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  1. I ate at several of the Hamburgers by Gourmet locations. Hillcroft, Montrose, back side of Foley's garage on Milam, and Kirby. Two re-launches were tried after the originals closed. One in a house on Park Place Blvd. east of Reveille and also on NASA Rd.1 in Clear Lake City. They were flame-broiled and my usual was the one with BBQ sauce.
  2. My wife and I had an excellent meal at The Anchorage one night. She had their Fried Shrimp and I had Filets of Sole wrapped around Abalone in a Creamy Sauce. I've had Dover Sole in England and other Sole dishes, but nothing like the dish at The Anchorage.
  3. The Hughes Club was on Sheldon Road and was bordered on the east side by the San Jacinto River. It had a nice pool. I learned to water ski on the river when I was 14. Had to confront large wakes from sand barge tows. We got there by driving north from I-10.
  4. Re: The Four Palms. Before graduating from Milby H.S. in 1962, the big cruising place was the Ranger Drive Inn on Telephone Rd. Up and down Telephone were clubs including The Four Palms. There was The No Palms, The Palms, The Dancers, and others. Most were "Pressure Cooker" hangouts. Today Microwaves and Frozen Dinners have replaced pressure cookers. It was really something to see how many cars filled the club's parking lots in the afternoons and early evenings. HPD occasional had to be called to calm marriage disturbances.
  5. The Vagabond Club had regular performances by local musical talent. I never went there but understand in its decline that it was a place for drugs and illicit activity. A friend who is retired HPD clued me in who used to hang out there.
  6. Mandola's Deli is still at the corner of Cullen and Leeland. Across the street is Rainbo Bread Bldg. Just east of the bakery is the former East End State Bank Building. Across Leeland is the original bank building. After being a bank it was the location of Ballatori's Italian Restaurant. It closed several years ago. Could the deli you mentioned could have been Samperi's? I don't know the history of Mandola's Deli location. I do know that they are related to the Mandola Restaurants Clan.
  7. I'm thinking it might have been called the Cattle Yard. There was also one on I-45 just north of Greenspoint Mall. I believe it was a Franchise started in Dallas.
  8. Regarding the old Humble Golf Club south of Pasadena. It was located at Redbluff Road and Genoa-Redbluff. It was later named Baywood. It is now closed.
  9. We lived on Howard Drive in Meadowbrook from 1945 to 1962. Our home phone went from Olive to MIssion telephone exchanges. OL-3345 to MI-3344, AND later MI9-3344.
  10. The steak at Herert's Ritz was called their Rib Steak. It was actually a Bone-in Ribeye. A late uncle of mine went there often. It was a neat old place.
  11. Alanda, my family and I ate often at the Post Oak location. The steak dinners were to die for as was the French Onion Soup. Later I had some business lunches at the Richmond Ave. location. Do you have any of the Recipes? Didn't the steaks come with a little pouring cup of steak sauce? I remember the Post Oak location being a hangout for Houston Golf Pros. Thanks for bringing back dining memories. Back then I bet your Dad knew the family that owned The Las Vegas Inn, Sonny Look, Granny Harber, Charlie Lung, Bud Bigalow and Bill Bennett real well. Pls follow up with any more information. I love Nostalgia. Tks!
  12. Jamail's was on Shepherd not Kirby and is now a Petco. There have been numerous dining places on the east side of Kirby just north of the Southwest Frwy.
  13. Does anyone remember Susanne's or Suzanne's Cafeteria that was upstairs in the Alabama Center at Shepherd and West Alabama. It was operational from the 50's thru 60's, maybe even the 40's. It was in the same center as the Alabama Movie Theater.
  14. I believe the Railcar themed place on South Main by OST was originally the Railcar Restaurant. When it closed it became Droubi Imports that had Antone's type Poboys. Wasn't the Salad/Soup Vegetarian place on Shepherd down from Jamail's Grocery the Hobbit Hole?
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