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    showing arabian horses on a national level; collecting kentucky derby glasses; most sports; mexican food - although most food is good too,; road trips; cruises

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  1. I worked for Stelzig's in the 70's when it was still on Preston and Louisiana...you could always tell when it was "rodeo time" by all the wannabees coming into the store for their "rodeo get-ups"... some of the outfits people bought to make them "Go Texan"... you could always tell the real from fake if they had "poop" on their boots and weren't hollerin' about it.
  2. Thunderbird Drive-in...just off Hempstead Hwy...at the intersection of Clay and Hollister
  3. I still have a couple of KILT Solid Gold albums from back in the late 60"s... anyone else remember "Hudson and Harrigan"?
  4. you forgot the other "mystery meat" - potted meat... mrs. baird's bread, miracle whip (has to be the real thing) with chips on the side... Mmmmmmm...
  5. now THAT"S just funny, I don't care who you are!
  6. Don't forget to put water in buckets and/or the bathtub... you'll still be able to flush the toilet if the power is out...just pour water in the tank and flush... take care everyone! i'll be thinking of all of you... all of my family is around Houston too...don't think i'm not concerned being up here in yankee-land... take care lynda
  7. where in central Pa was this editor? I haven't run into any here in south central yankee land (Pa-just above the Mason-Dixon line in case i have to make a quick exit- hahahah)...i'll keep my eye out for the machines... I'll be the one person that gets the pizza that burned up, or all the toppings slid off and all I get is the crust...or my fries burned up in the oil that you see through the glass with a mouse that got in the machine... oops! sorry Topo...don't read that last statement!
  8. it's sad to see so many of the smaller shopping centers fall...i remember so many of the stores everyone's mentioning at the other oak forest shopping center (at one time that place was REALLY hopping)...and not just from the 45's at talleys - i remember going there too H2B...weingarten's was there too...western auto...palais royal... as for the shopping center on mangum, there was TG&Y (one of the kid's shows promoted TG&Y as the place to get the toys on their show)...the drug store was Dugan Drugs back in the late 50's...Smitty's hamburgers was down the street before DQ went in...i can't remember the name of the grocery store there, but i know it became a randall's eventually...and swonke's grocery was right down the street...i don't remember any of the other stores in the center...maybe someone that went to catherine smith es down the street would know...
  9. here's my first try at inserting photo bucket...thanks to hubby for helping with this... camp logan article...august 2004
  10. I have an article my Dad sent me from the Brenham Banner Press in August 2004. It tells about the "Mutiny of 1917", but no photos were in the article. I remember from years past seeing pictures involving the hangings, but have no idea anymore where...sorry I have the writers email address and street address I will forward to you in a PM. If we can figure out how to scan the article and post it here we will. lynda
  11. gonzo, i'm really enjoying the blogs in the chron., especially the then and now pictures. i agree, i think it's the same pony in ALL the pictures of little kids... i realized when looking at the pony picture, i have my own then and now too... i have the picture of me on the pony in the late 50's in cottage grove, and who would have thought years later, that little kid would be named the US National Champion with her own horses several times, especially with one that was spotted too... more then and now pictures please...thanks
  12. foodnetwork.com has some really easy recipes online...many that don't use a lot of ingredients
  13. i had 2nd cousins last name Junek that played b-ball back in the 60's...some of them probably played at the same time as the one H2B refers to...there really wasn't much to do around snook back then...i know snook played in a lot of state championships i remember going to slovaceks and getting nickle ice cream cones...Blue Bell, what else? and the big glass case with all the candy...they used to make some good Q in the back i haven't heard anyone refer to Czechs as bohonks in a long time...that's funny i guess its the short version of "bohemian" my uncle had a place about 5 miles from snook...we would all go sit out in the yard back then and late at night you could hear cougars screaming...a few times they had bear come to the cabin, and one night one was looking in the window and scared the fool out of my grandpa...they said he'd had too much pevo but there were scratches on the wall around the window the next morning H2B did i get it right about the kolach? i hope i hope i hope
  14. if in Texas, yes if in Czech-land no (no s on the end, and this keyboard can't put a ' just misplaced, no ms bs sometimes, but no ms (never did sound right to me) is slovaceks still in snook? when i was little, it seemed like i was kin to about everyone there...my paternal grandma was born there
  15. thanks H2B...you knew i needed another laugh.. the stuff on top is "posypka" or "posipka"...not sure which spelling is correct iif either would be... have one (or two) with poppyseed for me!
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