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  1. That's awesome. The old Vinyl Edge location was way out there.
  2. That's the nicest house on 14th St., carport included. It looks a 100 times better than the monstrosity they keep building up and ever up across the street.
  3. If one day I want a burger but don't want one from from Hubcap, Christian's, The 3 Creeks, or the 2 Five Guys it's good to know that Beck's Prime exists as an 8th option.
  4. Someone was mugged by a guy with a gun at Pecore and Bauchamp last year, right across from those apartments.
  5. I always wanted to like King Biscuit. But.... The jams were awesome, though.
  6. The Obama-Jesus being crucified by hooded Klansmen...subtle!
  7. I always assumed the train sounds traveled farther in the winter becauee there are no leaves on the trees.
  8. Good stuff. I'd get a watermark on those and repost. Otherwise you'l probably see a couple fo them again
  9. The sexual assault of a female jogger last month was reported in the news as in the Heights, near Studewood. I never got a full account of exactly where this happened. Was it on the new trail, or on the trail by the bayou?? And they caught the guy the next day.
  10. After the controversy caused by the demolition I hadn't heard anythng regarding the owner's plans to rebuild. Looks like they've started. Any Info??
  11. I'm still not sure where I'm at on this. It did suck when I lived west of yale years ago and had to go all the way to Shepderd to get on I10 W. My main concerns 1) more/easier access in and out of the neighborhood leads to more traffic and "mischief" 2) they will act as barriers at Heights and Yale which are currently very bikeable/walkable.
  12. From a Friend in the Area: "I remember when this happened (last week some time). There were several reports from around the area of guys riding around in a white car robbing people on the street, driveway, sidewalk, etc.... I remember that one of the victims was messing with his telescope when they pulled up and robbed him. This happened on the east side of shepherd on the 34th near Graham park. As far as I know, none of the robberies happened near the Petrol Station."
  13. I recently re-watched Paris, Texas. What an amazing piece of American cinema (even if it was made by a German for a Froench/German production compnay). What fun to see Houston in the early 80's.
  14. American Routes is also on XM Channel 133 Saturdays 8-10. Nick Spitzer is one cool cat. What a great show.
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