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  1. I would have 100% agree with you if I hadn't gone through a similar experience myself. It isn't just being in the wrong state of mind. When every painful thought in your head and every fiber of your being tells you that you are better off dead, thinking about how any other person feels in that moment is the farthest thing in your mind. People who are depressed enough to commit suicide don't have a few months of depression, but maybe years on going. Being beat down that much and for that long takes a toll, and sadly ending the suffering of mental illness by any means can be too tempting for some. It's a tragic way to go for everyone involved.
  2. @Cloud713 I disagree that we have in fact determined that the road is completely closed off. It looks like the two lanes one way south of the underground garage are to remain open but can be closed for events. If it is in fact closed permanently than these two slides must be wrong. There wouldn't be a car at the promenade or the two lanes To me, the red posts on the south side of Disco Green seem to make it easy to put up a temporary canopy for events and to shut down the two lanes. It looks like the posts are perfectly placed for a "gallery" canopy top. I might be wrong but thats just how I understand the renderings
  3. Gorgeous day and gorgeous pictures Triton. Thanks for the great updates. Props!
  4. The work they are doing on this thing looks insanely meticulous. Pretty awesome to see
  5. On this note, with the ban on propane lifted in the downtown area, the influx of food truck potential will have a nice effect on these areas during events and game days
  6. Astros break the 100 losses in a season skid. Here is to improvement this season!
  7. So does this mean that they aren't going to be making any exterior improvements?
  8. I don't know if anyone else has been watching but Chris Carter is absolutely on fire... and honestly after the 200+ strike outs last year I am surprised to be saying that. I'm turning into a believer!
  9. The bayou banks we could lose Once again, a flood-control project threatens Buffalo Bayou http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/The-bayou-banks-we-could-lose-5643739.php?cmpid=twitter-premium&t=6793d24198d90d0955#/0
  10. I'm really glad it is back up, but I must say, I am surprised we still have the Christmas tree HAIF "A" still going in the middle of July. I guess I can get down with Christmas in July
  11. Will they be able to have the signage on top like in the rendering or would that be omitted similar to the Embassy Suites "E"?
  12. Doesn't cut too much of the view from the lower level
  13. To my knowledge there plan is to destroy the entire structure and recreate the columns that looked like the original columns. If they had decided to keep the original columns, I would like the idea more.
  14. I'm guessing this might only be temporary for the 4th of July.
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