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  1. NewQuest's website has an updated plan on the Spring Town Center locations on the NE & SE corners of 2920 and Kuykendahl. On the NE lot(Walmart), they have Marshall's, Michaels, Ross, and Petco as future tenants. On the SE lot(Lowe's), three new restaurants are listed as future tenants. They are Pei Wei, Mooyah's Burgers, and Qdoba Mexican Grill. The last two, I've never heard of. They are mostly in the Dallas area. Hopefully they are good. It's about time we get some new activity in this area! We need some variety out here. Also, the 2-story 24 Hr Fitness that was supposed to go in next to the Lowe's a couple of years ago is now back in the plans. We'll keep our fingers crossed this time that everything goes through... Anybody know how Qdoba or Mooyah's are?
  2. Ground has finally been broken on the Gosling road extension from 2920 to Kuykendahl. Here's a link to the plan for that area: http://har3.commgate...fs/172735_1.pdf
  3. It's definitely a fast food chain. Here's a link to the office condo park and strip center that is proposed to also go in at that site: http://jollyproperti...nnover-pavilion p.s. the google map is wrong at the bottom of the page at that link
  4. It's a Spring Creek BBQ. Here's a link to the layout of that Klein Crossing shopping center; a couple of more restaraunts and box stores... http://milestoneco.com/Klein%20Crossing%20Pads.html
  5. The new Spring Creek BBQ broke ground last week on 2920 in the Klein Crossing II center that's going in next to the former Sizzler. Here's a link to see the layout. Spring Creek will be in padsite C3. http://milestoneco.com/Klein%20Crossing%20Pads.html
  6. We drove over to the Cypress location to get a taste of what's coming. Wow, Mi Rancho better watch out! Alicia's is really good. Better than I expected...now if they'll just hurry it up.
  7. The sign for this proposed site is actually on 2920 just west of Gosling in the vacant lot next to the Sherman Williams. I still don't like it, but it's better than across from the main entrance to Windrose.
  8. There was an Academy listed as a proposed site on New Quest next to the new Palais Royal on Kuykendahl. Unfortunately it's been recently removed.
  9. Sorry, I left out the location in my original post. It's Kuykendahl/2920. I fixed the post. Glad to hear that the food is good.
  10. According to New Quest's website, Alicia's Mexican Grill is going in next to the new Schlotzky's in Spring Town Center on Kuykendahl/2920. They have one location in Cypress. How's the food?
  11. According to Williams Construction website, it is going to be an HEB. http://wdc-construction.com/projects-detai...ProjectTypeID=2
  12. Yes and the traffic has gotten really bad during peak drive times from I45 to Kuykendahl.
  13. It looks like clearing has finally begun for the new "proposed" HEB(per New Quest Properties' website) at 2920 and Spring Cypress. Does anyone know what type of HEB it is going to be if in fact it is going to be an HEB?
  14. For fast food, it beats the hell out of Taco Bell, which is the only other fast food mexican restaurant in the area. I also like that you can drive thru and get decent breakfast tacos. There's nowhere else in the immediate area that offers that. Chacho's would be really nice!!
  15. I found out today that the Taco Cabana that was supposed to go in at the 2920(west of Kuykendahl) location has been canceled. The CVS store that was going to go in at 2920 and Alvin Klein has also backed out. Why is this area so slow to develop? 24 hour fitness, J.C. Penney, Pets Mart, and Michael's all had plans to come to this area and backed out. I wonder if it has to do with the pending Grand Parkway.
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