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  1. After six calls to ATT, I finally got a Microcell. 5 bars baby! BTW, they would not GIVE me one because I was on their map in a strong signal area.
  2. I tried Down House this morning. The sceince theme seemed more like an accent than a theme. However, it was pleasant enough. I had a beakfast taco and latte. The taco was great. The bacon in it was very very good. The latte was OK. My two friends were also very pleased with their meal. The prices were generally reasonable. The exception was the bacon. Although it was great bacon, $6.00 for two strips is a little steep.
  3. Of course I have been there. I will detail the reasons for my opinion after April 18th.
  4. Yes, Revival and the brands listed are the only choices we poor Heights residents have. If only we had internet access or could leave the Heights, we might be able to shop the whole world for our desires. But alas, we are stuck with Heinz and French's and Oscar Meyer. Oh, the humanity!
  5. Glad everyone has liked it but after the novelty wears off, it will not have the traffic to survive long-term.
  6. I have been here several times but not recently. The food is OK but is priced too high. If the food was outstanding or the prices were lower, I would frequent it more regularly.
  7. New housing development planned near Walmart.
  8. I was the Vice Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission for a small town. During my tenure, Walmart proposed to build a Super Center in a residential neighborhood. At that time, I opposed it and was able to convince enough of my fellow commissioners to vote it down. Of course the city council approved it unanimously a week later. I opposed it because it was out of character with the neighborhood. If Houston was zoned and I were in the same position, I would vote to approve it. This is because a Walmart is not out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. In fact, I think that if you hit that area with several B-52 strikes it would improve property values. I think a Walmart will also improve property values. The fears about traffic and crime are overblown. I support the Walmart.
  9. If they respond as negatively and defensively to diners who make comments about their food or service - they will not make it a year. Otherwise, I give them 30 months. No more comments from me. We will see.
  10. That study was in very narrow geographical area. Here is an article in a restaurant trade website: http://www.foodreference.com/html/artbankruptcy.html
  11. Every new business is convinced they have a winner, they are the next big thing, they can't fail. More than 80% are wrong.
  12. So they are named Jus Mac but they will spend money on advertising to make the point that they are NOT Jus Mac? That is counter-intuitive at best. I predicted the demise of McCain's Market after my first visit there.
  13. I am anything but closed minded when it comes to food. However, my comment was not a culinary one but a business one. I have evaluated hundreds of projects in over 30 years of experience and I have a good feel for what will work in the long run and what will not. It may be a short-term sensation but it will NOT go the distance if it does not expand the menu and then - it will cease to be "Jus Mac". My point will be proven either way. A much better concept would have been "Mac n More".
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