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  1. I love the first house, but the current owner seriously did not know what to do with it. I could have helped.
  2. My friend assisted Ms. Lee at my friend's place of business, and Lee was jonesing for all kinds of discounts and stuff because of who she was.
  3. Interesting chat in this thread a while back. It seems all apartment dwellers are undesirables. I would like to point out that a lot of working class people live in the places they can afford to live in, which in Houston, are dwindling down. I lived in a "multi-family" development and had to move home because of the cost of an education and a running vehicle along with ever-increasing rents became too much. And this was no swank "Gables" property, either. I work full time at the same place for several years, have benefits, but take-home pay does not leave a lot of wiggle-room in the budg
  4. is tired of Michael Jackson. Again.

  5. I think this is the coolest grocery store I've ever seen, very Googie-looking!
  6. Susan Cowsill's band will be playing at Discovery Green next week, and I would go, but I can't stand being out in the heat.
  7. Does anyone remember the original Corral Cafe in Madisonville? We used to stop there for lunch on the way to my grandmother's house in Mart, Texas. They had a neat Texas souvenir area next to the main dining room. I see the present location is for sale--hope it'll still be a Corral.
  8. I'll always remember Globe for the swimming pool my parents bought us in '68, plus the parking lot carnivals in summer, plus all the 67 cent 45's I bought in the record department at the front. Does anyone remember a miniature golf course behind the Sage on the Gulf Frwy and College? I could be confused--I ain't no spring chicken.
  9. I remember walking along that beach that night, eating a hot dog.
  10. Man, I sure miss Wyatt's cafecteria and their strawberry shortcake.
  11. There ARE a few mcmansions that have gotten into Glenbrook Valley. I hope the remaining mcm's will be saved.
  12. The houses themselves I don't remember, but I remember the streets and some foundations were back there for years. It was very eery back there!
  13. Me too, Nena. But rremember, Foley's had a "budget" department, too.Wow, I can't believe you remember the bags! That's awesome!
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