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  1. From seeing the actual plans on the desk of the president of student government my final year of school, the UC is basically going to be completely gutted and reorganized with student activities moved from the basement addition at the back, to a more prominent position upstairs in the main building, while all the meeting rooms and the DOS offices will be moved to the basement. An expanded bookstore/theatre addition will be built next to the UC on the faculty visitor lots at a later date.
  2. Driving up I-55 from Jackson, MS, the only mention of Memphis on guide signs is the first reassurance sign in Jackson and at the state line. Otherwise its little towns like Grenada and Senatobia.
  3. Thats the Quad student lot. I've seen Lambo's in the economy lot.
  4. The communities serviced by "The District" are outside of Harris County and there for cannot be serviced by METRO
  5. That UP probably run 2-3 trains a day tops down that line. There is grass growing in between the tracks, the speed limit is only 30 mph and while its a more direct connection between Houston and Galveston; both UP and BNSF use the old Santa Fe route much more. With track upgrades and minimal station facilities, you could run commuter trains practically overnight on the line with almost no disruption to traffic.
  6. The kids complain and complain so much that the cost of tuition is so much higher than it was 4-5 years ago (It is.) But UH is still way behind UT and A&M in Cost of Education.
  7. Because driving 65 mph over a 50-60 year old road surface full of sudden undulations, blind corners and no shoulders is real safe.
  8. Who ever drew that map put ALT 90 wayyyy off
  9. I don't really get the whole big deal about needing diversity and feeling like its essential for happiness. Why do you feel uncomfortable being around people that are similar to you?
  10. Why the hell is Bill King telling Houston what it should do. I guess its because he spent years being told what to do by Tillman Fertitta, that he has developed a Napoleon complex over it.
  11. Oh they blow there horns at pedestrians that stand to close to the track
  12. Usually highway departments will apply hidden designations to highways that lead from one highway to another. Since Spur 527 leads to 59 its much simpler to a driver to say that this highway leads TO 59 as opposed to this highway IS South Spur 527. There is a hidden designation called Spur 71 outside of Victoria which serves as a connection between South 59 and South 77, but it is only signed with a simple signpost for recordkeeping purposes. Also Spur 527 is signed at its beginning on Smith St.
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