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  1. The University of Houston System (UHS) has put on hold a name change for the University of Houston
  2. Because of UHD's proximity to UH, there is no other way to fix the confusion but to rename it completely without carrying the system's name. If UHD was 25 miles away or in a different city from UH, there wouldn't be a name change right now. I do not know of any UH alumni that want UHD to keep its current name or continue carrying the sytem's name as part of their new name. Once you become a UH alumnus, you will feel the pain of having to explain you graduated from The University of Houston and not UHD--and how UHD is not part of UH. I have to disagree with your statement of UHD's public reject
  3. Renaming UHD's name will not "damage" the University of Houston System ("UHS") at all. It will help UHS flagship University of Houston ("UH") because of the confusion most people have with UHD. No one wants to be associated and confused with an open admission university! UHD has been "damaging" to UH for the last 30 years by carrying the system's name and being an open admission university with mostly undesirable student population. No other university system has more than one freestanding university in the same city and within less than 5 miles away. Renaming UHD entirely without the system's
  4. UHS chancellor Renu Khator and UHD president Max Castillo have selected University of South Texas as the new name for UHD. Consideration and approval of University of Houston
  5. We will find out Tuesday, February 3 or early Wednesday, February 4 at the latest on the final name selection submitted to the UHS Board of Regents by Chancellor Khator. In the mean time, voting results of the top five name recommendations for UHD per the online survey last week attached below. Top Five New Name Recommendations For the University of Houston-Downtown Submitted by the Name Selection Leadership Group at the University of Houston
  6. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...ro/6221886.html UH-Downtown moves ahead with renaming By JEANNIE KEVER School leaders are going ahead with plans to rename the University of Houston-Downtown, despite opposition from students, alumni and some faculty members. If it has its own distinctive name, it can move forward (and) be known, said Welcome Wilson Sr., chairman of the board that governs UH-Downtown and other schools in the UH System. He and university president Max Castillo said Tuesday they believe the benefits of a new name would outweigh the disapproval of those who dont want i
  7. Another Houston Chronicle article regarding UHD's name change: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6168615.html The issue has been approved and UHD will get a new name. "Cullen State University" is now part of names under consideration.
  8. The UH System Board of Regents approved to change the name of UH
  9. The University of Houston Law Center is a Tier I law school ranked #55 in the nation, which tied with Baylor University's law school in 2008. The Bauer College of Business at UH ranked #40 in the nation for public undergraduate business schools in 2008.
  10. Can I ask why you inquire the above information? Yes, I graduated from the University of Houston ("UH") with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting. I have mentioned this in previous posts. I went straight to UH after graduating from high school in 2002. I have never attended another college or university prior to enrolling at UH. Were you referring to what high school I graduated from? I attended UHD as a transient (visiting) student during the summer of 2004 for 1 class and that was it. Any other questions?
  11. For many years, I have met many UHD students/alumni who have passed themselves off to me as a UH student/alumni. They would answer "University of Houston," "U of H," or "UH" instead of "Universiyt of Houston-Downtown," "UH-Downtown" or "UHD." Upon further inquiry, I would find out that they never attended/graduated from UH, but from UHD instead! Normally, I would ask them questions about UH that only current students or alumni would know. Many UHD students pass themselves off on their resume as students or graduates of UH. They would put "University of Houston" on their resume instead of "Univ
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