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  1. This might be a good topic to put in the "Houston Area Dining, Shopping and Entertainment" forum
  2. Carter and Singleton have their first grand slams in the same game Sunday night! Last time the Astros hit two grand slams in the same game was July 30th 1969! http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2014_06_08_houmlb_minmlb_1&mode=video&content_id=33563121&tcid=vpp_copy_33563121 Astros now 29-36 for the season
  3. I really like it. I hope it comes out looking something like that.
  4. That surely looks like Chase Tower to me
  5. It was awesome to see the Triple A slugger Jonathan Singleton hit his first homer in his first game last night. These guys are fun to watch, that is for sure
  6. Not sure, maybe someone could go by tomorrow and take a closer look?
  7. Watching the Stros game online and they showed this shot. I had to take a screen grab
  8. Well sadly that just ended. Hey Mollusk, I don't have Comcast but I watch the games online through a portal. If you want the address just DM me
  9. It looks like from this article last year that it is closed to the public, but I am sure you can get away with it if you dress and act like you belong http://www.chron.com/homes/commercial/article/Some-of-Houston-s-best-views-are-going-private-4735971.php
  10. I think it is less about there being issues with their current product but more about Apple's continuous product line improvements. I would assume that 30% or more business professionals downtown use an Apple product for work or pleasure. With the amount of product updates and software updates within the year I feel it would be beneficial to an Apple store to move in. People could swing by on lunch breaks or after work to see the latest and greatest in Apple technology. I myself like to go in time to time to see what new accessories there are, or how something feels in my hand or finger tips, to get an idea of if I should improve my current devices. Yes every so often there are small issues that you would like to see someone about and have the personal touch of professionals in those devices to help you out. I think it would be a really good idea, and I think with a good location and the current and future density of downtown, it would be a smart idea.
  11. Pitching has really been coming around. McHughes, Keuchel, Peacock, have been killing it as of late and the bull pen seems to be settling down some. Astros are starting to mature before our eyes!
  12. Doubtful, season ticket holders and fans alike who actually showed up to games hated the location of those signs. It's not as if many fans or season ticket holders showed up in the first place, but if you refuse to listen to their wants and needs for something so basic as sign placement, then you serious have issues. The last thing you want to do is alienate the people that show up to watch a game, let alone the ones they already alienate by their broadcasting arrangements. Maybe it was also conspicuous timing that baseball season was just around the corner to start back up again
  13. I understand what you mean. I think many of us are emotionally used to being let down, or disappointed in the end. I am just glad they have had such urgency (though lacking some safety) in bringing down this building. I hope the urgency continues with the rise as it did the fall.
  14. To be honest, what would the point be for them to pay the demo crew extra for bringing it down quickly if they wanted to let the rubble sit there for a few years?
  15. Frank's downtown has a pretty darn good slice with a cool atmosphere
  16. Why the LOL? Aren't prairie grasslands more environmentally effective when it comes to rain run off, more economical with less need for mowing and maintenance, and gives the more natural look that can feel more inviting?
  17. Anyone have a before and after picture of the garage?
  18. Don't get me wrong, I want Lin to play well but I get nervous when he is on the court. Could my qualm be due to McHale's choices of when to put Lin in, sure it is possible. At the same time however, McHale isn't the one that has consistently been running too fast down the court and missing point blank lay ups, or shooting no where near the hoop air balls. Jeremy Lin did play better in Game 5 but he tends to make more risky passes, or like he did in Game 4 hold the ball for an absurd amount of time and pass it to someone else to shoot. Many on the team deserve criticism, especially Harden's passive play style as of only having some 11 points going into the 4th quarter last night (I believe). It is the holding the ball and turn overs that are killing the team and Lin has been front and center in those categories for much of the second half of the season. I want our boys to do well, but right now I don't have faith when the ball is in Lin's hands.
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