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  1. I guess we should all not care if they decided to go with Pepto Bismol pink It's an opinion, get over it already
  2. It is going to be incredible to see residential butting up to MMP. Not that it would be the same but I just love how in places like Boston/ Chicago, etc where the stadiums cozy up with the community around them. I hope this is the beginning of the same for MMP.
  3. I'm still not a big fan. The yellow is just nauseating to look at though street level is a big improvement
  4. Is it typical to embed a crane inside the perimeter of the foundation such as the new crane that will go up?
  5. Still wasn't built the last time I was in the area a few weeks ago.
  6. The Cosmo's garage section is so cold looking from street view, they just do nothing to make that place seem inviting in the least. I hope Astoria does come out better around the ground level garage area.
  7. It looks like this thing is moving very quickly. I'm curious to see if this thing beats Astoria to it's topping out height
  8. I second that. I will definitely be getting some tickets this next season. I gotta see that view
  9. So this Skyhouse isn't going to be green glassed? I would have hoped it would have more of a differential with the downtown location than just the airplane hanger top
  10. This all sounds really exciting. I might have to go and check it out
  11. Headline: In-N-Out Burger snubs Houston for yet another new Texas city: Why the fast food cult fears H-Town http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/01-23-14-in-n-out-burger-snubs-houston-for-yet-another-new-texas-city-why-the-fast-food-cult-fears-h-town/
  12. It looks like Frost Bank will be moving into their new location at Blvd Place during the summer.
  13. I don't understand what is taking this place so freaking long to open up.
  14. Glad to see this window has been cleaned. Seems like every time I have gone up there over the years, it is always really dirty lol
  15. If autocorrect wrote the wrong word, why wouldn't you just fix it without pointing it out and asking for forgiveness all in the same post? Doesn't make sense.
  16. I'm pretty sure they are just cleaning it. At least from every aspect I can tell. At first I was thinking the same thing until I had to take a second look at some older pictures of the building. It is pretty crazy to think a building looks one way before you take off the dirt and grime and it looks completely different after.
  17. I can't tell if that is grass or turf there on the second floor. I wonder what they would be using it for anyways.
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