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  1. The University of Houston System (UHS) has put on hold a name change for the University of Houston
  2. Because of UHD's proximity to UH, there is no other way to fix the confusion but to rename it completely without carrying the system's name. If UHD was 25 miles away or in a different city from UH, there wouldn't be a name change right now. I do not know of any UH alumni that want UHD to keep its current name or continue carrying the sytem's name as part of their new name. Once you become a UH alumnus, you will feel the pain of having to explain you graduated from The University of Houston and not UHD--and how UHD is not part of UH. I have to disagree with your statement of UHD's public rejection of UHS. I don't see changing UHD's name is going to hurt UH's quest for state flagship status and Tier One research funding at all. Please help me understand your point of view on this and why you believe UHD is rejecting UHS. Brian, I would like for UH (my alma mater) to obtain state flagship status and Tier One research funding as much as you. Please know that the UHS Board of Regents already approved the name change for UHD. The only issue left is what the new name would be. They have rejected "Houston Metropolitan University" and "University of South Texas" so I have no idea what the next one will be. They should just rename UHD to Cullen State University.
  3. Renaming UHD's name will not "damage" the University of Houston System ("UHS") at all. It will help UHS flagship University of Houston ("UH") because of the confusion most people have with UHD. No one wants to be associated and confused with an open admission university! UHD has been "damaging" to UH for the last 30 years by carrying the system's name and being an open admission university with mostly undesirable student population. No other university system has more than one freestanding university in the same city and within less than 5 miles away. Renaming UHD entirely without the system's name is the only way to end confusion because of the proximity of that school with UH. Just because UHD is part of UHS does not mean it has to carry the system's name. Tarleton State University is part of Texas A&M University System, but they don't bear the system's name. Likewise, Texas State University System has many universities that do not carry the system's name. Angelo State University is part of Texas Tech University System and they don't bear the system's name either. We don't need "unification" within UHS--we need separation. We need for people to see that UHD is a separate university--not part of UH--and the only way to that is rename UHD completly. The next name recommendation for UHD will not contain the system's name so don't get your hopes up. UHD has been nothing but a burden on UHS and UH. Giving UHD a distinctive name is the best way for that school to remain within UHS without embarrassing UH students and alumni. UHD students and alumni tend to lie and say they are students or graduates from UH. UH alumni suffer because of the confusion the public has with UHD. Brian, you are a student at UH and should know better than to suggest that UHD retain the system's name!
  4. UHS chancellor Renu Khator and UHD president Max Castillo have selected University of South Texas as the new name for UHD. Consideration and approval of University of Houston
  5. We will find out Tuesday, February 3 or early Wednesday, February 4 at the latest on the final name selection submitted to the UHS Board of Regents by Chancellor Khator. In the mean time, voting results of the top five name recommendations for UHD per the online survey last week attached below. Top Five New Name Recommendations For the University of Houston-Downtown Submitted by the Name Selection Leadership Group at the University of Houston
  6. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...ro/6221886.html UH-Downtown moves ahead with renaming By JEANNIE KEVER School leaders are going ahead with plans to rename the University of Houston-Downtown, despite opposition from students, alumni and some faculty members. If it has its own distinctive name, it can move forward (and) be known, said Welcome Wilson Sr., chairman of the board that governs UH-Downtown and other schools in the UH System. He and university president Max Castillo said Tuesday they believe the benefits of a new name would outweigh the disapproval of those who dont want it to change. Any new name would have to be approved by the Legislature, and Castillo said a new name could be in place by fall. He and Wilson met with the Chronicle editorial board Tuesday to explain their reasoning. Regents voted last month to support the change but stopped short of recommending the name Castillo proposed: Houston Metropolitan University. Thats still under consideration, however, along with University of South Texas, University of Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast State University and other options. Faculty, staff and students will vote on their top five choices; the vote ends Tuesday. Regents will select a new name in February. Michelle Moosally, an associate professor of English and president of the faculty Senate, said its been hard to gauge reaction, partially because classes just resumed after the holiday break. Some people dont want the name changed, she said. Others support a change, but dont like any of the proposed names. And some feel rushed into making a decision. Castillo acknowledged that the idea is not universally popular. Right now, Im the kiss of death on campus, he said. But he and Wilson said a new name is important if UH-Downtown is to establish its own identity. Too many people think it is a satellite campus of the flagship UH campus, they said. Not everyone thinks a new name is the solution. Ive yet to find a person that thinks the name change is a good idea, said Chris Lewis, 26, a senior business major who will graduate in May. Something should have been said on our application, that theres a possibility UH-D would change its name. Lewis started one of several Facebook groups opposed to the change. Castillo said alumni and students who graduate before the name is changed could request another diploma with the new name. Those who enroll before the name is changed but graduate after could choose either name for their diploma. Moosally said the uncertainty -- what name regents will select, whether the Legislature will approve the change -- is causing angst among some students and faculty. We hope that everybody will come to terms with whatever happens, but we dont know what that will be, she said. jeannie.kever@chron.com Brought to you by the HoustonChronicle.com
  7. Another Houston Chronicle article regarding UHD's name change: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6168615.html The issue has been approved and UHD will get a new name. "Cullen State University" is now part of names under consideration.
  8. The UH System Board of Regents approved to change the name of UH
  9. The University of Houston Law Center is a Tier I law school ranked #55 in the nation, which tied with Baylor University's law school in 2008. The Bauer College of Business at UH ranked #40 in the nation for public undergraduate business schools in 2008.
  10. Can I ask why you inquire the above information? Yes, I graduated from the University of Houston ("UH") with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting. I have mentioned this in previous posts. I went straight to UH after graduating from high school in 2002. I have never attended another college or university prior to enrolling at UH. Were you referring to what high school I graduated from? I attended UHD as a transient (visiting) student during the summer of 2004 for 1 class and that was it. Any other questions?
  11. For many years, I have met many UHD students/alumni who have passed themselves off to me as a UH student/alumni. They would answer "University of Houston," "U of H," or "UH" instead of "Universiyt of Houston-Downtown," "UH-Downtown" or "UHD." Upon further inquiry, I would find out that they never attended/graduated from UH, but from UHD instead! Normally, I would ask them questions about UH that only current students or alumni would know. Many UHD students pass themselves off on their resume as students or graduates of UH. They would put "University of Houston" on their resume instead of "University of Houston-Downtown." I have seen many resumes from UHD students/alumni like this. UHD students/alumni putting "University of Houston" on their resume are falsifying information--intentionally or unintentionally. I strongly believe most are doing it intentionally to benefit them. As a result, students in the UH Bauer College of Business have been advised to put "University of Houston - C. T. Bauer College of Business" on their resume instead of just the plain simple "University of Houston." I have worked with two UHD alumni since my graduation and have found that they are not that competent. Yet, they walk around passing themselves off as UH graduates, instead of UHD. I am very embarrassed by this for UH and so are many other alumni from UH's Bauer College of Business. Although they were not UH graduates, UHD alumni give us a bad reputation in the business world because so many of them claim they graduated from UH instead of UHD. I came to UH for the Bauer College of Business and had to work hard to gain admission to the business school. Being admitted to UH does not mean you automatically meet requirements to be admitted to the Bauer College. Current UH students and transfers have to have at least a 2.75 GPA (4.0 scale and regardless of hours) in order to be admitted to the business school. At UHD, it is open admission to the university and business school. Open admission means you are admitted regardless of your academic standing. A person with a 1.0 GPA will be admitted to UHD. Many people on academic suspension from UH transfer to UHD. UHD is the only university in Texas that accepts people on academic suspension from other schools. Many people attending UHD were either denied admission to UH or couldn't make it at UH. I have met several people who couldn't make it at UH and end up transfering to UHD after being placed on academic suspension. As stated by user TexasVines, "UH has built up a number of quality programs in business, law, engineering, architecture and other areas and those students that gain admissions to those programs based on hard work and grades deserve to have their degree recognized for the higher standards UH has over UHD." As stated by TexasVines, "Many employers in Houston know the basics that UH means a quality college of business and a quality college of engineering and could easily assume that UHD holds to those same standards when that is far from truth. UH has worked to elevate their status and their students in many academic colleges/departments have worked hard to be admitted and graduate from those colleges/departments and they deserve to have recognition for that and not be confused with UHD." Ever since highschool, I have heard many outsiders make comments such as "Everyone gets into UH; no one can get denied from there." Ignorant people make comments like this because of the confusion between UH and UHD. Most people do not know UH and UHD are two SEPARATE universities. In fall 2006, only 74% of the applicants were admitted to UH while 100% were admitted to UHD. This is why UHD needs a name change to distinguish itself and end the confusion with UH. How can we (UH) elevate our status and get the recognition we deserve if UHD keeps its current name??? People have negative views of UH because they think UH and UHD are the same university (which they are not). A lot of people who attends UHD run around saying they go to UH and this gives people (outsiders) the wrong impression that UH admits everyone. As a result, UH suffers from this damaging reputation. I took one class at UHD as a transient (visiting) student during the summer of 2004. The differences between UH and UHD were night and day. I felt UHD was like a highschool and being in a third world country. No wonder people call us (UH) "Cougar High" because they confused UHD with UH. As of September 2008, only 36,098 people can claim that they go to UH (the third-largest university in Texas). However, a lot of the 12,283 people at UHD are incorrectly claiming (LYING intentionally) that they attend UH as well (which they don't). The cougar mascot and the red and white colors are exclusively for UH. UHD has their own mascot (Gator) and colors (blue and red) because they are a SEPARATE university, not a branch campus of UH.
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