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  1. Awesome shots Jax. I really love the last one. Was the coloring from the air (smog) or was that maybe the tint of the window? (Wishful thinking )
  2. This one blurred, left the shutter open too long and didn't keep the camera stable enough...
  3. Went out yesterday and today to try out my new DSLR. Here are some of my faves. I LOVE this angle but hate the lines in the way. I guess thats what photoshop is for, right?
  4. I hate cluttered spaces especially when the clutter is human. Like malls. There is not much I hate more than a crowded mall around Christmas. Everyone is acting all cheery and full of holiday merriment when they are really miserable and full of holiday debt but they can't realize it because the Prozac wont let them frown. Disgusting. On the flip side, I love driving through leaves on a cool, cloudy fall day and watching them all scatter in a picturesque, almost hollywoodish manner in my rear-view mirror. I also like hot showers and bubble baths.
  5. Those giant ornaments kind of scare me. Very nice pictures on a gloomy day.
  6. I love all of them. The 2nd and 3rd are my faves. Are you standing on a bridge in the 3rd picture? I'm trying to place where you were. The 4th actually makes buffalo bayou look kinda pretty... Nice work.
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