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  1. Great! Website looks promising ... They are not too far from me, I'll stop by. Thanks!!
  2. All, Any suggestions where I can go for really high quality photo print jobs? ... Think large size and a decent paper collection. Ideally local to Houston so I can stop by and discuss the process. I need to print out several architecture photos for a show. Thanks! Hoef
  3. Nice. I live next to the medical center and my AT&T reception still sucks..... Maybe it is the radiant barrier in my home .. ugh
  4. Hello, Planning on doing a deck project soon. Somebody told me that there is a lumber shop near the Heights that has decent prices on hardwood such as IPE with really short delivery times. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the shop, nor can't I find it on the internet. Where do you guys get your hardwood from? Thanks..... Hoef
  5. Use Paul's in the past Paul's Art & Frame Galleryā€ˇ 2917 Louisiana Street Houston, TX 77006-3431 (713) 527-8495
  6. Large majority of ExxonMobil employees live in the Woodlands, Kingwood or Spring. There are a bunch in the loop but the Hardy toll road will solve the I-45 problem
  7. Mine is off, got a 64 and I live 5 mins from the Gingerman and Roberts Elementary .... should have been high 80ies
  8. Do I need to protect my pool pump gear and stuff? Maybe it is best to keep the installation running?
  9. How do you protect the pipes, cover them up? My 1938 house only has exposed pipes .....
  10. All the pipes go into the slab .... presumably the sewer that is running underneath agree .... it is relatively new as compared to the iron pipe.
  11. Hi, I am replacing the siding on my garage and also want to put in a larger window. Now I am finding all these pipes that look like sewer vents. I have attached a pic so you can see them. I highlighted, what I think is the old system in blue and the new system in pink. Can I remove the old system w/o harm? And why is the newer (pink highlight) system going like that? Thanks for any info on this..... Hoef
  12. Straight from our backyard .... $0.11/lb at San Jacinto stone. Make me an offer .... Pics attached in the Craigslist ad: http://houston.craigslist.org/grd/1456867373.html
  13. could be worse and have the sticker on a Tahoe or a Suburban ..... I guess Hummer doesn't count now that it is Chinese :-)
  14. Hello, I did the AIA home tour today and saw some neat outdoor lounge/armchairs at one of the tour houses. I am trying to find out where you can buy this chair. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture. It was house #7 on 309 Glenwood. When you walked outside towards the infinity pool there were four plastic "orange slice" chairs and a small table. I believe the owner had four more at another location. They looked really comfortable and were in various colors including red. They resemble Paulin's orange slice chair. I have searched every possible contemporary furniture / outdoor websit
  15. You might be talking about my neighborhood (inside the loop)
  16. Hello, I took out my wrought iron stair hand rails and they are heavy. Is there a place I can bring them to where they pay me by the pound (ideally in/near loop). It must be worth something. Thanks!
  17. Hello, I need to buy at least 140ft of coax and phone cable to run under the ground from the pole to the house. Currently they go through the air over my garden and it is plain ugly. However, buying 150ft of coax at Lowe's or Home Depot is incredibly expensive so do you guys recommend another shop (please don't suggest Radio Shack :-) ?
  18. Always wondered about that house .... The owner must have a "dark" taste
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    Works like a charm again ... thanks!
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    Is there is still a RSS feed? There is no new feed for the last couple of days .... can't imagine it be this quite so it must be the new site configuration ...help
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