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  1. Kind of wanted to give this a bump and see what new info there was out there on the area. I am curerntly living in oak forest, 018 and have been priced out. Looked at Inwood but as a woman who's SO travels often, didnt know how safe I'd feel in the area. Met some really nice folks as I drove around the area and all said it was quiet and safe. Great homes, large lots... but those apartments everywhere! Where do you go at night if you are cooking and run out of something?? Thanks for your input!!
  2. There were "apartment for rent" signs up on the fence last time I was by there. Weird little place.
  3. I'm guessing this is really going to happen, as it has now been reported several places. Personally, I couldn't be more pleased! This show is my guilty plessure and to have it in my home town would make it even more juicy. So far the names I've heard mentioned have been Franklin Roses wife and or daughter, Jeff Bagwells wife, The hand SUrgeon, Dr. Brown (who has a rather checkered past, to say the least) wife. I think she is #4. Anyone else know anything about this? Where do you think they'll hang out?
  4. I personally love Plonk! They are located next to Kroger on 43rd st. They have amazing pizza and muffalettas. Chese plates are great wine seasonal wine. They are alwasy changing things on the menu so if you havent been lately, give it a try!
  5. The couple had been walking home from the Petrol Station.
  6. Tuesday Morning stores used to only be open for certain weeks out of the month, and when they opened for that selling time it would always be on a tuesday morning. They would then close for another week and restock etc. GREAT finds there. Glad one is coming so close!
  7. The random fruit has always puzzled me, now it all makes sense.
  8. wants to know what happened to red??

  9. I hope Rays knows to stay open late for all the Last Concert goers with the munchies!
  10. Honestly, I think the shirt is funny. This is "texas football" folks. These rivialires have gone on for years. KPRC showed the shirts from previous years on their evening news cast last night. When I was in highschool in the mid 90s we had our big rivialry game coming up against Conore and at the pep rally they had a Conore Tigers jersey. One of the coaches proceeded to make himself vomit on the jeresey during the pep rally. its just football. I dont think that any of the memorial players are going to trying and replicate this act, because they saw it on a t shirt.
  11. Just checked the time on the press post. I didnt scoop anyone. Booo...
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