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  1. Highway 6, I'm glad you appointed yourself the master of this thread so you can let us all know we failed. We are all entitled to our opinion and if you don't like mine then say what you need to say but keep that pompous know-it-all attitude to yourself. I read the entire thread before I made my comment, and I personally think there is more than just a few inches of tire missing in that photo. Maybe you should review what you had to say in post #36.
  2. What's the deal with the apparent seam in the picture where the SUV in the distance seems to have its body sitting on the ground instead of up on its tires? I know there aren't any hills on Westheimer to cause that. Looks like two photos put together to me. It's pathetic that someone doesn't have anything better to do with their time than to talk trash about our city and even alter photos to do so. Let me reiterate my point.... PATHETIC. If they love Dallas so much then let them stay there. We don't need any more snobs down here.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion AJB857. I will keep him in mind if I can't get this guy back out in the future. Incidentally, he wound up only charging me $130 for the gas line. He figured out a nice simple way to do it that didn't even require getting in the attic. I had him install a toilet and bathroom faucet, including new shut off valves and water lines, while he was at it. I am strapped for time and working on moving in, so it was worth paying to have those done. I'll probably handle the next toilet install myself, but glad I've got one done so I can use that bathroom. All totalled, it was $365 including parts. That's $85 less than the other company wanted just to do the gas! Glad I got some different estimates.
  4. I talked to one of my new neighbors and got the number of his plumber. He came out yesterday and quoted me $140 for the gas line instead of the $450 the other guy said. He also told me where to get a better deal on the toilets and higher quality faucets than I got at Home Depot. I'm probably going to have him install one toilet for the time being and I'll install the other one as soon as I get some time to do it. He also told me that the sink I got wouldn't even work with the countertop in my kitchen and told me multiple options to save money there as well. I knew that other company was a rip off.
  5. ...and I suppose it's your business to tell me that??? Some people are having a hard time right now. Stocks are in the toilet. Glad you're not having any troubles... Unfortunately, this house has gotten MUCH more expensive than I expected, so yes it is a hardship. I don't have a problem with the $450 so much as the grand for the sink. Why should I bend over and take it dry for those guys when I know I can get a better price? I got in contact with a plumber (licensed with a reputable business and over 30 years of experience) today that said he usually does that same sink install for about $250. He has worked for my in-laws multiple times and his prices are less than half of the quotes they got from John Moore. I had to convince him to come out from Katy to do the job, but he said he's going to do it.
  6. I am about to move in to the house that I bought in Spring Branch area. I need a new gas line run from the attic down to where the stove will be, a top mounted kitchen sink and faucet installed, and possibly some toilets and bathroom faucets (not as urgent). I was told by my mom's boyfriend (who is a very experienced home rennovator) that the gas line shouldn't cost more than about $150-200 because there is an existing one in the attic only a few feet from where it needs to come down. I had a company come out to give me a quote, and the guy said about $450 for the gas line and $980 to put in the kitchen sink and faucet! I already have the sink and faucet... he just needed to install it. I will go without before I'll pay that much! I have called another company in the neighborhood that I read was good in another post on here, but they want $50 just to give me an estimate. If their quote is high, then I'm screwed out of my $50. So, does anyone know a good independent plumber with good prices? I've been asking friends, and no one can come up with somebody to do it as a side job for me. I know some people on here will say to just spend the money, but I cannot afford it. I appreciate any help, because I won't be able to cook food until I get this done!
  7. A good friend of mine is an AC guy. He has been working on AC since he was in junior high school along-side his stepfather who is also a master tech, so he really knows his stuff. He told me to be sure to have my AC serviced every year and the unit will stay effective for much longer. He serviced my old AC system in the house I just bought and it definitely made a big difference. I always forget the name of his company, but his name is Bryan and his number is 281-704-7935. He usually works on his own and doesn't have a fancy truck or anything, so his prices are likely to be much better than a large company that pays for advertising and brand new vehicles. If you haven't done anything yet, it would be worth it to give him a call.
  8. Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I am closing on my first home this coming week, and I couldn't be more excited/nervous. It is a 1,200 sq. ft. one story house built in 1958 in the Spring Branch area. Now that I've found this forum, I can tell it will be very valuable to me in the next month or so as I prepare the house to move in. I am wanting to get the best insulation possible for this house as I like to keep it kinda cold and I know the investment will pay for itself. I've gotten quotes from a few places to add 10-12" of insulation into the ceiling (on top of the old 4" stuff) plus radian barriers in the roof. The roof is only a couple years old, so it'll need to be something installed from the inside instead of under the roofing. Now that I've come on here, I am finding all the differences in insulation that I am totally ignorant about and wondering if the quotes I got are even for the right thing. What would you guys recommend I put into my house and who to do it? Thanks in advance for any help!
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