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  1. Anybody have any opinions on Memorial Elementary? Seems like a nice facility with the advantage of being in walking distance to Memorial Park and nestled in between two very nice neighborhoods. I guess Texans can take what they have for granted sometimes, in regards to public schools. I have a colleague from Louisiana and when we were conversing about school options in our area his exact quote was: "...even the worse public schools in Texas are probably better than the schools where I'm from" I can totally understand your viewpoint growing up in Cleveland than SM3H
  2. Wow, it sounds like a lot of Heights residents are echoing my concerns I have about the quality of public middle and high schools. Elementary doesn't seem to be as much of a problem, but I guess we are just being risk averse about what to do when our children get to that age. I am starting to feel like living in the city and having my children go to good public schools is like having my cake and eating it too. I do agree the grassroots movement to improve Elementary schools will prevail eventually at middle and high schools in the area though. We will probably be in the same boat as a lot of you people because as a former suburb kid, losing two hours each day that I could be spending with my children is unacceptable.
  3. I have heard the same thing about applyign to inner city private schools. Friends of ours was looking at a reputable private school for their 6 month old, but they recently found out that school requires day care and pre-school done at their facilities in order to qualify for Elementary school applications. It's a very well-off church associated school, so it doesn't have as much to do with making money as it does with a reaction to the demand they have for Elementary school applications vs. space available.
  4. Wow, thanks for the detailed response! We are currently zoned to Memorial Elementary and I do not hear good things about that school. However, I haven't spoken with anybody that with children that go there to get a better opinion. We are seriously considering a move to Garden Oaks to start our family, especially with the Montessori program. I guess it is a little early to be worried about middle and high school, but I know it can be traumatic for children to change school zones and familiar classmates. It will be interesting to see how parents can influence the quality of middle and high schools for the Inner Loop. Excellent point on the commute issue. It seems like the main driver for the suburban move has been the perception that schools are better out there. As a child growing up in the Clear Creek School District, I can tell you that drugs, gangs and general "inner-city" problems were just as prevalent in the 'burbs. We are dreading a suburban move and any support we find here to stay is appreciated!
  5. I see a lot of young couples and families in the Heights. Some with toddlers and some with kindergarten aged children, probably frequenting this message board as well. What do you all plan for elementary, middle and high schools for your children in the Heights? I understand that Travis, Harvard and Garden Oaks Elementary are excellent schools for young ones, but doesn't seem like there are any middle or high schools worth a flip around the Heights/Oak Forest/Garden Oaks/Timbergrove Manor areas. My wife and I are desperately trying to stay in the city to plan our family, but it really seems like the forcing factor for a move to suburbia are the middle and high school (lack of ) quality. Perhaps everyone in the Heights is able to afford private schooling for their children? Or roll the dice on them getting into, and staying in, the magnet/vanguard programs? Just looking for some opinions from seasoned veterans of the inner loop! :-)
  6. Brickfence, you must be one of those well-off Gringos! Don't forget about Los Dos Amigos, El Rey, Los Charros & Laredo Taquerias and Terlingua Border Cafe which brings the grand total of Mexican restaurants within a 5 mile radius to 15!!! What the heck guys!!!
  7. Anybody else having trouble downloading the pdf of Peter Brown's plan?
  8. If this is true, I would have to guess that it won't be a regular "blue-label" Wal-Mart store. WM has been testing neighborhood grocery stores in Arizona named "Marketside". It's a little swankier than WM Neighborhood Market (like the one off of Hillcroft in Westbury). This Marketside concept actually sounds exactly like what Heights residents have been wanting. I would agree that lot is not nearly large enough for a typical WM big box store. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketside Supposedly they put their Marketside concepts on hold during the recession in 2009, but who knows, things may have changed since then.
  9. My fear is that if HEB doesn't build on this site, Home Depot will. Imagine how the migrant worker population will multiply if that's the case. I don't know how those guys can just hang out at Ace hardware in the middle of summer like that. With the I-10 feeder road already beginning and the prevalence of remodels in the Heights/Washington area, this would probably fit HD's profile to a T.
  10. Also, some more developments in Upper West End per the Civic club meeting: 1. West End Park is scheduled to be leveled and re-graded to help with the drainage issue on the back side of the park. The pavillion will be leveled and no plans to replace it. FWIW, I think this is a good thing, as it was a haven for the homeless people and drug dealers. The playground structures will stay and be a part of the plans for the park updates. The schedule on this project will probably be drawn out to a couple years, as the total amount for the park improvements is something in the neighborhood of $200k. 2. Patterson St. has been selected by the COH to have their sidewalks re-done as part of a city-wide pedestrian initiative. There are several other streets across the city that will have their sidewalks re-done and widened as well. As for Patterson, the sidewalks will be re-done and apparently about 6 ft. wide, from Washington all the way to I-10 feeder. Not sure about the schedule for this, but 2010 seems to be a big year for UWE construction projects...if it all pans out.
  11. I think you are referring to 'Rare Bar and Restaurant' across the way from Kicks. I never went there, but I don't think they were serving sushi, more like up-scale hamburgers. Such a shame for someone to dump all that cash and only be open for six months.
  12. Here's the scoop on a few new bars opening around Washington, some I never even knew were on the map: http://fredeatshouston.typepad.com/wwwfredeatshoustoncom/ Roosevelts - Across from Taps (Old Purple Building) Brixx - Changed name from Busty Larue's Shotzky - Country Shot Bar Concept Phil's Texas BBQ - Corner of Washington and Heights (7,000 Sq FT!!!!)
  13. On a different topic, I was at Kobain on Saturday night and they had both PPV events (Mayweather and UFC) going on, along with the UT Tech game, for no cover. Well worth it, especially since Social was charging 10 bucks for Mayweather. Good to take note of for next time if anybody on here is interested in those types of events.
  14. On a different topic, I was at Kobain on Saturday night and they had both PPV events (Mayweather and UFC) going on, along with the UT Tech game, for no cover. Well worth it, especially since Social was charging 10 bucks for Mayweather. Good to
  15. On a different topic, I was at Kobain on Saturday night and they had both PPV events (Mayweather and UFC) going on, along with the UT Tech game, for no cover. Well worth it, especially since Social was charging 10 bucks for Mayweather. Good
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