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  1. Cool pics!! Thanks ... Likewise I wonder which building this is....
  2. We are in a similar situation and are currently evaluating Platinum Pools, Cascade Pools and our contractor's guy (haven't seen him yet). Platinum pools is the only company I found with a decent website (http://www.platinumpools.com/) that has offerings in various price ranges. Our neighbors used Cascade. It is like buying a car ugh.
  3. Ok I stand corrected .... Bill did show up late in the afternoon and gave a reasonable quote for lifting
  4. Hi, Sorry first of all for posting my rant but I just have had it with foundation repair guys. First I wasted months to get John Pfister to stop by and check our foundation and lately I am being trying to get Bill Marks to visit me. Bill Marks is a little better because you can actually talk to him some times (John always just left had has his wife answer the phone). However Bill is never in reach of his agenda, always promises to call back (never does) and we even made an appointment for today and he doesn't show up ARGH. What is up with foundation men? I need a third recommendation for
  5. Second vote for Philadelphia. PA
  6. Hip wasn't listed as a requirement and with a one year old being hip might be the last thing on you mind. You can't beat the hipness of the Europeans in our neighborhood anyway ;-)
  7. I would urge you to also consider Southgate (near Rice U) .... Southgate neighborhood is defined by University Blvd, Greenbriar, Main St and Holcomb. You would be close to the Rice Village and very close to Roberts Elementary which has a great play yard setup for the neighborhood. There are many moms with recent babies and it is a true neighborhood were a lot of folks know each other with block parties and socials. Also a lot of expats, internationals, professors and doctors ......
  8. ok, I'll look into that .... never worked w a foam brush before
  9. Pretty much 20 years wear and tear .... so the colors are off and some of the old varnish wore off, the grooves have dirt, etc... I like the style I just want to freshen it up and have it look "brand new"
  10. Hello, I am contemplating the enormous task of refinishing my existing wooden kitchen cabinets. They are real wood and only have a varnish. Essentially I want to sand them and re-varnish them again. I am looking for some tips: What kind of sander do you recomment? I have a circular one but I am afraid it will leave scratches Do you recommend to varnish tem with a roller or a good quality paint brush? Any other tips welcome too .... thanks so much Hoef
  11. Can someone explain to me what it means (gamma++ vs gamma, etc...)? From NY and London being Gamma++ I have a hunch but seeing Brussels (most boring city in the world) as Gamma doesn't make sense.
  12. Ahh ... cool thanks for sharing. That is exactly what I want to do.
  13. Yeah I was thinking of sloping the tile floor towards the drain but have the door directly on the tile. Just don't want to face some code violation couple of years down the road during an inspection when I sell the house.
  14. Hello, In Europe it is common to install a shower door directly on the floor (tile) rather than having it on a "ridge". This will create a contemporary look. Is it against code to do this in Houston (and where can I find the code on that)? Thanks!
  15. Agree, though I would expand it a little and say the Gulf of Mexico region is the energy center of the world
  16. Hi, Just curious to find out if any of these contemporary prefab constructions exist in Houston (similar to those found in: http://fabprefab.com/fabfiles/fablisthome.htm). Also is there any thing in the Houston code preventing these from going up? Mind you, these are not sloppy throwaway constructions but high quality green buildings .... I really like these two: http://www.rocioromero.com/ and http://www.marmolradzinerprefab.com/ Any thoughts appreciated.....
  17. Agree it is pretty complex but if you know your way around Maya it should be easy to pickup....
  18. If you want to go more complex try Blender http://www.blender.org/
  19. We've been looking into garage apts as well .... still haven't made the decision though. 1) Not sure. The space can't be counted towards your house sqft because it is detached. So you are lucky to get your initial investment back bt not more than that 2) Call a couple of builders 3) We had Harvard Heights come by but they weren't very responsive to our request. Rod Frego quoted $80k finished for a 22' x 30' garage + apt. All Star construction quoted $80k for shell and $100k finished 4) see 3)
  20. Hi Innerlooper, Thanks for your offer. I have a 1938 two story and it seems that the garden is "caving" in, or that the housing is getting higher. What is noticeable is that more of the foundation is exposed on the garden site. We also have cracks all the time. We had a foundation guy coming by and he said that the house is pretty much level and that watering the garden should cause it to rise again. Curious for a second opinion. BTW the foundation guy is Bonilla. Pfister is perpetually unreachable. Tx, Hoef
  21. Come on, it is not about making money .... at the Ivy's they also teach you how to eat with fork and knife the proper way :-)
  22. Hi, We really like their work and the quality is outstanding (steel + concrete). Allen Bianchi makes cardboard houses compared to them. We talked with MDGI about a potential project but the price is quite steep (~$200 / sqft) so we let it go (for now). But they were very courtious and open about the project, plan, budget, possibilities etc... I would be curious to learn from others on the board that did go forward with a MDGI house. I am hoping that the price will come down due to the down turn.... Would go with them hands down for $150 / sqft. We also like MC2 and we also talked to them
  23. ugh .... true contemporary furniture at Design Within Reach (dwr.com) or Kuhl-Linscomb (www.kuhl-linscomb.com) .... I remember there is also a Minotti and a B&B Italia shore in Houston (google it and you'll find). And lastly Ligne Roset. Kuhl-Linscomb is really cool, they have 5 small houses that are all shops .... they are located next to the Wholefoods (Kirby / West Alambama) BTW .... definitely better than Ikea, definitely more expensive than Ikea :-(
  24. Most quotes that I have received that breakout contractor take show about 10% for the gen contractor. Not saying it is right or wrong but that is what I have seen
  25. May I ask the ball park price range of these remodelings ... they sure look like expensive jobs
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