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  1. It looks like it's going to be two new bars. I saw two TABC notices in that area. One was "Patio Pub" and the other was "Kung Fu Saloon" (apparantly there's one of these in Austin?). Don't know much besides that. That lot is huge though, so not sure if all that extra space will be for parking.
  2. He mentioned that the guy said wine storage on the 2nd floor. I originally heard wine storage only too, so if it is true that they plan on putting a restaurant on the 1st floor, then that is great news!
  3. Does anyone know what's going on right next to Benjy's? They tore down the warehouse there and it looks like they are starting to develop something. Maybe another parking lot?
  4. I also live off Washington and agree that Midtown has a better infrastructure to be urban with its grid and sidewalks. I used to rent a townhouse in Midtown before I bought a place on Washington and I would walk to the restaurants and bars in Midtown all the time. Granted, it was mainly Post Midtown Square but the sidewalks and having a nice in between place to walk by made it alot more friendly to walk around. Washington is a long stretch with empty lots in between the establishments making it less friendly to walk up and down. With that said, I feel more general excitement around the Wash
  5. As opposed to "Come experience Houston's premier nightspot and newest place to be seen" from Reign's website.. I'm excited about Drinkery and the place next to Eight with the beer barrel for the entrance. Washington needs more laid back places.
  6. Any updates on this? I talked to someone there this past weekend and they said they would reach a decision I think today (or was it tomorrow?).
  7. If I'm not mistaken, I think if they do end up closing it down, it will only be the liquor portion of the store, so the beer/wine/grocery section will remain open.
  8. Taps House of Beers is still on? Nice! I thought they weren't opening anymore and it was going to be Busty (Rusty?) La Rue's. It'll be nice to have a relaxed place with many different kinds of beer.
  9. Just curious, I know that a freestanding home is considered single-family and a townhouse has shared walls. But do yall consider those houses that are freestanding in Rice Military on 2500 sq ft lots but are literally 3-4 feet apart Single Family?
  10. I know alot of people on this board dislike the 3 story townhomes (I personally like them), but this one takes it to a whole nother level: http://www.urbanliving.com/developments_de...=FLOORPLANS#mid Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I understand that they put the living area on the 3rd floor to have higher ceilings, but this has got to be the least practical design I've ever seen in a townhouse. When guests come over, they have to go up 2 flights of stairs past the bedrooms just to get to the living area? And the deck is off the hallway stairs? Seriously, what were these guys thinki
  11. Oh yeah, that one also kept the original building. But there's actually another one west of the Manor, diagonally across the street from LaRou's.
  12. I agree. One good thing about all the new bars on Washington are that they are all using the original buildings (Ei8ht, Busty LaRou's, and that new one across the street from them).
  13. West of Shepherd/Durham and North of Washington, right across from the Urban Living building. There's 2 opening up right there but I think it's the one with the rooftop deck.
  14. Heard through a friend that Ei8ht on Washington will have its grand opening on Thursday..
  15. They just put a listing up for one of the units: http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
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