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  1. a friend's family had a fallout shelter in the linkwood area when i was a kid. i remember we would just stand there looking at the cover asking what was down there. i wonder if the people who live there now, know it is there?
  2. sharpstown is a depressed area that i don't see coming back with all the crummy apartments in the area. my aunt lives off of gessner. i remember when she moved there in the 70's, gessner stopped at bellaire and picked up again around memorial. they extended gessner, built apartments and strip centers and by the mid 80's the area had gone to he!! in a hand basket. now she worries about the gunfire from the apartments nearby. i went to st. agnes in the 70's and felt very safe there. i used to donate my newspapers there in the late 90's and they had to have a policeman patrolling the grounds. they finally built a fence around it a couple of years ago. it is so sad to see both st. agnes and strake in such a run-down area. you got to give them credit for being great schools that there is a waiting list even though getting there is depressing. i was ecstatic that meyerland was able to come back, but they didn't have the thousands of run down apartments to keep it down like sharpstown does. i agree that getting rid of the rundown apartments is the only thing that will save sharpstown. i just can't imagine any young family wanting to move there and establishing roots like so many in the 60's did.
  3. it wasn't in a mall, but i remember shopping at a store on hillcroft near westheimer called dk's. i used to get my monogrammed purses there.
  4. i think there was a u-tote-m near the corner of willowbend and post oak. i think they all disappeared when i was living in dallas from the early 80's to the early 90's. what ever happened to all the houston 7-11's. there are 7-11's in other cities. if i remember correctly 7-11 was owned by southland corp in dallas. we had a independent convenience store near post oak manor. it was called warden's and we would always ride our bikes to it and get icee's, grape gum balls that made your teeth turn purple and buy archie and millie comic books.
  5. i remember it. it was so convenient. never understood why they removed it, because nothing replaced it in the parking lot.
  6. i remember mary jane's magic castle and the word koprocotovo (kprctv with o's.). mary jane was kprc's answer to kitirik, but not nearly as famous, nor as prominent in the memories of the baby boomers of houston. how i always wanted to ride on the birthday merry go round or be in the audience. i also remember cadet don and seymour. and my afternoon memories are full of larry kane. couldn't wait to be old enough to be on his show.
  7. circus was near the strawberry patch, it had the train running around the ceiling. i think papadeux is there now. circus had the best chicken fried steak. as a senior we could go off campus for lunch and we would go to places like across the street and los tios on gessner was another (the one on westheimer wasn't open yet), besides the stefano's on gessner. what was the name of the place on westheimer that was on the east side of 610 and you threw your peanut shells on the floor? and the ice cream place in westbury square? rumpleheimers (or something like that) i remember the pizza at yamin's/sefano's was good, but i was addicted to the po' boys. gaido's was the restaurant with the giant crab. not too far away was sonny look's and they sometimes had a knight on horseback riding up and down the front entrance. we would always go to sonny look's on family special occasions.
  8. yamin's and it's offspring, stefano's, had the best po' boys in town (better than antone's because their's were hot and antone's po' boys were cold). i wish i could find someplace that sold hot po' boys like they used to make. my favorite was the meatball po' boy. i still remember walking in there and it smelled so good and italian. almost as good as the aroma of valian's. nothing smells better than italian cooking.
  9. what a walk down memory lane this thread has been. i remember reading blood and money when i was in college and was fascinated by reading about places and streets that i had grown up with. we drove by the cyandy stables everyday to go to high school when gessner was only 2 lanes. years later i read a case in my estate administration class that discussed lila paulus and asked the professor if it was the same one from the john hill case and she said it was. does anyone remember how the civil suit that robert filed against ash for wrongful death of his father turned out?
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