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    First and foremost its having a good time with my family and friends. I love to cook. I also love wine. On occasion I will golf but it seems to take up to much time so I find myself doing it less than I would like.

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  1. I don't know Jettall but I wish I could start a little website whenever some crappy sub-contractor did crappy work on my house and got paid but they wouldn't come back.
  2. new water heater. It wasn't the PRV...we cleaned it up and felt insulation and that is where it is leaking...inside the tank.
  3. Yeah, it was corroded. I am going to replace. Ouch.
  4. Its a 1998 tank. It looks like a small amount of water is coming from the top of the unit at the what I believe to be the pressure relief valve.
  5. My water heater pan has standing water in it. Is there a common problem regarding this that can be fixed?
  6. They might not be on the City View Lofts project anymore.
  7. Typically banks give a time for you to inspect. They don't do the inspection period outlined in the 2nd to last page of a trec earnest money contract. What I would do is spell out that you want X amount of days to "inspect" if you don't like what you see then you get your EM back. Now, you have an oppurtunity to go to city and ask for a copy of the plans on file...I don't see how a home could not have any inspections...that being said you could ge these but I think it takes 5-7 days which is about how long banks usually give. So....if that is what you are looking at then I would hire an engineer to inspect the property. As a side, if the house is sheetrocked and has not had inspections it is probably something not worth pursuing unless you get it at or near lot cost IMO. If you want to pick my brain give shoot me a PM.
  8. Lots of builders are in same position as Valentine. I don't know them but if they were built in houston then the COH inspections are pretty good. The main issue is roof typically, its not an inspected item. What is left to do in home? Is water on? I would flush toilets with tp, run water for a while on each faucet....Get thourough inspection, possibly by an engineer as well.
  9. That was very helpful, thank you. I agree, it is a good time to buy there. Those "investors" weren't investors, they were scammers is my bet. They raised the price and pocketed the difference and never made a payment.
  10. i've been away for some time so I realize that this could be late but I could help you if you need. Contactg me and let me know how much you are looking for. You can come by my office and look at some carpet samples.
  11. Thise are also not the best floorplans and I believe they could get noisy if the building were more full. Seemed like the construction had little sound proofing. Still I think the price is right. One thing to mention is the HOA could be weak and in need of money? That would be of some concern to me although I have no knowledge that that is the case.
  12. IMO the end of 2009 could be time to sell. The time to buy will be now. The reason I see the end of 2009 being a good time for seller's is that there are very little houses that will be built in 2009. Financing for new construction is very difficult to obtain. That being said the end of 2009 could in fact be a good time for both buyers and seller's. Low construction cost plus low interest rates for buyers...
  13. I heard a little snipet on the radio of who I believe was Oliver Luck(Dynamo Gm or President?) saying that the stadium was not looking good at the time. Nice job Bill White, pay double for some land and have no use for it! Kind of pisses me off like when I drive by a stranded car on the road while driving 60mph and seeing the driver waiting for the free tow off the side of the road because it slows traffic so much.
  14. I missed those meetings. Still, there was no way the city was not going to buy the property no matter what any opposition said. Even Bill White said that the city would buy the land and figure something out if the stadium deal could not get done. It was stupid and they paid too much for the land.
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