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  1. I had a similar experience. My girlfriend and I went for a basic breakfast on a Saturday morning. The place was packed. We waited 45 minutes as everyone around us, including some that came in after us, were served. Our entrees finally came out and the eggs, grits, all of it, was cold. They were very nice and apologetic but their stress level was stressing me out. I asked for my money back and was told that the card would be credited. It never was - 3 weeks later. Not even worth pursuing
  2. It's immaculately clean in there. My theory is that they're hoping to lease to another oil & gas outfit. I saw students milling around but not much other activity. The guy at the guard shack had been there since the early '60s. Sad to hear that the Shell facility on Holcombe is going away. I'd love to photograph it before the wrecking ball arrives but it takes an act of congress to get into active petro facilities unless you are working directly for them.
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