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  1. This is a question that has been stumping my networks of photographers and architects, literally, around the world. It finally ocurred to me that houstonarchitecture.com has a forum and a very knowledgeable readship that has always answered every question I have ever posed. Here it is in a nutshell, "This photo was taken in 1914 at 22 rue Saint-Sauveur in the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris, France. This structure no longer exists but it was part of what was known as "the old Paris". What I would like to ask someone, anyone to do is to look at this photo and notice the doorway that is to the left of center in the photo. There is an irregular shaped passageway and the doorway is right next to and to the left of this passageway. If you look above the doorway you will see a rectangular looking piece of either wood or metal that looks attached on both sides about one-third of the way down on either side of the doorway. Then it looks like it is hanging from the top down at approximately a 45 degree angle that's held by what looks like metal or some such material holding it at that angle. I hope I have explain this well enough for you to know what I am talking about. Does anyone out there know what this thing is that is hanging and/or what purpose it serves. Sometimes these old photos and/images show us something that is either archaic or so old that it is no longer used. Then it becomes what is it? Thanks."
  2. Promptly at ten o'clock on Thursday morning, November 1, 1917, the court-martial of Sergeant William A. Nesbit and sixty-two other members of the Third Battalion, Twenty-fourth Infantry, convened in Gift Memorial Chapel at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Despite the strong objections of many local citizens who thought it inappropriate to try "the Houston rioters" in the beautiful new chapel, the trial took place there primarily because it was the only building large enough to accommodate a court
  3. There were three courts-martial associated with the, "Camp Logan Mutiny and Riot of 1917. They were referred to as the: Nesbit Court Martial (The 1st court martial) Nov. 1, 1917
  4. Allbritton's Cafeteria on Waugh Drive was my all time favorite cafeteria in Houston, Texas. Sonny ran as good a business and restaurant as you'd ever want to imagine. The food was outstanding, the servings were generous, the help all had double digit longevity, the atmosphere was like home and you were never a stranger because Sonny had something nice to say to everyone. Their holiday meals like Thanksgiving was not to be missed with unique dishes like a combination pumpkin pie on top with a mince meat pie on the bottom. It was a sad day on the last day they ever served a meal in Houston on July 4, 1996 because they were truly a Houston Institution and were a throwback to a time when businesses valued their customers and you knew it as a customer! CampLogan1917
  5. plumber2, I am still trying to identify where that old wooden structure was located. This is the link to the photo and the statement, "The structure in the picture is all that remains from Camp Logan." Last Structure of Camp Logan. I do have a couple of old timers I am talking to that I sent that photo to that are trying to ID that building. Admittedly, the posting on this photo and statement dates to "Oct. 3, 2003" but I will continue to research it. CampLogan 1917
  6. I could not agree more, MadMax. Marguerte Johnston did a magnificent job on this book. As a matter of fact she did such a good job that I was hoping she had written a HOUSTON: The Unknown City 1946 - The Present but alas she did not and no one could do it the way she did with her "signature" style. One of the reasons she did such a good job on this book is because she had unique access to the key families in the drama. The basis of this unique access is that Marguerte Johnston came from that circle of Houston Citizenry which gave her a special and unique perspective for chronicling this story. But, let's not forget that she had a fine writing style, also. CampLogan1917
  7. NenaE, The Sanborn Maps are available on line but with the project I'm on at work I can only access New York and Michigan because they require separate passwords. So, it will take someone that has access to the Sanborn Maps for Texas to access the maps for Camp Travis, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Logan and the area outside of Camp Logan where the rioters traveled. Hopefully someone will post them. CampLogan1917
  8. Since I am having such a difficult time coming up with photos of the events surrounding this incident then let me start by painting some "images of the mind" with some of the most grizzly images like the actual execution of the Rioters or Mutineers. The authoritative book on the topic is called, "A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: The Houston Riot of 1917" by Robert V. Haynes. He starts off the book with the 1st chapter titled, "The Execution" which is just what it says the execution of the 1st round of Rioters and Mutineers that have been found guilty by courts martial at Fort Sam Houston. The book is very hard to find and when you do find a copy of it it is usually in excess of $100 and more than likely $200 or $300 for 1 copy. So, here goes the 1st 7 pages of the book decribing the execution. "> ">"> This photograph is from the Library of Congress and it is an Aerial View of Camp Travis which is adjacent to Fort Sam Houston at that time was located on the east side of San Antonio, Texas. The photo is a very good photo that was taken in 1917 just about the time of the executions of the 1st round of Rioters/Mutineers. I'm not familiar enogh with the topography to be able to make out where the executions took place. Maybe there are those out there with more familiarity with the location that could pinpoint the location if indeed it is in this photo. I don't know how they work and if Sanborn Maps were used in Texas back in 1917 but for those that have access to them it would be interesting to see the Sanborn Maps of Camp Travis, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Logan, and the areas along the route of the Rioters. Since the large panoramic view did not zoom in large enough to make out the detail I decided to cut up and enlarge the panoramic view so hopefully we can see more and better detail. Here are the three pieces left to right. Left Center Right Thanks for listening. CampLogan1917
  9. Just FYI I changed the name of this thread from, "Camp Logan" to "Camp Logan Riot/Mutiny of 1917" because it is now much more descriptive of the intent of this thread than it was with its old title. There was also some confusion between this thread and the thread titled, "Camp Logan Pictures" which has a totally different intent as I see it. "Camp Logan Pictures" is just that pictures of Camp Logan and my interest is in raising the consciousness about the Riot or Mutiny that took place surrounding the incident that took place starting at Camp Logan and spreading out onto the streets of Houston. The real intent is to get the photos that exist but are not readily available during the riot, the rioters, the victims, the courts martial(s), the sentencing, the stockade where the condemned were held, the transportation to the execution site, the execution site, the execution itself, the dead soldiers, graves and location of the graves. After all there are photos of the execution of the conspirators in the Abraham Lincoln assassination surely there must be photos of this incident and all that I have outlined above. I believe there has been a lid placed over this incident that is keeping the inflammatory photos away from the public eye. The reason I say this is because I have seen a number of the photos I have mentioned but they have been part of private collections and commercial video enterprises. This incident is something that involved the U.S. government, the U.S. military and a municipality in the State of Texas and it's hard for me to believe that these documents and or photos are not available somewhere to be viewed by U.S. citizens. Again, I would encourage anyone that has photos of any and all the steps I enumerated above to please post them on this thread for all of us to see. CampLogan1917
  10. Jak siÄ™ masz? We know, maybe, that Panna Maria, Texas is the heart and soul of the Polish Diaspora in the U.S. But, is there a Houston Polonia? And, if there is where is it? Since so many people migrated to Houston from Detroit and Michigan in the late 1970's and early 1980's where there is a significant Polish-American Community I would think some of them brought their heritage with them. The question is did they bring their Poilish(ness) with them in the form of their religion, churches, restaurants, food, fraternal and social organizations, businesses and familial connections? I'd like to hear from you if you're out there. CampLogan1917 aka PolishCatMan
  11. Whitesman, Good points you made concerning the "Mutiny" book and the other book about "Memorial Park, with a chapter about the riots, but with no pictures, just a map of the march route." In addition I have the book, "Houston: The Unknown City 1836 -- 1946" which I have posted on this thread without any photos, also. Your suggestion about Mike Kaliski's video about the Buffalo Soldiers along with bauhausmedia dot, that hosted the making of the video possibly knowing might be a good lead. I will research an email address for either of them and ask them the question directly. We do know there are photos of the milestones surrounding the incident because they are in the video. It's amter of where those photos are and how to access them. Many of the photos we are looking for are probably in the Houston Public Library Archives but unfortunately I'm in the Middle East right now and can't get there. Thanks for the thoughts and interest, Whitesman! CampLogan1917
  12. Just FYI! I think I am starting to get the picture, no pun intended, about why I am not seeing many or any pictures of the Camp Logan Mutiny of 1917 I have been asking about i.e. the Camp Logan mutineers courts martial proceedings, either the 1st or subsequent courts martial, the gallows, and/or photos of the executions, burning of the gallows after the executions and possibly the graves at Fort Sam Houston where the mutineers were buried. It's because there are either no photos of the kind that I have been looking for, they are being so closely held by the Army or they are so obscure that they are hard to come by. I have found the people on this website to be some of the best researches you will find anywhere yet so few or maybe none of those photos have turned up by HAIF contributors. I know that some of those photos exist because I have viewed the video of the PBS special on this topic and have seen some of them. To carry this a step further many years ago I read a copy of "The Night of Violence" by Robert V. Haynes and I remember even years ago having problems getting my hands on a copy of this book. Finally, I had to get a copy of this book through intra-library loan from the University of Michigan and I was living in LA at the time. Recently, I did a search for this out of print book and found it on Amazon.com used for upwards of $100 per copy which I purchased one. And, to my utter surprise there was not one photo in the entire book about, "The Houston Riot of 1917"! There were only 4 hand drawn maps of routes and related locations of the riot and rioters. So, once again, I ask members of HAIF to contribute any of the photos of interest I have mentioned if they have them in their possession. Thank you. CampLogan1917
  13. Taken from "Houston, a History and Guide" Visit This Website Still looking for and haven't found anymore photos of the "Mutiny of 1917"! CampLogan1917
  14. Is anyone aware of any examples of Horace Trumbauer's architectural wonders in the mansions of the rich and famous in Houston? CampLogan1917
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