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  1. I am soooo happy to see this thing come out exactly like the rendering. I love it
  2. I honestly didn't see the crane move at all this past week. I still stand by what I said before that I feel BHP will beat Astoria to it's final height, even though BHP is still below grade. BHP site is a constant hustle and bustle.
  3. Wow! Tonights game vs the Heat was Incredible!
  4. People must be living longer or turning into zombies
  5. Maybe it is just me, but noticing the Texas flag still waving on the Texas Tower as it slowly comes crumbling down is visually poetic and sad Great picture though.
  6. I guess SkylineView must be out of town or busy so I will try to fill a little bit of that void
  7. Yes you are right that in due time strip centers and box stores will become obsolete in these high traffic, high concentration areas. The part that I found redundant and comical was the, "not sure when but it will happen" addition. In due time everything we want to happen in this city will, whether it be in our lifetime or 100-200 years plus. This is certainly a very hot piece of property. I'm surprised Icon Bank/AT&T across the street was able to renovate and that property wasn't taken for better usage as well.
  8. The construction camera must have one of the dirtiest lenses I've seen. As long as I have been looking at it, it never has been able to get a good shot without tons of glare and smudge
  9. Man that corner crown next to the street looks obnoxious and unnecessary.
  10. Do you have any pictures of the nice brick work? From the view I have from my office it doesn't look all that great from afar.
  11. Is the map a little off, because it looks like this development is butt up against the Marquis on the map. Other places on the map indicate a separation of road between developments, except here.
  12. Cars will fly and then the Earth will die. I'm not sure when, but it will happen. #GFR #YOLO
  13. My mom and I would go there every so often in the 90s
  14. They are renovating it. I am not sure what will go there. Many of my coworkers and myself used to park there for work instead of in the BHP parking garage because the walk to the 1400 building is quite a bit longer. We were told two weeks ago that they were going to start renovations the next Monday and that we couldn't use the parking lot anymore.
  15. I think this area would be amazing to see during a really nice hard Houston thunder storm. Not only would you smell the wonderful smell of rain and the sound of thunder, but to see the rain running down the roof into this square area and basically making a continuous curtain of dripping rain would be nice to just stand back and observe the beauty that is the nourishment of nature as an art form. Just seems like an event that touches so many senses
  16. I think I came across a picture of wxman I'm just messing man
  17. Aren't they hoping for more outdoor cafe seating in certain areas with the restaurants and such?
  18. Hopefully one of them will get a historic baseball that could help subsidize their insane rent haha
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