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  1. We visited the model homes a year ago or so and were quite impressed, especially with the fixtures, finishes, attention to detail all around, attention to natural light, and with floorplans and elevations that were far better than the usual suburban drivel. The overall quality of the product was equal to or better than some of the better custom home builders here inside the loop. The only downside was that they were only being built and sold in Katy, a couple miles past Katy Mills mall. We weren't interested in living in East Austin, even though similar houses in our neighborhood would cost at
  2. Doesn't apply to me. I'm one of those people who actually understands that ALL of the things that I want government to provide like libraries, roads, police, etc. have to be paid for and that the currency is taxes. I've not once ever advocated for tax cuts because for 1)ta xes here are incredibly low, and 2) tax cuts equal service cuts and there is not much I want to see cut. I do argue for greater efficiency and less waste - anything and every process can be improved. Frankly I wouldn't mind a tax increase if it resulted in better library service, more streets with sidewalks, more streetlight
  3. Not to confuse you Red, but I wasn't complaining about the money spent on the renovation, bond funds, although I could. I am complaining about how little we appropriate for operating the system, annual budget from tax revenues, because it is too little for a city this size.
  4. It is amazing that the Library Dept manages to accomplish anything at all with these numbers: "According to federal statistics for 2006, Houston's library system spends $17 per capita to operate each year
  5. AND you can have any (circulating) book from any HPL library sent to any other HPL library in the system, typically overnight, to be picked up at your leisure with just a few clicks from your home/work computer. You can check it out for up to six weeks. All for FREE. (yeah, yeah I know your taxes pay for it) Try that at Borders.
  6. A bit of info on the "cheese". The patterns and colors in the plaza are themselves the result of a civic art project, not a planning meeting. Sorry to disappoint you, H-town. The pattern is a super-graphic of the floor tile pattern in the historic Julia Ideson Building, the former central library adjacent to the plaza. It is meant to show a connection between the old and new central libraries. The colors are the same colors that will be used in the upcoming LED light sculpture that will be installed in the plaza this summer. The lights in the plaza will be programmed in part by software design
  7. jtmbin

    Discovery Green

    They are rushing because the project is behind schedule because it rained for TEN straight weeks this summer.
  8. "at least", that about sums up most development in Houston these days, and since this city's administration demands nothing more and its citizens expect nothing more, we get what we deserve - the least.
  9. http://www.houstonlibrary.org/branches/loo_home.html HPL Looscan Neighborhood Library Phone 832-393-1900 Hours M 10-8; T 10-6; W 10-6; Th 12-8; F 12-6; Sa 10-6 Address 2510 Willowick Houston, Texas 77027 (Key Map #492S) Directions From the corner of 59 and Weslayan go north on Weslayan. The library will be on the left just past Westheimer.
  10. It is interesting that your wife thinks that it's a hassle. She can search the catalogue of the entire HPL system from the comfort of her home computer 24/7 and have any book, CD, DVD, book on CD, etc. delivered to any one of 36 locations around town within 48 hours, typically. The item will be waiting with her name on it on the HOLD shelf. In many libraries, she can walk in, grab the book off the shelf, check it out herself using a Self-Check machine just like at the grocery store and be out the door. This might take five minutes. If the book isn't ready immediately, say you want Harry Potte
  11. It is very different from the last new HPL building, the Stella Link Neighborhood Library which opened two years ago. That one is very contemporary, very colorful, glass and steel. It is also one of the top two most popular branch libraries in the city. It will be interesting to see how Looscan stacks up when the performance numbers start rolling in.
  12. Try this link http://web.mac.com/bindana/iWeb/Site/Looscan%20Library.html
  13. Pics from the Opening of the new Looscan Neighborhood Library. http://web.mac.com/bindana/iWeb/Site/Looscan%20Library.html
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