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  1. joey dorsey is the same height as shane battier at 6'8 but has 40 pounds on him. in regards of him being a rookie i cant see him having any real sufficient impact off the bat as a backup center behind yao. i hope he might be able to in a year or two, we will just have to see. i would definitely throw carl landry in at center if dikembe gets hurt as a back up. we know landry can hold his own. we saw that last season. dorsey will have to prove himself to me and houston before he gets to be second string or third string center. this is no doubt our season to bring our baby back home to clutch city
  2. ron artest is going to be such a huge gain on the court this season if carl landry stays can you imagine having ron artest, shane battier, yao ming, carl landry and chuck hayes all in the line up and rotation for an outstanding defense. i cant wait to see the rotation scheme that coach rick adelmen will create. i agree with prohouston. lakers, jazz and hornets will be our most difficult opponents in the west this season
  3. honestly if the rockets stay healthy then this years championship is going to be ours to lose. i dont see the celtics big three being able to break down our starting 5 and our first string players. *fingers crossed* to a healthy season!
  4. man im so excited to see this thing go up since seeing those crane pictures my heart jumped a little bit..whew haha
  5. thats goin to be a pretty nice church. i'll definitely have to check that out once it is built
  6. i hope this ends up being the break we have all been waiting some time for *fingers crossed*
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