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  1. 41 minutes ago, Montrose1100 said:

    Has anyone been to the HEB in Gulf Gate? I was at the Home Depot there and decided to check it out. Had about 75% of the stuff I needed. I guess I’ll have to go to the one on W Alabama.


    Yeah my wife hates going to the Gulf Gate HEB for that reason, as well as how crowded it gets. I don't mind it since I used to go there before the Montrose one opened up.

  2. On 6/23/2018 at 10:30 PM, Montrose1100 said:

    I’m happy to revive a +5 year old thread as Combat Kroger is being renovated tonight. I went in today as a new east ender and I as happy they had half the stuff I needed, but didn’t live up to it’s name. There was a Mercedes and Range Rover in the parking lot. I am very interested in the spiritual apothecary across the street & Super Happy Funland.


    On 6/26/2018 at 1:24 PM, samagon said:

    yeah, I pop in that Kroger about once a week for various sundries. Sometimes I take the Range Rover, sometimes I take the Mercedes.


    jk about the cars, but I do go there once a week for random stuff.


    I am happy with the complete random demographic that I always see.


    Heard some rumors that the Krogers might be expanding and taking over the dollar store area next door. Has anyone heard anything like this?

  3. I've been wanting to make a thread for the new season for a while but really haven't been sure what kind of team we have so far this season. It is apparent with many roster changes, some new faces and old, that this team is very much different than last years.


    So far the young season for the Rockets has been dominated by injuries. With Pat Bev currently moving in and out of the disabled list, on which Terrance Jones is becoming a main stay with his injuries and D Howard joining him as of recently.


    I know many people around the league and probably here, who follow basketball are scratching their heads as to how such a team can be 16-4 out of the gate.


    This team has a lot of scrappiness to them and their three point game has been outstanding thus far.


    Can they be a team that can go far in the post season? Are they a better team than last seasons? Have we just gotten lucky so far this young season?


    Curious as to what Haifers think about this 2014-15 Rockets team.

  4. A pretty scathing piece from a local Kirby neighbor about the Hanover River Oaks





    Tommy Dickey tried for a while to get the city to “abandon” Steel Street, so that the oak trees would no longer be in the right of way and the developer could do whatever he wished with them. He met with success at last when Hanover Co., with presumable help from the planning commission, came up with a scheme that would fly: present the plan as developing only a portion of the street, get everyone accustomed to the idea of losing the incredible vista, and take care of the rest piecemeal.

    Before the planning commission meeting on August 21, the developer announced that only five trees would be affected, and that the high-rise involved only a section of Steel Street. Since then, however, things have been moving rapidly, as the rest of the property has been sold off. Dickey apparently didn’t hold out for a higher price for the rest of Steel Street, afraid of possible resistance.


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  5. It would be wonderful if this could be done by the Super Bowl along with 609 Main and the host of other projects Downtown.  


    I hope we will have at least a few buildings still under construction downtown come Super Bowl, that way all those that come to this city will see how fast we are growing and not assume the completed buildings have been there all along.

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