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  1. i just took several trains through the northeast. here are the rates for purchasing a month ahead first and the day before and length of trip washington dc to philadelphia - $34 vs $49, 2 hours philadelphia to nyc - $34 vs $49, 1.5 hours nyc to boston (took the acela) - $75 vs $99, 3.5 hours (it would have been cheaper and an hour longer to take the regional) even if a flight would have technically been shorter, it would have taken a lot more time getting to the airport at least an hour early and then the plan probably being delayed, etc. i was able to take an earlier train to nyc because i got to the train station early and there wasn't a fee to take the earlier train.
  2. i just spent 2 weeks traveling through the northeast on trains and it was great. it was so nice to sit in a comfortable seat with leg room and being able to walk down the aisle and not bump into elbows and shoulders. i purposely took this trip to take trains. i have traveled on trains through europe and wish i could take a train to go to dallas or san antonio. i know i could get there faster on the train than flying with all the plane delays. you have to get to the airport over an early to get through security and then you hope and pray your flight is on time (last time my flight to dfw was 2 hours late), then it is about 30 minutes from the time you land to taxi to the gate to get off and then get your luggage. all in all from the time i leave my house to get to my destination in fort worth it is usually 4 hours. i can drive it in 4.5. i try to drive whenever possible, but sometimes my trip up there is so short, that i fly in hopes that my flight will be on time. and now that it gets dark earlier, i really hate driving so long in the dark. after my first trip to europe that i took trains, i came back and took the train from houston to dallas, it took longer than if i would have driven, but i enjoyed it. i know that my parents would rather ride even a slow train than drive to fort worth to see their grandchildren. driving takes too much out of them at their age. just think where we would be if we had built the high speed rail in the 90's. i don't understand why the northeast has such great rail service and we have zero in texas. i am a native houstonian and according to popular folklore am married to my car and would never ride rail, that is the furthest thing from reality. i promise you if they build it, people will ride it.
  3. 26. gaido's on main street also about the pierce elevated. my brother was born in sep 1962 at st. joseph's and i remember standing on dirt where they were clearing land for the pierce elevated and my mom standing at the window so we could "see" our new baby brother. also the surrey house or cathay house on main street was raised over water. as a kid, i used to call it the "fishy" place and my dad used to take me there to see the fish swimming around. who remembers when the tornado hit the mitchell inn (i think that was the name of it) on main street? it was on the east side of main, south of where 610 is now. it was a motel. and remember when they built the new front to the chief motel? the motels along that part of main street always looked dumpy to me even in the 60's.
  4. several years ago read a book about sakowitz and wyatt called blood rich: when oil billions, high fashion, and royal intimacies are not enough. it is out of print, but you can find it on amazon as a used book. it is a good read for those who love houston gossip.
  5. i just ordered blood and money from amazon. i also remember seeing the name paulus in law school in my administration of estates class. it had been years since i read blood and money, but rememberd the name and wondered if it was the same lady. my law professor said it was. it had something to do with her being named executor and someone wanted her removed because she was in jail. i am pretty sure she lost the case.
  6. anyone have a photo of the meyerland sign when it fell during hurricane carla? i remember walking around it when i was a kid.
  7. The link is no longer dead! It never was. It was under construction. I now have galleries full of interior shots of the house, scenes from the TV movie, and a bunch of pics of the real people. Some are pictures we've all seen, but some seem to be rare. Please take a look... http://www.jimusnr.c...asmainpage.html cool site. thanks. it is too bad that everyone thinks the murder in texas is the authority on the deaths of joan and john. the best researched book was blood and money by tommy thompson written in 1976. according to amazon, an epilogue has been included (though not by tommy thomspon). i haven't read it in years, but will see if i can dig out my original; otherwise, i will order it from amazon.
  8. i remember a cafeteria in meyerland in the 70's. was it a wyatt's or a thornhill's? and nothing better than going to madding's and getting a vanilla coke.
  9. the rail car i am thinking of was on n. braeswood off of main. i remember it had different compartments to sit in. it was like walking through a maze. it was slightly upscale, i also remember the one on kirby that i believe was an antones, and they were two different places.
  10. there was also a rail car place on south main and n. braeswood. can't recall the name of it but i do remember it being there in the early 80's. the sonny look's i remember was the one across from the astrodome. that is where we would go on special occasions. and yes they had a knight on a horse.
  11. i remember purple cow was one of my sister's favorite hang outs in high school. that and across the street where you placed your order by phone, which i think was further up hillcroft. my orthodontist was on hillcroft, close to westheimer - dr. budnick. i always think about the little candies from monterrey house, not the pralines, but the soft double sticks with pecans on top. i really miss those. i would go to the shipley's on bissonet after performing at half time at F.U.N. football games back in the late 60's. there are still der weinerschnitzel around in smaller texas towns and all over california.
  12. like many, i remember we would go to the downtown store at christmas time and stand mesmerized in front of the windows. our foley*s of choice was sharpstown. remember the bargain basement, the toy store, the camera department, the record department, they even had a pharmacy there. i remember my dad would go to the TV department while my mom would take us shopping. they had all types of major appliances there. come to think about it, it was a lot like sears; but nicer. not sure i remember this right, but i think the sharpstown store was originally 2 stories and they added the third floor later. the sharpstown store was the first department store outside downtown. it still saddens me the way sharpstown has deteriorated. i am not sure it will ever come back.
  13. springsteen mentioned liberty hall the other night (4/8) and he said he charged a $1.00 the first night and $5.00 the second. now i know he spins tails when he talks about the old days, but i was wondering if anyone has their ticket stub from his 74 liberty hall shows? btw - he played saint in the city for all the old timers from liberty hall and what great dueling guitars between him and little steven at the end.
  14. u of h beating ucla in 1968 - the game of the century.
  15. would go to that dairy queen after high school (i went to st. agnes). vaguely remember a grocery store in that strip center, though never went to it. remember a chiropracter on redding. i also remember that sinclair station and getting a molded green dino there when i was a kid. always wish i still had that sinclair dino as i went to work for arco in the 80's and 90's (arco bought sinclair in the early 70's). i do remember the urban cowboy premier. loved watching the movie and looking for houston landmarks. saw the movie paris, texas a couple of years ago and parts of it were filmed in houston and recognized downtown landmarks from the early 80's
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