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  1. You're right... and I just noticed that the survey is dated June 2009. I would like to see a Lowe's go up out here though.
  2. I'm not thrilled about the survey for Tract #7 mentioning apartments on the NW corner of Peek and Westpark (see upper right corner of Page 1): http://parkwaylakes.com/Available_Sites_files/Parkway_Lakes_Marketing_Tract%237.pdf I also noticed that the survey for Tract #2 shows an Academy and Lowe's just south of Wal-Mart: http://parkwaylakes.com/Available_Sites_files/Parkway_Lakes_Marketing_Tract%232_Embassy.pdf I wish they'd start working on the Chick-Fil-A shown on the map for Bella Terra (see just south of the existing Taco Bell), because the one on Westheimer Parkway is always way too busy: http://www.shopsatbellaterra.com/docs/BT_site_full1.pdf
  3. Whole Foods has announced their official opening will be at 8 AM on Wednesday, January 30th
  4. Thanks for all the great info... makes me wish I had attended the meeting
  5. Having a light at Fry and Center Village is a good thing, but I'm curious if eastbound Fry traffic will cut through the Stein Mart parking lot to go south on Center Village (if the light is red). Great news about the turn lane from Fry onto 99 North! Now if we can just get a driveway into the Home Depot parking lot from from the 99 South exit ramp!
  6. According to the directory at http://www.lacenterr...il-restaurants/ it will include: Bonefish Grill Emmanuel Salon Grimaldis Pizzeria World of Beer Zoe's Kitchen
  7. Lot clearing has begun on the SE corner of Westpark Tollway at Peek. Any idea what's going in? I found this... looks like maybe a Stripes on that corner, but I can't tell for sure: http://www.loopnet.c...ay-Richmond-TX/
  8. Here's the response I received from David Gornet, Executive Director of the Grand Parkway Association, in July 2010 when I asked about these issues: Grand Parkway was designed to not have access along the route. Access is allowed only to the cross streets. It is the commercial developers responsibility to provide adequate turn lanes in and out of their development if they want to be successful. As for the dedicated right turn only or left turn only lanes; yes, there could be lanes added and longer storage provided so that the movements can function more efficiently. There appear to be an adequate number of lanes under 99 if there was not the commercial congestion on the west side. Fixing this is not easy or cheap. Land might have to be acquired and concrete poured to widen the approaches to 3 or 4 lanes.I think they need to hear from more of us. Fry already backs up east of 99 on the weekends... sometimes all the way to the Grand Lakes entrance at Center Village Drive. So what are we to expect after these new businesses open? I'm afraid it will be as bad as the west side of the intersection -- especially if the road designers don't come to their senses. I hope more people will make their voices heard by emailing Mr. Gornet at dgornet@grandpky.com
  9. They began clearing the lot last week. Appears they may have marked the corner of Fry and 99 to add a right turn lane (for westbound Fry traffic to turn north on 99). This has been sorely needed... traffic stacks up badly if the car at the front of the line is going straight. As for the traffic in this area... the designers of 99 have got to wake up and allow frontage road access to businesses (HEB, Home Depot, Chilis, etc). It's ridiculous that the businesses must be accessed exclusively from Fry and Westheimer.
  10. Just had the following site plan forwarded to me... so happy to see Carrabbas on there GrandLakesMarketplace.pdf
  11. Just had the following site plan forwarded to me... so happy to see Carrabbas on there GrandLakesMarketplace.pdf
  12. Ate at Americas last week, and asked the waiter what the plan was. He said that the restaurant's owner and Wulfe had a falling out... Wulfe didn't reimburse Americas, as was apparently promised, for loss of sales due to the construction. So Americas plans to stay right where they are, per their current lease agreement, until 2013.
  13. Demolition started this week at 2200 Post Oak. The building is surrounded by a fence, and they are in the process of tearing down the parking garage.
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