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  1. Saw a possible drunk or just bad driver in a blk truck who had run off the road by Anvil and ran up onto a short metal pole, guy was stuck.

  2. So sad to see these magnificent trees chopped down... Before The Destruction by groovehouse, on Flickr Its Fate Lies In The Number by groovehouse, on Flickr
  3. Thanks! Um, I'm not sure where I was.... after looking at Google Maps, I think I was somewhere off of N. Main near Hogan & South streets.
  4. Here's a shot of downtown I took on Sunday, December 12, 2010. It was such a gorgeous day! City Between Bayous by groovehouse, on Flickr
  5. Don't be like that. I'm talking about everyday traffic and the fact that bicycles are considered moving vehicles and are supposed to adhere to the rules of the road.
  6. Registered bikes? Ha! Cyclists break the law when they run red lights and stop signs too!
  7. I don't think liquor will help this place. The staff was already drunk to begin with, this will just make it easier for them. I'll never forget the time I went to the old location and the help was drinking from a whiskey bottle behind the counter. Classy. Some places need to just remain closed.
  8. Ming's had the best bubbly wrapper eggrolls. All the other Chinese restaurants I eat at serve those crappy, wafer thin, spring roll type eggrolls. Does Kam's or 888 have bubbly wrapper eggrolls or those other weak kind? Ming's closing is truly sad news.
  9. I don't think it's necessary to improve an already affluent area. Take this money and improve the area from Holcombe to the Reliant area. Then they'd be doing some good. But of course, this is a project of the UKD and not a city project.
  10. Just your luck (in the Heights) what if it was going to be their corporate office. LOL!
  11. OMG!! LOL!! The photoshopped picture with the star in the intersection is horrible! They didn't want to mess with the shadow of the utility pole or the SUV in the intersection, so they cut the image short. Didn't even attempt to blend the graphic with the pavement. Too funny! If you're gonna do something like this, do it right, make it look good. That's just my attitude when it comes to graphics. When I first read this and before I went to the site, I thought they were going to name the intersections after sports figures or something, but they are just putting stars with the street names in the intersection. It's not really sports related, is it? Actually, all this is going to do is create construction traffic on a super busy street for a few years. Thanks, yeah, we want this.
  12. I've seen bluebonnets in front of an image of the state of Texas!
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