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  1. Not sure if the Quiet Zone has been implemented, but I have noticed a large DEcrease in the amount of train horns I've been hearing over here in the East End. It's been weeks, I would say, since I've been awakened at 3 or 5 am with a blaring train horn. Does anyone have news about this or am I just sleeping deeper than normal, as I get older??
  2. http://www.houstonvoice.org/2013/02/05/after-serving-houstons-lgbt-country-genre-since-1979-the-brb-is-closing/ I'm hoping they will re-open at a better location. The building is so dilapidated, it's hard to walk in there without tripping on the uneven flooring.
  3. HAPPY NEW...oh screw it. Pass the Bolli!!!

  4. This Texans game is entirely too stressful. (At least I think it is...I still don't know what the F is going on.)

  5. I was going to Check In at Pei Wei here on Facebook then I thought, "No one gives a shit where I had lunch. Facebook is so stupid."

  6. Costa Rica waterfalls n stuff...

  7. Welcome TO Texas...damn phone.

  8. Watching the Texans game pretending I know what's going on...Touchdown Texans!!

  9. Not tired but need sleep!

  10. I wake up to 60° weather and actually have to put on a jacket...am I getting old or have I just been in hot Texas for too long??

  11. The LaGirls at Le Boy kicked my butt!

  12. Feeling like crap in Brazil

  13. 787 training today and I can't sleep! Just kill me now...

  14. Spanish Village on Almeda has a concoction of, wait for it...QUESO and GUACAMOLE. It's suprisingly delicious and one of those things that make you say "Why didn't I think of that?"
  15. This is the best pic I got.
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