Rice Management Co.’s startup incubator in Midtown Houston. They're not moving the HQ at this time. Exxon relocated many of their employees here but left their HQ in DFW until recently. Is Chevron following this game plan?
  4. https://www.wfaa.com/article/money/consumer/one-rangers-way-arlington-residential-development/287-34c15a28-5dc1-40f7-8344-0ea733ae50ec
  5. Seems like this is bigger on the "cool" factor than anything else. from the article:
  6. With the (anticipated) success of the rooftop amenities at POST, when are the GRB people going to add some green space of their own?
  7. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/01/25/asian-city-center-groundbreaking.html @zaphod yes but 15 floors rather than the 30+ shown in the render above
  8. Does it look like they're going to close down part of Dallas St. for pedestrians? This one alone looks great but the hotel/residential tower behind it is going to bring even more life to this end of downtown.
  9. Not much good going on inside today in game 2, but some nice shots above the park. This building is a nice addition to downtown.
  10. Glad to see some positive development in this part of town. Bethune Empowerment Center Revitalization Project breaks ground in Acres Homes An 8-acre tract of land which previously housed the Bethune Academy Elementary School at 2500 S Victory Dr. is being repurposed as a business incubator and vocational center for the Acres Home neighborhood, according to a press release from the Mayor’s Office... An offshoot of the Acres Home Complete Community Action Plan, the Bethune Empowerment Center will offer job training, apprenticeships, skill-building services, small business resources, co-working spaces, and business incubators... The Bethune Empowerment Center will consist of ten buildings which will be renovated in three phases. Phase 1, comprising approximately 29,000 square feet, includes the renovation of the school’s cafeteria building into a commercial kitchen space and event space that allows for business development, agricultural training, certification, and other culinary arts programming. The remainder of Phase 1 will include a community garden and several workspaces, including for-lease offices, conference rooms, administrative office space, breakroom areas and collaborative working spaces. Construction for Phase 1 will be complete by the end of 2021. Phases 2 and 3 will include additional offices for the business incubators, classrooms, early childhood daycare/after-school care, and conference rooms. https://www.theleadernews.com/real_estate/bethune-empowerment-center-revitalization-project-breaks-ground-in-acres-homes/article_0ef3c8b2-007b-11ec-b372-833b71c678d2.html
  11. The UFC started a fight week vlog series a while ago and UFC 265 is in Houston this weekend. There are some nice of downtown from 45 and Eleanor Tinsley park throughout the video.
  12. can we agree to call it Harmony House and not the stupid stick shack? stick shack sounds straight out of deliverance
  13. This is mostly in jest. The podiums might be ugly, but at least he gets things built.
  14. disappointing news https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/07/13/ask-2-where-did-the-spires-on-top-of-that-houston-hospital-building-go/
  15. Is this related or a new project? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-council-OKs-12-5M-to-replace-low-income-16298924.php
  16. When it says the investment will be recovered, is that 2021 dollars or 2041 dollars? For example, $1 in May 2001 would be $1.52 in May 2021. So if that rate holds $40M now would be something like $91M in 20 years. (Someone please check the math)
  17. It's almost like ABC 13 reads this forum and is trying to stir up conversation. They titled the segment "Houston's own River Walk? See what's going up along Buffalo Bayou" here's a link the video - https://abc13.com/east-river-houston-buffalo-bayou-fifth-ward-mixed-use/10613983/
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